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International Maritime Organisation turns salty gaze on regulating robotic shipping

Asterix the Gaul

All that ship owners care about is money.

'Flags of convenience' killed of the Merchant Navy, making the 'Red Duster' history.

Back in the early- late 60's, I did my time in the North Atlantic, the Arctic Ocean, North Sea & English Channel.

The last of which, apart from one storm in '68, whilst serving on Light-vessels as a Lights-man 1st Class, we dragged anchor for one mile, led to the vessel becoming off-station & issued the relevant 'Notice to Mariners.

Trinity House, my then employer, in existence since Henry 8, is funded by ''Light Dues', paid by ship owners using UK ports, which funds all Lighthouses & Light-vessels(now redundant).

Pilots are self-employed.

The ship owners always resent paying their 'dues', which led to 'automation' of light stations around the coast.

I am long retired, possibly the last of any Light-vessel crew alive, our duties were primarily the safety of mariners at sea, an honourable tradition, of which I am proud to have served my part in the provision of.

The interest of ship owners stands in sharp contrast to everyone else in the marine environment & governments operate too closely with the interest of the ship owners as opposed to other mariners.

With the automation of Light-vessels, it was only to be expected that the navigation & propulsion of sea going ships would follow the path of automation.

I wonder how long before the loading\unloading of container ships will be fully automated in ports?

'Capitalism' is blind, it knows the price of everything, the value of nothing.

Prof Stephen Hawking's ashes will be interred alongside Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin

Asterix the Gaul

Francis(Pope) explained that both scientific theories('BIG BANG' - 'EVOLUTION') were not incompatible with the existence of a creator – arguing instead that they “require it”.

ERR!..NO, It does NOT 'require it' DUMMY!

“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” Francis said.

Oh NO! BUT, this(Below)is exactly ("he 'created' human beings)what you are saying((GOD was a magician with a 'magic' wand) .He added: “He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfilment.

“The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it..

^..,B$,B$ B$ ad infinitum.

“Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings evolve.”

ANYTHING that ANY 'religion' or it's 'leaders' say is just plugging 'LIES','LIES' & NO 'Statistics', a complete vacuum of reasoning.

Asterix the Gaul

"Science requires experimental proof. Or disproof

Which is why science can never prove (or disprove) the existence of God.".

'SCIENCE' has NEVER postulated the existence of 'god'.

The 'BURDEN -OF-PROOF ' in this case lies with 'RELIGION'.

'RELIGION' can NEVER prove that existence.

That is because 'Religion' = 'FAITH', which equates with FALSE CONCLUSIONS.


RELIGION abides with the LIE.



Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76

Asterix the Gaul

'Tooth Fairies'

'Big Bang Theory' = Sigma - 5

'God' = Sigma - 0

Asterix the Gaul

Re: He had a life when first doctors merely predicted an early death.

"His longevity is a tribute to the work of the NHS".

I would like to refine that theory.

I think that his life was made immeasurably better by two factors, firstly, the initial specialist consultants, secondly, but not least, the women in his life, his wives,nurses & carers.

As a man,I pay my humble tributes to all those women that did a tremendous duty, that only they could possibly do over the decades.

R.I.P Stephen HAWKING, your achievements & memory will never radiate away.

SpaceX's internet satellites to beam down 'Hello world' from orbit

Asterix the Gaul


If I recall correctly, Musk gave a figure of (4K?) satellites for his global internet coverage.

I cannot understand how placing the initial few launches in areas with poor coverage would make commercial sense, as most are likely to be poorer places.

Place them over Europe first, he will make a killing by taking on the likes of BT, Virgin, Sky & others in mainland Europe.

I for one would happily signup.

RIP Ursula K Le Guin: The wizard of Earthsea

Asterix the Gaul

Never read her books or seen any of her films,however, I am happy to pay my humble male tributes to a lady,who, by reputation, was a very productive,creative & balanced member of the human race.

New Brit Hubble analysis finds 2,000 billion galaxies, 10x previous count

Asterix the Gaul

No matter where you are in the universe, rewind back to the Big Bang & everything was at that exact point where that event started.

Space itself was created as a consequence of that event(Cosmic Background Radiation-CMB)& space has been expanding ever since that event.

That's why everything appears to be moving away from everything else.

Cosmologist look for Dark Matter-Energy to explain why galaxies are accelerating away from each other,they have yet to prove that either exist.

Another possibility is that the CMB may be pulling all bodies apart?

I don't(personally)believe that even if DM is proved to exist,that it is of any real universal significance to the expansion rate of the universe.

