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Rejoice, fatties: Giving chocolate electric shocks makes it healthier


Re: From comments around the internet

Hershey is the worst chocolate ever.

I've heard that they use sour milk to replicate the taste from prior to refrigeration. Adding an acid would have the same effect. The aftertaste is like vomit.

Locally produced hand crafted chocolate is so different and wonderful it's amazing.

Italians rattle little tin for smartmobe mini lenses


My Loupe is just fine

I just hold a jeweler's loupe in front of the lens. Works great and cost nothing extra.

Engineer uses binary on voting bumpf to flag up Cali election flaws


Shenagins in California (off topic)

I received a packet today from my county. It says I have no party preference... Not true, but wait there's more...

I am a Republican. The paperwork says that if I want to remain unaffiliated or vote Democrat, American Independent, or Libertarian I need to do nothing but vote for my candidate.

HOWEVER If I want to vote Republican, Green, or Peace and Freedom, then I need to register again!

Of course I registered again and will be voting in the Primary and General Elections (if allowed by our corrupt government).

Read everything you receive if you intend to vote! Make sure you are allowed to vote for YOUR candidate!

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?

IT Angle

No dilema here

I've been in some situations involving sensitive information. I would not have read the email. I would have forwarded it as routine business.

What's in the email is none of my business. However there was one situation where I did say something, it involved classified information being collected by a person that had no need to know, I stumbled upon it while doing maintenance and certainly reported it. I don't know what became of the "suspect" I never saw him again.

Uninstall QuickTime for Windows: Apple will not patch its security bugs


I got rid of QuickTime and ITunes years ago, I have never missed either.

'Profoundly stupid' Dubliner's hoax call lost Intel 6,000 hours of production


The 6000 hours is probably person hours. 6000 employees for 1 hour, or 3000 for 2 hours,.,


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