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No lie-in this morning? Thank the Moon's gravitational pull


OMD reference

Despite sometimes reiterating (very) old news, it is the small gems like this which make me a fan of El Reg. Classic!

Security real talk time: So what exactly do we mean by 'backdoor'?


Obfuscating the obvious

Why the bloody hell do we need to define an existing word? Rhetorical, natch: the "need" for definition comes from the need to obfuscate the matter. Obvious for everyone to see.

The backdoor is just that - another point of entrance. And I really don't give a damn whether it is advertised or kept hidden - there shouldn't be any in the first place or if there is, there needs to be a way to keep it shut, just like the main door.


Japan unveils net-wielding police drones for air patrol



Methinks the fellas are having fun.

On a more serious note though, bringing down the unwanted drones is not the way to go. Far better would be to follow them to the owner and then file the proper charges against him. Losing a drone is negligible compared to doing time.

Just my (deflated) 5 Euro Cents.


Apple's OS X App Store downloads knackered by expired security cert


No comment

"Apple has no comment at time of publication."

At least somebody hasn't missed the perfect opportunity to keep the mouth shut. A rare occurrence these days. Sadly, bound to change quickly, as it usually does.


Scarface's explosive 'Little Friend' goes under the hammer


Re: Gun nut

Well, you can't flip it around, because the lip of the second mag is hidden in the plastic that holds the mags together. So you'd have to rip it out of the plastic, drop the first mag, insert the second (after turning it around). A lot of hassle. Then again, I'm getting old and cranky so I may be wrong. They should've plugged in a betamag for better visual effect. Not sure if it existed back then though (early eighties that movie was, no?)



Gun nut

I wonder why nobody commented on the fact that the joined second mag is turned backwards (for purely aesthetic reasons, obviously), so the entire second load of ammo is facing the wrong way. Reminds me of that infamous HK commercial (try googling "hk ad bullets backwards"). Dang. I suppose this comment makes me a gun nut [shudder]. Even more so considering I'm on the old side of the Pond (no 'merikan genes in my blood, or so I thought).

The movie was top-notch though. From before every director and his dog started relying entirely too much on CGI and when script, dialogue and acting were kings. Oh well. I'm getting old, I see.


Google gets all lawyered up for ‘ambiguous’ EU anti-trust case


Provider agnostic

I seem to recall that back in the day I much preferred Hotbot and Altavista to anything else. Tried the new fad named Google a couple of times, but having mastered keyword search more than two decades ago, failed to feel the attraction of natural language search. Nowadays I am rather satisfied with the search results Google provides and do not feel shorted even when comparison shopping. Should this ever change, I will start using another search engine just as quickly as I can type its URL in the browser. Surely not all that many people feel any bond or connection to Google that would not allow them to switch search providers? So why the hassle? What am I missing here? Overzealous European legislation or an actual threat to economy?