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Cybercriminals raid BBC pension database, steal records of over 25,000 people

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Too much reliance on

Too much reliance on cloud, for businesses they see it as a risk and cost cutting exercise, but for the rest of us we have no idea where our data ends up

Dating apps kiss'n'tell all sorts of sensitive personal info

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Baiting apps

Everyones a scammer these days

Ex-Amazon exec claims she was asked to ignore copyright law in race to AI

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A tech company?

Breaking laws?

Colour me blind, never saw that one coming

Kremlin's Sandworm blamed for cyberattacks on US, European water utilities

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Is it meant to comical?

General: have you launched the attack captain?

Captain: yes sir! We have disabled their fridges

What next?

Turning all the traffic lights red?

There was me thinking I finished school and left the playground, but it turns out the “adults upstairs”, never left and simply brought the playground with them

SIM swap crooks solicit T-Mobile US, Verizon staff via text to do their dirty work

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Take the money

Then dont do what they ask, that’ll be expensive for them

UK tax agency's digital services not good enough to take strain off phone lines

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Re: They're their own worst enemy, which doesn't help either

You appear to have spelt something wrong

You say geniuses but did you really mean sociopaths?

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Your taxes

Pissed up the wall

Ad infinitum

Hillary Clinton: 2024 will be 'ground zero' for AI election manipulation

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Killery says

While walking over a pile of dead bodies

BBC exterminates AI experiments used to promote Doctor Who

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I don’t understand its appeal, why the dude is described as a doctor, a doctor of what? Magical thinking?

Good news: HMRC offers a Linux version of Basic PAYE Tools. Bad news: It broke

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Fake news

“We contacted HMRC”

Either that cost you a small fortune in time, or its made up

SWIFT embraces central bank digital currencies after sandbox success

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Re: are there legal invasions ?

“Everything is a rich mans trick’

You should google it

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Re: are there legal invasions ?

It’s the same nonsense when they categorise some things as war crimes.

All war is a crime


I cannot kill my neighbors, not that I want to, but if the state designates my neighbors as part of some evil group of which I should hate, then I should kill them and the law would be on my side, you know, because its war

This is the insanity we exist in

How to run an LLM on your PC, not in the cloud, in less than 10 minutes

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Re: curl -fsSL someurl | sh

You know, you could inspect someurl

Rancher faces prison for trying to breed absolute unit of a sheep

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Captive hunting

Those 2 words just shouldn’t be next to eachother

It’s not a hunt if you know where it is and you put it there

Microsoft waited 6 months to patch actively exploited admin-to-kernel vulnerability

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Clown world

And for our next act, here is a clown to laugh at

He normally writing code but today he is entertainment

UK council yanks IT systems and phone lines offline following cyber ambush

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Re: "Cyberattacks happen a lot, they happen to councils a lot,"

What passphrase should I use for this IPSEC connection I have been tasked with setting up


Yes, an actual idiot did that

This was someone who SHOULD know better

But then we get onto the subject of your average breeder who doesn’t do IT, but are shoved in front of a computer as part of their job

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Re: "Cyberattacks happen a lot, they happen to councils a lot,"

It’s terrifying that the moron masses are allowed anywhere near a computer.

How many idiots are there right now, dangerously close to a keyboard?

Most people, and I do mean the majority, have no bloody clue how most of the things they take for granted work.

Lets face it, IF councils even have an IT department, chances are high, its just some MSP doing a piss poor job

Psst … wanna jailbreak ChatGPT? Thousands of malicious prompts for sale

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Re: s/admin/a sandwich/g

Depends what is permitted in the sudoers file

What Microsoft's latest email breach says about this IT security heavyweight

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IT security heavyweight????

The company that gave us hidden file extensions for zero perceivable benefit, and created a whole attack vector for no reason.

That company?

