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Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?


Proofing Tools

I hoped they'd fix the very important thing that they broke somehow in Office 2007, and didn't fix till now - Automatic detection of the language the end user employs to create his content. As a full time translator I find it ridiculous that I have to manually click on each word and set the language property for it. (Or create a separate button in the ribbon, but I shouldn't want to do that, the software should do that for me.)


Re: "The ribbon makes more features visible"

You can switch off the fancy loading screen in 2013. You have to untick that in the options. Along with numerous other "improvements" that appeared in Office 2007/2010.

Thailand bans GTA after video game style murder


Now this sucks.

When someone is trying to blame god, tv, pc-xbox-ps3 game, books etc for felonies he made - we usually say - argh, that whining bastard is trying prove he is mad and should be put into asylum and not ot the prison where he belongs, argh. But hey, all those tv shows, movies, games, esspecialy the latest ones - ADVERTISE violence. They, fucking telling us - it's ok, violence is a must. We see how main characters are constantly beating the shit out of bad guys - shooting 'em, torturing 'em. They make you believe - that violence is unavoidable. In our dark times, when young people seized reading books, when new generations ARE babysitted by TV, when your reality is being shaped by mass media and the internet you lack inspiration and reason. And through all those shit-beating action movies and hardcore goresome action games you you gain this perverted reason and inspiration. So, to cut a long thread dump short - peoples minds are FULL OF SHIT and it doesn't really matter what will detonate 'em.

US cracks down on mod-chippers


Genuine is shit

You guyz, you guyz, lemme tell ya something: For the past 12 month I've played only 2-3 games that were not a "complete crap". Only one of those games "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." was so "bad", that it actually forced me to see, that people were working, creating and so on, and that this game worth showing gratitude by buying a legal copy. One more time - only 2-3 games per a year worth buying a legal copy, other 99.9% of the crap doesn't deserve it. So, if gamemaking (!sic) companies keep making shitty games, then why the fuck should we appriciate it, huh? Same goes for Windows Vista. When I was back in CHina, I bought a copy of Vista for 3 yuan (approx. 0,5 bucks). And you know what, it doesn't really matter if i bought this pirated version, or genuine for 600$, VISTA SUCKS IN EITHER WAY! Sucks hard! So, if microsoft released a *BUGGY* os, that's completely uncomfortable to work with, having all sorts of *compatability* issues, why the fuck do they demand 600$ for it?

THe bottom line is: Leave pirates alone for fucks sake, if it weren't for pirates, we would still have taperecorders as the latest invention back here in Kz.


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