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Elephant-sized Infinidat array gets calf that starts small, grows BIG


Need to add a "Near-"...



I wanted to suggest a minor correction to your article. We do not offer a GA synchronous replication feature as yet. It's on our road map. We do however, with our recently announced V2.2 release, provide near-synch replication (RPO of 4 seconds or less*) via our patented zero-overhead snapshot technology.


Randy Arseneau

(*link/bandwidth dependant, of course)

P.S. I'd add incidentally that our rapidly expanding 250PB+ customer base, comprised of many very large global financial services, healthcare, life sciences and service provider clients tell us every day that we're actually delivering 2020 technology in 2015. They tend to be pragmatic, conservative, quite risk-averse and not generally prone to hyperbole. So, we listen very closely to them.