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WhatsApp boss says no to AI filters policing encrypted chat

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My 2cents

Perhaps if governments of all flavours fostered more trust in the world, we wouldn’t need encryption in the first place

I’m not a religious type, but to know good and evil, comes personal responsibility.

Remember, the WWW started at Cern, within a highly intelligent scientific community where trust and boundaries were, probably largely respected

Microsoft extends life of cloud servers from four to six years

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“I Like Money”

I know my jibe is not really relevant to the story, or maybe it is, but I have witnessed too often, poorly written processes which eat up electricity either because of inefficiency or worse, they are in an insane state.

Question: how many power stations are required to power machines all over the world running windows in the usual “stuck” state of “completing” updates?

One day, oomans might discover what true value means, I can give some clues, it ain’t money

Russian ChessBot breaks child opponent's finger

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Please stop it, or I’m just going to block the site and never visit again. K?

My Big Coin founder is – you guessed it – a $6m crypto-fraudster

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Re: It never ceases to amaze me!

How many lies do you think a business owner tells in the process of “making their business a success”?

Lying is fraud

US Cyber Command spots another 20 malware strains targeting Ukraine

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Since the war began…

It never fucking ended

How to get Linux onto a non-approved laptop

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Botnet malware disguises itself as password cracker for industrial controllers

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A true engineer would

Write their own password cracker

What is this nonsense

Outlook email users alerted to suspicious activity from Microsoft-owned IP address

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Any buyers?

I have some clouds for sale, they’re fluffy

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Dumbf***ery abound

I’ve been working / playing with computers since being 4 years old, since 1984

Forget about the nonsense that the gubbermint get up over the same timeline, ie false flags, and other assorted stupidity. Just on this site, I am reading, or should I say, “trying to read” the content, and because it is littered with adverts, the screen will suddenly jump about, because the advert server somewhere else is slow AF

FFS get a f***ing grip morons

“I Like Money” - Frito

Suspected Gozi malware gang 'CIO' extradited to US on fraud, hacking charges

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Re: Another one bites the dust

Oh dear

Mind you don’t trip over your over inflated biases

Atlassian reveals critical flaws in almost everything it makes and touches

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Logical expression

“What IF”

Russia, Iran discuss tech manufacturing, infosec and e-governance collaboration

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Are invasions ever legal?

1984 called, they want their double speak back

Apple forgoes cooling systems in M2 MacBook Air

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El Reg, did you know the slowness of your advertisements showing up is annoying

Pls fix, if you can

I would block them if I could

After 40 years in tech, I see every innovation contains its dark opposite

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Great article, thanks

This is why I am so fascinated by Black Mirror and the imagination of Charlie Brooker. We have to be guarded about where we are heading with technology.

Love & Peace

Google, Oracle cloud servers wilt in UK heatwave, take down websites

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Duh error

Internet, was supposed to be resilient

Replication, redundancy, routing, etc

God help us if we did actually experience a nuclear attack.

What a joke this species is, am I being too harsh??

“I Like Money” - Frito

Amazon sues 10,000 Facebook Group admins for offering fake reviews

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Sir Tim Berners Lee

I absolutely feel sorry for this man, he gave us an amazing tool, and it’s being trashed by commercialisms, and all the dumbf**kery that entails

I am of course referring to The David Dimbleby Lecture


Slack to increase prices for Pro customers

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For any Rick and Morty fans out there

You know what I am inferring

Security flaws in GPS trackers can be abused to cut off fuel to vehicles, CISA warns

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Re: Cut off fuel ?

Hopefully nobody does something stupid like connect power stations to the public internet…..




Let’s face it folks, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. I’m drawing conclusions here, quit developing before it’s too late, because clearly asking those pertinent questions of “can I”, “should I” and “what if” is beyond some peoples thought process, assuming there are any thought processes to begin with.

I despair

Belgium says Chinese cyber gangs attacked its government and military

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I do have to question, unfortunately in “todays world”, everyones ability to discern and show honesty & sincerity.

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And the genies name

Is dumbf**kery

Sincerity is lost, bludgeoned to death

VMware president sees some 'anxiety' at customers who've seen Broadcom at work

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How many

How many Frito’s are there in this world LOL

“I Like Money”

Walmart-controlled flight booking service suffers substantial data leak

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“I Like Money”

Microsoft's latest security patch troubles Windows 11 users

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Computer science?


Pootah science

Sometimes I wonder if there are any diligent coders left in the world, feel free to announce yourself if you exist

Engineers on the brink of extinction threaten entire tech ecosystems

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Gamblers != investors

Shareholders = someone holding something

Last time I checked, cupboards and tables are great objects at holding something.

We need to as a matter of urgency, reshape what we value, and shareholders bring nothing to the table except the mind of a gambler

Parents, invest in their children

There is no such thing as investing into a company.

It’s a bit like saying I invested (placed a bet) on that horse winning a race

Values, do we have any, anymore?

Is the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope worth the price tag?

