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Human 'alarm clock' enzyme discovered

Andy Blackburn

Are they smart enough to suppress it on my day off?

Nokia offers $10,000 for new ring tone

Andy Blackburn

Francisco Tárrega

What's wrong with Tárrega's Gran Vals? It's been the staple for long enough, I say let them keep it!

Relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hsp6dR-fL4A

London bus timings mobile beta site spotted

Andy Blackburn

Sorry we are experiencing problems with the service. Please try again later.

Definitely still beta then...

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Andy Blackburn


But how does it compare to logmein? I'm awaiting the arrival of my apple fondleslab and have so far used logmein to access the home computer on the move on my laptop. However, the point of the iPad is to not have to lug my laptop when travelling... Would you still stick with Splashtop over the likes of LogMeIn who charge 8.99 for "Ignition" for iPad?

Android Market goes commercial in 131 countries

Andy Blackburn

Something missing



Gibraltar should be between those two... still no Droid Market love, hence having to root my Desire to install Market Enabler.

RealNetworks unhooks 130 employees in jobs cull

Andy Blackburn


I'm just going to leave this here:


I'll get my..........................................................................

Halfords.com crashes off the internet

Andy Blackburn


Technical Contact:

Pending Renewal or Deletion

P.O. Box 430

Herndon, VA 20172-0447



Record expires on 14-Jan-2011.

Record created on 14-Jul-1997.

Why is Google's new Nexus S like no other smartphone?

Andy Blackburn


of native storage... no expandable or removable storage. As much as 16GB is plenty, surely this is a bit of a negative for the Nexus S?

Source: http://pocketnow.com/android/nexus-s-ditches-expandable-microsd-slot

Facebook user locked out of account even with ID

Andy Blackburn
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Really, really?

Seriously, really?

Your parents had some sense of humour!

Hacker sinks Royal Navy website

Andy Blackburn
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All other pages..

... return a 404: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/helicopter-warfare

Shoddy site management in anyone's books... a 503 - Service Temporarily Unavailable header should be returned, unless they want to mess up with their indexing within search engines.

Android Market shows hand at 100k Apps

Andy Blackburn

It's a shame...

That since moving out of the UK, my 'droid won't show any paid-for or featured apps. I can search for free apps, but due to Google's policies, none of the others show unless I put my old UK sim back in the phone.


Mozilla foot soldiers unleash 'Army of Awesome' on Twitter

Andy Blackburn

Wonder what

The "Axis of Awesome" have to say about this:


RIM's iPad rival 'arrives next week'

Andy Blackburn

FAO: Mark 65

Or you could just use it over WiFi?

Popbitch blames tainted ad server for Google malware warning

Andy Blackburn

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

AdBlock Plus or not, if the ads are compromised and exploited, then the site is going to be flagged, and if you're using Firefox you're going to get a warning page saying that the site "may harm your computer"...

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

Andy Blackburn

Probably a good thing

Because, if he flew United, they'd probably have broken his guitar:


Lost mobiles to pile up in taxis in run up to Xmas

Andy Blackburn


"it’s always about an hour later we get a panicked call on their mobile phones asking for them to be returned"

And I wonder, honestly, how many of those panicked callers are told "Sorry mate/luv, can't see it I'm afraid"?

*Awaits the flaming from some techy cabby reading el reg on "his" iphone*

BOFH: The stupidity criticality

Andy Blackburn

Finally got my BOFH

at 17.12... guess that means it's finally pub oclock.

'Hack Idol' to find top UK cyberwarriors

Andy Blackburn
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What was that about having knowledge that could be used to assist terrorism?

First prize: Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! all hit by webmail phishing scam

Andy Blackburn

So f-ing what?

My online banking requires:

1. A 10 character account number, not linked to my card or bank account number

2. Random characters out of my own silly long password

3. A card reader, and my bank card, in order to add a new payee/transfer money out

Even if they got in, there's not much they could do.

