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Drunk user blow-dried laptop after dog lifted its leg over the keyboard


It's Life Jim...

"The brave explorers will have to endure potential cognitive and eyesight deterioration, and oh, a bad back". WTF << I have all of those and I've never been 'spaced'....


One word 'Smartwater'

Doctor Who-inspired proxy transmogrifies politically sensitive web to avoid gov censorship


Yer - Cross site scripting that was something that immediately popped into my mind - something largely banished from the design level and also mitigated at the Browser level these days... but if it can all be mimicked and redirected it could be open season for anyone prepared to play with the OpenSource .

R2D2 delivery robots to scurry through the streets of San Francisco


I take it the design crew don't have kids.... dad can I go play with the delivery droids?

So unless your kids are boring I'd imagine hours of fun making them do stupid things and building them 'obstacle courses' and tinfoil hats - lasering their cameras - throwing cardboard boxes over them (eventually someone will add a match and some petrol to that idea) - before finally kidnap and subsequent destruction on a nearby bit of waste ground - probably involving improvised pyrotechnics made from fireworks.

'Grey technology' should be the new black


It's not all about the buttons...

Is this not where the great Siri and Alexis step up and interface more with the other devices we have.

'Alexis - can you load up facetime and call my son - I need a lightbulb changed.' Then have the AI power up the laptop or whatever and load facetime (other brands exist) - although I can imagine a lot of mischief when the dementia sets in.

I shudder at the thought but I guess in 20 years a lot of our care of the elderly will by taken care of by robots and AIs.

DMCA updated – toaster penetration testing gets green light in America


As an X-beer fan if your fridge is automatically ordering Budweiser it should either be :

A) Disconnected from the IoT till it can be properly educated << probably a firmware flash

B) Disconnected from the IOT

ISIS operates a crypto help desk – report


Now, just imagine...

Ello Mr Jeehadee - aaa amm calling from Microsoft technical support... we have detected a problem with your computa...

Yesterday: Openreach boss quits. Today: BT network goes TITSUP


Wow - I have my 'as advertised speed back'

No outage here in Scotland - and for the first time in months (nay years) - I'm actually getting my speeds as advertised. I guess the lack of data on the rest of the network means there is lots of CAPACITY. Something BT to be woefully short of. Even iPlayer isn't buffering hahahaha - off to do some serious downloads (all those ISO images n stuff of course :D

Aircraft laser strikes hit new record with 20 incidents in one night


Eye Burn

I have a 15mW Astro Pointer (pulsed green) - and I can tell you it can paint a beam on a mountain over a couple of km away. Only used in rural areas showing kids constellations and as such it's a great educational tool instead of wiggling your arm vaguely at the sky and saying see that star up there - it's the next one over. Never use in an urban environment but a lot of kids fun to be had attaching one of the many crazy beam scatter heads available that split the beam into a hundred or so patterns for disco lights while camping.

As an educational tool it's great - and at the same time you educate the kids to use it responsibly - in the same way we were taught to use potentially dangerous things like axes at Scouts. Personally I'd rather be dodging a kid with a laser pen than a kid with an axe but nutters will be nutters.

Don't blame the technology blame the education (in general) of irresponsible morons

BT reveals vanishingly small detail about its fibre broadband network


BT Oversubscribed Products

BT Superfast Braodband?

30m between my connection and the Cabinet - connected at 80 / 19Mbit

Typical 24 Hour Period Analysis here :

00.00-15.30 Connection works largely as advertised

15.30-18.00 Connection speeds drop steadily (largely on the upstream bandwidth)

Kids coming home from school playing games - businesses starting daily backups?

18.00-22.00 Speeds hammered down to 20 / 0.7Mbit

Even streaming standard iPlayer virtually impossible without buffering - gaming forget it!!

22.00-00.00 Speeds steadily increase back to as connected speeds

So it seems there is insufficient capacity at peak load times and that all 'as connected' / 'as advertised' speeds are arbitrary, BT by their own admission traffic shape their network to prioritise data for their BT TV products so as to give their customers unbuffered IP TV, presumably at the sacrifice of those of us who feel that with an 80 / 19 package and connection we shouldn't need to pay extra to view catchup on iPlayer.

Ransomware scammers: Won’t pay? We'll put your data on the internet


Oh Really

I do freelance graphics and my Archived Projects as well as live take up about 10TB (all backed up on removable disks I will add). I think I'd notice the traffic going the wrong way and it would give me plenty of time to work out where the data was going....

I hope they have a 'totally unlimited scammers package' - could cost them a lot of money otherwise.

Bring it on.

Doctor Who's The Zygon Invasion shape-shifts Clara and brings yet more hybrids


What a load of....

As a 'previous' WHO fan for many years (well since my childhood and I'm now sending kids of to university) all I can say is this series is the worst piece of SHITE to come out of the collection I have ever seen - used to tune in 'live' on TV - only do it on catchup now - just in the hope that there will be some plot or storyline that might redeem it.

Alas I haven't found one yet.

I disagree with all your reviews and think it's only fit as garbage viewing.

PS I hope the Zygons win and kill the Doctor off so we can be shot of this (apologies in advance) 'Americanised drivel produced by the BBC.

Hmm wonder if I can get a couple of quid off my licence for refusing to watch it again.

Hacked TalkTalk CEO: Dead as a Dido? Nope, she refuses to quit


I think someone may have posted all her personal details inc address, bank account(s), DOB, previous address, etc online, - while the post may have been bogus it did seem to include schools and university details too. Maybe she should be checking her own bank statements and avoiding Phishing calls at 8 am in the morning.

Don't worry Dido darling I'm sure you're secure and it was just a malicious troll posting I saw....