FlamingDeath Silver badge

Yes a thousand times

What is money? Just “value” signed into existence by diktat

Twitter sues Musk: He can't just 'change his mind, trash the company, walk away'

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Like all social media spaces, full of astroturfing PR outlets.

Bell Pottinger anyone?

Beep bop i’m a bot

Choosing a non-Windows OS on Lenovo Secured-core PCs is trickier than it should be

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API rate limits at the core of Elon Musk’s decision to ditch Twitter

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People are not very good at spotting it, and it is terrifying

The return of GPUs on sale may be tech world's monkey's paw of 2022

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The writing is one the wall and people do not want to be associated with those energy hungry bitcoin miners, you know, when the young start slaughtering the old, becase we stole their future

Expect more ICE cages to be attacked, I'm an analyst BTW

Systemd supremo Lennart Poettering leaves Red Hat for Microsoft

FlamingDeath Silver badge

Was he a....

Was he a mole, all along?

FBI and MI5 bosses: China cheats and steals at massive scale

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Hello Mr Pot

Hello Mr Kettle

Are we the same?

I think we are

Should we hate eachother?


Meta: We need 5x more GPUs to combat TikTok, stat

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What a waste of talent

10,000 engineers, to do what exactly?

Produce a product which sells adverts to its audience

I’ll repeat

What a waste of talent

If you’re an engineer and your aspirations are to work for meh ta, you need to have better aspirations, period

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Re: Three quotes

Is Zuck a person?

I’ve heard rumours that he is an android

FlamingDeath Silver badge

If you had a choice

Between removing facebook / meta from existence

Or removing bitcoin miners from existence?

Which would you choose?

I suspect both are equally wasteful in energy usage

The Raspberry Pi Pico goes wireless with the $6 W

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My RPi B model has outlived all other RPi that came after

It’s a race to the bottom, #Capitalism

Toshiba shares up as buyers prepare to shell out $22b

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No such thing



Microsoft unboxes Exchange Online certification in bid to push customers off-prem

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When your product requires armies of techies to support it, you know its not built on solid foundations

Back-to-office mandates won't work, says Salesforce's Benioff

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Just think for a moment, the less you work, fewer rich and powerful people are created.

I’d like to see any business become the monstrosities we see today, without help.

You get, what you allow

Microsoft issues fix for Windows 11 Wi-Fi hotspots

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When a sneeze, becomes code


Healthcare organizations face rising ransomware attacks – and are paying up

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“Health Care”

Two words joined together that are meaningless

I got another two words

“Profit seeking”


Datacenter boom going bust over labor, materials shortages

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Have no fear

Our dead leaders will simply swap from capitalism to communism, and demand we hand over all of our resources, when the going gets tough

When you’re a sociopath, so many options present themselves

46 years after the UN proclaimed the right to join a union, Microsoft sort of agrees

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Re: A necessary evil

Exactly my view

If a union is being sought by a companies employees, thats a red flag, and I go no where near them.

Even if there is no union, but there are whispers of one forming, I stay away.

I’m not going to undersell my talents to some wankstain wideboy “captain of industry” and even less so if they treat their staff like shit

Small nuclear reactors produce '35x more waste' than big plants

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Da Future!

Humans will never amount to anything of significance.

Fundamentally we are still in the steam age


US ran offensive cyber ops to support Ukraine, says general

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It speaks

Does it have a brain though?

Capita to see wave of UK government contracts come to an end by 2025

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Ahh the talented government

Spending other peoples money on skill they themselves do not posses, a bit like councils then?

One day I might see a competent and capable government.

So far, all I've witnessed is a bunch of clowns who won a popularity contest run the country into the ground, a death by a thousand cuts

It's basically a feeding frenzy, and a game they play. How much public money can we steal without causing a riot.

With the british and a shortage of spines, indefinitely?

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 splashes down on Win Server 2022

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Ex-spymaster and fellow Brexiteers' emails leaked by suspected Russian op

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They work for us, they are taking our money and giving themselves employment. We deserve to know what shit they are involved in

Proton mail? Isn’t that a bit suspect in of itself

What is proton mails main selling point again?

Someone remind all of us

AI-designed COVID-19 drug nominated for preclinical trial

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Oh how “wonderful”

It’s a shame that the motive is profit

I’ll take my chances thanks, and avoid the medical industrial complex as if my life depended on it

Foxconn factory fiasco could leave Wisconsinites on the hook for $300m

FlamingDeath Silver badge

People voted for these morons, suck it up

It costs just $7 to rent DCRat to backdoor your network

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Re: MaaS

At some point hoomans will realise conflict is a waste of everyones energy

Assuming the hooman race is intelligent (it isn’t but lets pretend for a moment), all hooman conflict would have ceased the moment we realised we are roaming around on a sphere.

I’ve heard the ouroboros symbol represents wisdom, you know, the snake eating its own tail?

Ha ha, good one, “wisdom”, thats clearly not true



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