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Apple races to patch the latest zero-day iPhone exploit

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improved logic

So, just logic then

The code is either logical and acting as intended, or it is illogical and not acting as intended.

There is no middle ground with logic.

Arm wrestles assembly language guru's domains away citing trademark issues

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If there were no…

“If there were no corporate lawyers, there wouldn’t be any need for corporate lawyers.” David Graeber (RIP fella)

Now thats a “profession” that could disappear and nobody would really notice.

Also, I think people are spelling INFESTORS incorrectly

Soon the most popular 'real' desktop will be the Linux desktop

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Re: re: ""This computer is broken"

Rookie mistake

You’re meant to install windows 10 with no internet available, when Microshit asks you to connect to internet, tell it you have no internet, it will ask you again and this should be the red flag, if Microshit are ignoring your inputted information and pestering you for the answer THEY want, then it’s probably not in YOUR best interest.

With no internet, windows 10 can’t demand you log in to or set up a windows account.

Local accounts are perfectly fine

Twitter sues Brit non-profit, claims hate-speech reports scared off advertisers

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Re: Arrogant Muskrat

No, he is saying you are fascist, the left

Disagreeing with someone is not hate speech

Having an opinion is not hate speech

Hate speech is, attacking someone for their appearance, sexuality, allegiance, membership, opposing views, etc

Instead of telling someone they cannot say a) b) or c), try instead and ask with the aim of understanding why someone said something you disagreed with

You’re welcome

White House: Losing Section 702 spy powers would be among 'worst intelligence failures of our time'

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Worst intelligence failures…

To be a failure at intelligence, you first need to have at least some. This is an industry that spends a lot of its time making shit up.

NASA mistakenly severs communication to Voyager 2

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Re: Good effort, must try harder

While some people thought the space race was about exploration with the aim of improving our survivability.

The reality it is solely a military endeavour and these morons are more interested in taking out each others satellites.

Some say adulthood is a myth, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. A lot of humans, especially those in the “leadership” roles, never grew past the school playground

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Good effort, must try harder

32B KM is 1.23 light days away

We seriously need to up our game if we are ever to actually start the space race and reach other star systems, this solar system is pretty dull in terms of diverse habitability.

There is no space race currently in my view.

Saying there is a space race is like saying you’re a professional swimmer but you haven’t made it out of the infant pool and you still need arm bands

This is embarrassing

School for semiconductors? Arm tries to address chip talent shortages

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Re: But surely, technology is the most dangerous thing ever.

GB news is legacy media too, and while I might have diverse sources of information, I do not subscribe to every word that utters out of peoples mouths. I engage the brain, assess what is presented and make my own mind up.

I feel like your response comes from someone who is hurt, was it me that hurt you, did I challenge your world view?

If so, good

“Everything is a rich mans trick”

Great documentary BTW, you should look it up

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No money for education

Lots of money for wars and despotism

You get what you allow

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Gee wizz, a country that fails to invest in the future by providing education to it’s young population, then wonders why they can’t have fancy shiny chip fabrication plants.

Maybe more lessons and less indoctrination, maybe?

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Re: But surely, technology is the most dangerous thing ever.

I thought the legacy media label was a well understood term.

Allow me to clarify

if they’re on the TV and have regular bulletins, broadcast at certain schedules every day without fail, and all wear business attire and read from an autocue.

That’s the legacy media

They’re easy to spot because they’re alway lying

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Re: But surely, technology is the most dangerous thing ever.

Stop reading / watching legacy media

Problem solved

You do know their target audience are idiots that have about as much discernment ability as the dirt under your feet.

This might surprise you, their aim is not to inform you

Their aim is to influence you

It always has been, and always will be, their sole aim

Think tank calls for monitoring of Chinese AI-enabled products

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Scheme-tank should go get a job and be useful

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Re: Who are ASPI?

Think tank == Pressure group

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Re: Great Firewall of the West

There are good guys

There are bad guys

And then there are the idiots who believe any of this crap to be true

Google Cloud shores up log permissions for builder bot

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I just murdered some people

Let me just settle that, here is some money

Oh, and just so we’re clear, I did nothing wrong, understood?


Ambulance patient records system hauled offline for cyber-attack probe

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Look Ma!

I made a software

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Re: pagers

Yeah but are they?

You do know what an attack surface is, right?

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Re: pagers

This is what happens when industrialists see dollar symbols, the aim is to make as much money as possible and be damned with the caveats.

Lowest possible common denominator, every single time

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That’ll be the Hopeless Office then

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Who cares about the hack

Did the business make money?

Thats all that matters

Don’t believe me?

Fucking look around…

Good bye

Microsoft places huge cap-ex bets on datacenters for cloud and AI

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I wish Microshit would just fuck off and die

Recycling giant TOMRA pulls systems offline following 'extensive cyberattack'

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Extensive attack

We use Windows extensively throughout the business

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Was the point of entry a windows?

Florida man accused of hoarding America's secrets faces fresh charges

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Re: You sure are preoccupied by Trump and Musk!