250 million-plus reserved IPv4 addresses could be released – but the internet isn’t built to use them

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IPv6 can provide the address space

BreachForums admin 'Pompourin' sentenced to 20 years of supervised release

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Re: "forbidden to use the internet"

Perhaps the ruling should have rightly been, “forbidden to breathe”

It’s cheaper for the tax payer who will have to fund this idiot’s oversight

Ransomware attacks hospitalizing security pros, as one admits suicidal feelings

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Wide open borders

We all have to be INFOSEC experts now, given that those clearly defined borders are no longer.

Meanwhile, the software writers, while clever, have nothing on the people who write the EULA, absolute geniuses

Five ripped off IT giant with $7M+ in bogus work expenses, prosecutors claim

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I can almost hear the excuses in court

From the females involved.

“The bad man made me do it, I was scared of him, sniff sniff, cry cry”

And the white-knight judge will lap it up

Researchers confirm what we already knew: Google results really are getting worse

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Many more reasons why

Advanced search no longer works, it ignores excluded words

It is also increasingly woke

Try searching for “lying cunts” and even with unfiltered preference, apparently there are 3 results.

I know for a fact there should be many more results than 3, ffs

40 years since Elite became the most fun you could have with 22 kilobytes

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“So we decided we wanted to have aliens, and they were supposed to be intrinsically evil. The idea was that they were people that the player could kill with no sort of guilt accruing.”

“It’s just like hunting in the countryside” ;)

Post Office boss unable to say when biz knew Horizon could be remotely altered

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The Media, AKA The 4th estate?

They’re the same coin m8

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Re: 700 As an ex-Sr. Director of a software company...I'm apalled!

I’ve been saying this for decades, and finally my worries are coming to fruition.

We have regulations for lots of things, if you build an unsafe structure and it harms people due to its unsafeness, chances are you’re going to get prosecuted, possibly jail time.

Let’s just put it this way, we would not tolerate the competency spectrum with our airline pilots as we do with software development.

Software, like poor construction design and incompetent airline pilots, needs to have frameworks which protects people from the ineptitude.

Can you imagine a construction company putting up a sign which basically says they are exonerated from any defects and by using the building you accept the terms and conditions.

Isn’t this what a software license agreement effectively is?

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Re: Fushitesu

We have a gubbermint? I thought it was a pantomime

Every day is a school day as they say

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Re: Compensation?

Crikey, what ever you do, don’t read RIPA

The unintelligent services are permitted to do exactly that, under the law

How governments become addicted to suppliers like Fujitsu

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Expunged from CV

I worked at a network / telecoms outfit once that will remain unnamed, they were small you probably wouldn’t have heard of them, it was so awful in terms of incompetency and unprofessionalism that I left after 2 weeks, no way am I allowing that company to tarnish my name by association.

If they’re still in business it will be a miracle

Ransomware payment ban: Wrong idea at the wrong time

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If the encryption of data is the result of a software exploit, regardless if a patch is available, then the owners of the shitcode should be the ones paying.

That’s my hot take

That’ll be Microsoft screwed then…

Formal ban on ransomware payments? Asking orgs nicely to not cough up ain't working

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Re: What we need is more innovation ;)

You appear to have misspelled Microsoft, I’ve never heard of them being referred to as “user”

After injecting cancer hospital with ransomware, crims threaten to swat patients

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Re: A far better

That would not be good for M$

If these software houses were producing buildings, they would be knocked down and condemned by the authorities

Irony alert: Lawsuit alleging Chrome’s Incognito Mode isn’t will settle on unknown terms

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Do sincere businesses exist?

Let me know if you can think of any

Amazon already has a colossal ads business and will extend it to Prime Video in January

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Not very OnDemand if you have to suffer someone trying to sell you products

Bricking it: Do you actually own anything digital?

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Tech businesses are modern-day thieves

Apple, a company valued at more than a trillion-dollars, stole £5 from me and refused to return it.

