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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


""shut down every data centre in every location in the world"

dsh shutdown -F

Not every data center in the world, but all of yours if you have it set up dsh that way.


Re: This smells like BS.

"Also, how the fuck can you "shut down every data centre in every location in the world""

dsh shutdown -F

Not every data center in the world, but if you have messed up the setup then certainly all your data centers

Info commish: One year to go and businesses still not ready for GDPR


And if the breach is down to having to use weak encryption because the Government wants to snoop on everybody all the time?

DRAMA ON MARS: Curiosity bot fires laser at alien metal object


Iron Egg - Iron Chicken?


Patient monitors altered, drug dispensary popped in colossal hospital hack


"Once again I failed to properly explain to management why security is important, and because of my complete lack of communication skills they overruled me thinking I was just some ranting IT nerd."

Actually I spent quite a few hours in various meeting with them and representatives of the Doctors explaining in both simple and detailed terms the need for security, even bringing in somebody from another trust who had implemented the sort of things i was suggesting successfully.

They may not be 'Idiots' and I never described them as such, but they did, in the trust I was working for, feel that their clinical concerns and convenience were of overriding importance.

I suggested using 'access cards' but that was rejected on cost grounds, as was thin computing. And the point regarding USB drives was that they wanted to be able to take the data off site so even having data following them around the hospital wasn't going to cut it.

The bottom line was that the Doctors put their convenience above everything else and they were supported in this by the senior management. It isn't that they couldn't understand what was being explained to them, they just didn't want to.

Global crypto survey proves govt backdoors completely pointless


Message for Ms May


Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0









Cops use terror powers to lift BBC man's laptop after ISIS interview


Re: So what?


Has the party in power changed its name already then?

Mind you with Nov 5th almost here its the right time of the year.