They say that the best comedy have bit of truth to them

You saw trump suggest to inject bleach

I saw trump warning us about human experimentation in an overpopulated world.

The comedy was golden, I enjoyed every minute.

If I told you that the british government poisoned terminally ill patients in hospitals with radioactive substances in order to figure out the upper safe limits of exposure, you wouldn’t believe me. You only believe what the talking heads on TV tell you,

So off you trot, in whatever world you inhabit, just remember, Big Brother is watching you

When all the people around you are programmed by the TV, you just have to laugh at them. I often think farm animals are stupid, but farm animals are no match for the most farmed animal on the planet, the dumb shit hooman

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Criminals have secrets, whooooaaa I never knew

Apple patches exploited bugs in iPhones plus other holes

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Trillion dollar company

What does that even fucking mean?

It just means they managed to sell more junk than their competitors.

As for amnesty international, I wouldn’t trust them in the slightest, just another slimy spook infested organisation

Microsoft's GitHub under fire for DDoSing crucial open source project website

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If IT had a strapline… it would be

“It doesn’t fucking work”

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's pop artifact stash now heads to a museum

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Where does the CP go?

Russia throws founder of infosec biz Group-IB in the clink for treason

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This guy calls that guy a baddie

That guy calls this guy a baddie

The News

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If you think Russia are the only country on the planet who are absolute arseholes and the only one’s capable of doing stupid shit, you should look closer to home

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Re: Real Political School

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the background radiation of internet discourse allegedly made by a single human

Oh noes a comment has lots of up/down votes, what does it mean?? It means absolutely fuck all, it just means maybe some people clicked a button or maybe some software did it, we will never know.

Astroturfing is a very real and very active phenomenon that is happening all around us. Spotting it is tricky.

When 2 buildings collapse symmetrically and at free fall speed breaking all known fundamental laws of physics, you know, you just fucking know, that most people are braindead idiots and its not worth getting involved.

Millions of people's data stolen because web devs forget to check access perms

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Idiot finds computer

The untold story

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I suspect all this computer technology comes from an alien race, because seeing how dumb humans are at using them, it’s the only explanation.

It’s akin to giving a child a nuclear bomb, they’re gonna hurt themselves and a whole lot of other people.

NATO probes hacktivist crew's boasts of stolen portal data

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Re: Do you like leaks?

Take the idiot to court, problem solved

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Re: "for their attacks on human rights"

The fact you need to ask such questions maybe you should check your eyelids are in the open position, we call this the default position. Is it default for you?

VirusTotal: We're sorry someone fat-fingered and exposed 5,600 users

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Re: False sense of security

Anti virus engines have 2 modes of operation traditionally.

Signature matches


The latter can generate false positives.

I’ve had malware infested files given the clean bill of health by virustotal only to scan that same binary 10 years later and it has a trojan, an actual signature match so not a false positive.

The reality is, ask yourself this, what exactly IS malware

Clue, it’s malicious software

So basically all modern software is malware because it rarely acts in the end users interest.

Windows 10 is malware

Windows defender is great at finding keygens, but not so good at detecting actual malware

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CSV files are plaintext

I fail to understand these cretins, or how their smoothbrains work.

Anybody up to the challenge of explaining them?

Lawyer sees almost 1,000 complainants sign up to Capita breach class action

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Gubbermint employees are not people, they’re mindless drones, so that clears that question up

Ivanti plugs critical bug – but not before it was used against Norwegian government

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Look ma, I made a program

Apple demands app makers explain use of sensitive APIs

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I thought I was buying a phone, turns out I was buying a slot machine / spy device.

If it has the word intelligent or smart in its name, it is neither

Google's browser security plan slammed as dangerous, terrible, DRM for websites

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Nobody wants your stinking adverts, fuck off

Sysadmins are being left out of AI implementation

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I go looking for problems

Invariably I find them

£214m effort to modernize SAP ERP in UK govt systems marked Code Red

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Hello, I am from the Gubbermint and I am here to help…

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Re: It's a laudable idea, handled by a bunch of bumbling gasbags

An IT department dedicated to supporting vendor delivered crap, sure. An actual IT department, hell no

Friendly AI chatbots will be designing bioweapons for criminals 'within years'

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“ Friendly AI chatbots will be designing bioweapons for criminals 'within years'”

So, business as usual then?

Replace ’Ai’, with incredibly intelligent but conversely incredibly stupid ‘on the spectrum rain man’

Did Ai design and build nuclear weapons?

Did Ai design and produce VX gas?

Etc etc

FBI boss: Congress must renew Section 702 spy powers – that's how we get nearly all our cyber intel

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China has a bigger pee pee than me *sadface*

Biden urged to completely cripple AI chips to China

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America proving yet again that adulthood is a myth.

Medical files of 8M-plus people fall into hands of Clop via MOVEit mega-bug

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Hey Mum look I made a software

Thats cute Bobby Jnr, what does it do?

It does (a) and (b) it’s amazing

What else does it do…..?