Email is dispensable, anything important/work based, should be on a secured server, and again, keep those passwords up to date boys and girls. Get my gmail account? I'll open another :)

GTA maker coughs up $20m for 'hot coffee' sex

Andy Blackburn
Paris Hilton


If only Hot Coffee could have been activated by the old: up up down down left right left right b a start combo...

Paris... obviously

Twitter transformed into botnet command channel

Andy Blackburn
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I wonder how...

many more controlling accounts are registered on twitter, controlling said botnet. I'm with "H 5" on this one... I don't condone it, but 10/10 for smart-arsed-ness!

Dennis the Menace buys FriendsReunited

Andy Blackburn

What about...

MyPets app to be developed for Gnipper, Gnasher and Rasher?

Scareware package mimics Windows Blue Screen of Death

Andy Blackburn


we all know that people, including my father, would click it :(

Boston student fined thousands for Napstering

Andy Blackburn

@Graham Dawson

I actually checked the datestamp of the article when reading as I was sure I had just gone back to my teens!

Lads from Lagos cut off

Andy Blackburn


by their own petard? As TeeCee said... bet they nicked the copper, and ruined their neighbour's lucrative 419 scam on Ben S!

Or maybe a badger ate its way through?

Want Gmail? Best have your mobile handy

Andy Blackburn


I wonder how they're going to combat the fact that a number of the carriers in the UK reuse/recycle numbers after they have been dormant for a certain period of time.

Spider-Man director to helm World of Warcraft

Andy Blackburn

As long as...

Leroy Jenkins gets a cameo, all is good!

Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead

Andy Blackburn


... you're doing it wrong!

*Insert reference to feline playing an electronic, synthesised, piano type instrument*

Bing 'better' than Google for advertisers

Andy Blackburn

Wait till the novelty wears off...

Mine's the one with cynic on the breast pocket, and pedant on the rear.

Swine flu apocalypse: Batten down the hatches

Andy Blackburn


Loving the "track the outbreak" map on Sky:


Vulture Central on total G20 terror lockdown

Andy Blackburn
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Similar email distributed here..

Am I actually working at Vulture Central? :

Extra Security arrangements have been made for Swanky Office In Canary Wharf on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd April. These include:

Additional 24 hour security; extra Security presence in front of ground floor reception

No entrance to building without ID

All visitors to be verified against daily client log, before allowed entry to reception.

Couriers will not be allowed to stop outside the building and will be vetted outside the building before being admitted to reception

No parking, or waiting for couriers, or cabs, will be allowed directly outside reception

Please postpone or reschedule any client meetings or visits from people outside the agency.

Ho Hum... I'm more impressed with my alternative route to work, which involves boats :)

19-year-old p2p botnet pioneer agrees to plead guilty

Andy Blackburn
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Thumbs up for the Kubrick quote!

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

Andy Blackburn
Paris Hilton

It's been a while

Since I read a BOFH as good as that one. Took me back to the old school days.

Paris, as she needs a good slamming every now and again.

BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club

Andy Blackburn
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2 hours to get your bags!


Says it all really

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

Andy Blackburn
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BBC decision reversed

Following numerous complaints, el Beeb have reversed their decision:


BOFH: Friday madness

Andy Blackburn

I'm off...

1405 here... PUB OCLOCK!

Was actually meant to leave 2.3 minutes ago, but got stuck waiting for the pain I knew would come... and it did :)

Got me coat...

US men wrangle over three-year-old amputated leg

Andy Blackburn


Last I checked, 1GBP was worth just over 2USD, not the other way round ;)

Facebook moves to cut down application annoyances

Andy Blackburn

Block Apps?

Surely another helpful addition to the site would be the ability to block certain apps for contacting you... perhaps with a list of "common offenders"?

BOFH: Dodging the auditors

Andy Blackburn


So Simon does have a heart. No doubt next week's episode will involve a master plan to acquire some of the PFY's "hard earned cash"...