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Microsoft staffers restive as annual employee poll lands – without questions about compensation


Re: re: Maybe repeating a lie often enough can make it sounds true.

Simple - people are capable of learning. And they apply the lessons. So we had Trump's own election guy say they were OK and his own AG, Barr, said that there wasn't enough fraud to alter the results.

Chill out, lockdown ain't over yet – perhaps FUZIX on the Pi Pico could feature in your weekend shed projects


I had a 286 with 512k than ran Microport V/AT OK. Programming with the different memory models was a PITA - lot of unix software assumed sizeof(int) == sizeof(char *). Had C & fortran compilers, troff, the works. Used to futz around with code at home, then upload to the Amdahl 570 running UTS at work. Good times.

It's almost time for Australia's fibre fetishists to give up


Copper degrades over time

When I moved into my current residence, I could get 8032 kb/s. Now it's down to 3612. I was supposed to get the NBN in 2014, but we had a change of Government. My suburb's not on the list of the ones that are supposed to get the rollout by 2018.


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