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BitDefender launches 'suck it and see' free anti-virus scanner

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Total waste....

of time and effort...all you get is a reputation for being the AV client that DIDN'T spot the virus when it broke the pc or laptop.

If you are going to do this then you need your free product to be as good as any paid for product - better if you really want to be noticed.

Croats flock to support openly corrupt politician

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Re: Move along, nothing to see

Ahhh...but not for much longer....I don't think the feckers can do it again

Police force eBay scammer to cough up ill-gotten gains

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The first dibs on the money should be those he scammed... not the fucking court system...sheesh

Can you talk and drive?


@ Talk and Drive

Because unlike us the Police do have to do some training - before the flames start, i'm not saying that makes them better, safer etc but can anyone else say they had training to use there mobile whilst driving?

However i do think that if you are imbecilic enough to try texting whilst driving (unless you can now text without looking at the screen???)

well if you die in a nasty accident - well it's one less in the 'stupid' gene pool

Acer nails Windows 7 for October release


A title is required...

If the code is 'finished' the product is 'feature complete' why wait that long...oh is it to work out the sku's and worldwide pricing for the 47 different versions

Homeless Frank and Microsoft's cookie-cutter PC campaign


I think homeless Frank may be an actor???

OK, I own/use/prefer a Mac, I run an independent computer shop, i have just bought my little girl a new laptop (Microsoft XP) and use Linux on my little netbook- how do i fit into Microsofts (or apple for that reasons) world.

Can you not just use what you want whichever YOU feel is the best, is right for the job, how you want to feel about the laptop/desktop you are using.

Personally i would have all of the ad men (and women, no sexism here) and shoot the lot of them

Saying that I do think that 'Homeless Frank' is possibly one of the best parodies i have ever seen

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'



at least he is consistent, EVERYTHING is good in the Microsoft world.....though saying that I willingly paid the tax and have a macbook.

However as an independent PC Shop I must say thank you to Microsoft, without them (and the scores of bugs, nasties, spyware, viruses etc) my business would have gone down the pan, "god bless them every one"

iPhone app simulates political corruption

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@ Bill

Thanks - knew it was familiar, but couldn't remember the name....must dig out an old copy and enjoy again

BOFH: Aspie no questions


Thank you

I needed a good laugh and as always BOFH came through

Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity

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Why oh why

Well at least no-one can say that they have copied Apple...

2 versions - Home and Business make it cheap and fully functional and people may well ditch the pirated versions of XP. Have been using the beta and the lowest spec machine in runs on is a lowly 1ghz cele 512mb ram - it runs (not brilliant) but could you even imagine what Vista would do to that machine...shudders...

Why do MS take so much time and trouble creating stuff, and then fuck it up when it looks like they could have a winner (ok fair replacement for XP) here

mega fail

Zavvi goes titsup


Where do we go from here????

I think that the high street is going to look very different in a couple of months when ALL the companies that bought lots of stuff in October and November for Christmas start having to pay the accounts off...

As a shop owner myself I find it very sad that these are going and feel for the staff

It will mean that the 'best' will survive.....possibly

US Navy's robot stealth carrier plane unveiled


@ And they have a plan...

Cylon.??? What are they doing with tea up there??? T

They have a tea drinking robot ...now that is impressive...wonder if it has it's own robo butler to bring the tea...

Judge buries bogus malware-protection gang

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@ Simple Solution

Should you ever decide to run for goverment - you have my vote

Brit couple divorce over Sadville infidelity


is it me????

or are these really scary people....at least they can't multiply - they couldn't get close enough to copulate

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head


I must be getting old.....

but didn't spitting image (1980's) do a gag with lorry drivers killing C5 owners and having stickers for the number of kills????

It appears that the woolly blanket brigade are out in force....again

Eee PC series to get Windows 7 but not Vista, says CEO


Like Vista needs another good kicking....

and confirms what we all suspected....windows 7 will be here next year....let the hype start afresh...sorry....mines the mac, don't like coats

Apple to detail latest laptops on 14 October


Here's hoping for more choice

I'm hoping that there is a lower priced entry point Macbook.

It would be nice to offer a better choice, but with a slowdown in Ireland too I am being asked for 500-600 euro laptops - and that only leaves me with Windows

Roll on the 14th and we will see

Apple faces iTunes case in Norway


Hang on....

Can't you just buy through itunes, burn to cd then rip into any format and transfer to a different device?

Hasn't anyone told them that and wouldn't that mean that this case is already closed.

Oh and of course correct me if i'm wrong...

Sony PRS-505 Reader e-book

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Sounds good....

but does it have a backlight so i can read in bed without the light on??

If it does i could well be trading my old ipaq in for one of these

BOFH: The secret gentlemen's club

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The old Sh*t in the handbasin.....made my day

Eircom moves closer to split

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oh perhaps that will stop the BB expansion...bugger

Eircom...a split is just what we need then any further investment will dry up and those of us NOT living in an area already with BB can watch our chances of getting going down the toilet!

I wonder if those spineless wonders at Comreg will do anything at all about this???

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt


This is why......

I left the UK..what a bunch of wankers

VMware prepares Fusion dump for Mac crowd


Better that Parallels ???

I have been trying/testing both and Fusion doesn't run my fans at 6000rpm after 1/2 an hour...parallels seems to run better when it's on battery, but Fusion seems to run cooler whenever and doesn't crank up my CPU anytime.

Oh and it's unity view is way cooler than Parallels version IMHO