Apparently they were selling a game they were not permitted to and removed it from their cRapp-store, removing my ability to install something I had paid for.

There is something slightly disturbing and sociopathic about tech businesses, especially American ones

Why Nvidia and AMD are roasting each other over AI performance claims

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so the results are usually cherry picked

So a bit like pharmaceutical companies then

Mirai malware infects routers and cameras for new botnet

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Give yourself an uppercut

While I agree, the reality is people are lazy, ignorant, and generally not engaging the brain as often as they should.

The fix here is to not design an iOT where security is not enabled by default.

A lot of the time, the business just wants to minimise support requests from their customers because those customers cannot be arsed to RTFM

People still use the same password across multiple online services, the writing has been on the wall for a while now.

Did I mention people are lazy and ignorant?

AWS staffer shows off the workplace that used to be a prison

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This casual observation of yours, while in jest, is probably closer to home than you realise.

The marketable name blockchain certainly had me thinking of a heavy metal ball attached to a chain and clamped to someones leg.

AWS plays with Fire TV Cube, turns it into a thin client for cloudy desktops

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Re: Er, is this article 15 years old ?

Wait until this method is enforced

The idea might not be new, but when its the only permissible choice, that will be new.

In the future, you won’t even be able scratch your arse without some data broker knowing about it

Industry piles in on North Korea for sustained rampage on software supply chains

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Re: Easy fix

You do realise that all of these political clowns are dancing because of the same bits of string being pulled by the same hidden hand.



Stop going all goggly eyed, look at whats in the middle.

You might as well grab your spear and shake it about, like the true tribalist you’re behaving like.

Do you think these clown politicians give a shit about you?

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There is writing software the correct way.

Then there is writing software the lazy way.

Move fast, break things, get it to market, the infestors are screaming for their ROI. This is how things are done.

Innovation they call it

Ransomware crooks SIM swap medical research biz exec, threaten to leak stolen data

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Re: SIM swapping and hijacked cellphone number

My phone provider requires me to tell them a password that I chose earlier if I ever call them up.

Hopefully all agents follow this protocol and do not makes changes on an account if the caller pretends they have forgotten the password.

This is why I never use SMS 2FA where possible.

Microsoft likens MFA to 1960s seatbelts, buckles admins in yet keeps eject button

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Re: Here's an ad served to your personal device ...

Bingo, hammer meets naill

It’s most likely a maneuvering exercise for them

Atlassian predicts its on-prem products will grow faster than cloud

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Javascript from 3rd party domains

I notice that there is a lot of javascript being pulled from 3rd party domains on their platform, I suspect Atlassian doesn’t control them all.

AWS CEO talks up AI to focus minds of Wall Street types

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Stop hiring and firing, then you would have senior engineers who understand your codebase.

Biden's facing the clock to veto Apple Watch import ban after ITC patent ruling

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Does Biden get any work done between him soiling himself and getting lost?

F5 hurriedly squashes BIG-IP remote code execution bug

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Can we stop calling these incidents "bugs"

These are blunders, pure and simple

Some blundering fool did something they probably shouldnt have, or the blundering fool literally had zero clue what it was they were doing. It's quite possible that there are multiple blundering fools in this story.

Imagine if I was a house builder, and 2 weeks after people moved in to a house I built, it collapses.

Can I just claim it was a bug? and not my fault?

Apple Private Wi-Fi hasn't worked for the past three years

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Re: Nobody apparently cared?

Downvoted for the simple reason that just because a piece of code is described as doing A, B and C, unless you thoroughly test this, you're making assumptions about the competence of the programmer and management who give it the green light

Worldly experience has taught me that we have neither competent programmers or competetent manglment, if we did, CVEs wouldnt be a thing

Oracle Cloud, Netsuite, and Azure go down, hard, Down Under

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Re: The cost of doing business

I'm sure they are strategising right now on what to say, it's what businesses do

Avoid accountablilty where possible, profit