I also don't believe professor Brian COX's explanation regarding the ultimate fate of the universe.

Yes, it will continue for all of time to expand by moving over the De Sitter horizon beyond the sight of observers in another galaxy or other body, but the idea that the total radiation of all bodies will eventually equal that of the space environment is, IMHO wrong.

I suggest(I may be wrong)that,as long as TWO or more bodies are orbitting each other,bound by tidal forces or gravity, they will exert forces that generate radiation through their motions in space around each other.

As long as there is no other influence,such as another body,or aquiring more mass by one or other of the two bodies, there is nothing to stop heat (radiation)being generated perpetually.

Asterix the Gaul

If your in the UK,you might be forgiven for thinking that the figure expressed was the approximation of the National Debt & we haven't even got to the issue of the 'Black Hole' that we are in.

Asterix the Gaul

Re: So...

"If we have 10x the mass of matter, that would mean the gravity would (given current theory) certainly cause universal deceleration and gravitational collapse producing the inevitable big crunchie."

No, it doesn't mean that at all.

Think about it, this changes nothing, for the 'reality' is what we see & observe.

In this case, as Hubble himself observed, the universe expansion is ACCELERATING.

I would bet, on my own logic, that there are theoretical physicist out there that do not have a clue

what they are talking about.

I have the 'logic' to know what the conditions were in the early moments of the universe, one of those

conditions is that the expansion that began back then has never stopped, for one simple reason.

There was nothing external to the material to make it slow down, which is why it kept expanding & there is\was no 'vacuum' effect pulling back on it despite the knowledge that there were Black Holes early, these being formed in other ways beside the collapse of early massive stars.

The expansion was not uniform, it could not be, because the formation of Baryonic matter is testament to that fact, though it does give provision to early development of Black Holes, at least that is my thinking.

Julian Assange to UK court: Put an end to my unwarranted Ecuadorean couch-surf

Asterix the Gaul

The Ecuadorean government should accredit Julian ASSANGE with diplomatic status in another friendly country,for which he could then claim diplomatic immunity in the UK, job done, F'CK the USA & the UK gov't.

Ex-staffer sues UK's DWP, claims superior blabbed confidential medical info

Asterix the Gaul

In the Civil Service there is a well established process for dealing with issues such as this,the breach,of which,is a case for disciplinary action.

Anyone seeking to use the Civil Service as a platform for their personal grievances are surely stepping onto thin ice.

It has to be proved that this 'leak' was not a conspired event for instance?

Here we go again... UK Prime Minister urges nerds to come up with magic crypto backdoors

Asterix the Gaul

Re: Lesson of History

ALL government Departments,local or central, have existing sweeping powers to access all the data they ever need on all of us.

It's called, 'CONNECT', which links all departmental data on every individual accessing government services,local or centrally,as well as utility,banking,telephone,broadband,emails, doctors,hospitals et'c.

East Germany before unification had nothing like what your 'democratic' government has by way of 'exploit' tools at it's disposal.

You don't think that GCHQ is there for our benefit do you?

I haven't even got round to the 'military' tools used by 'your' government.

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS

Asterix the Gaul

The 'TORY' promise in respect of the NHS is, 'FREE at the point of use',however, that's a 'CON'-SCAM.

That is so because, if you cannot get any 'treatment' it's NOT 'FREE' is it?

Anyone who uses NHS 'inpatients' or 'outpatients' services knows that every NHS District uses Appointment 'Churning' to DELAY treatment for patients, thus the NHS pays the staff but FAILS the public duty to provide the 'FREE' service of treatment to one & all.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the 'PRIVATE' patients treated by the NHS are not subjected to that 'Churning'.

Also, the NHS Consultants earn telephone directory profits by doing 'PRIVATE' treatment in NHS hospitals at 'PUBLIC' expense, whilst fiddling their tax affairs, all with the approval of 'TORY' & 'Labour' politicians.

UK digital minister Matt Hancock praises 'crucial role' of encryption

Asterix the Gaul

Re: opensource protocols

She is too busy to listen to anything,the reason is that her mouth doesn't know when to shut & she doesn't posess a 'brain' like most of us do.

NASA whistles up electron noise from the Van Allen belt

Asterix the Gaul

Re: OK two things:

If that's mother Earth 'breathing', I'm not hanging around whenshe 'drops her hat', LOL.

Shocked, I tell you. BT to write off £530m over 'improper' Italian accounts practices

Asterix the Gaul

It's NOT Italy that's corrupt, it's BT & we in the U.K are now paying for it with massive price increases.

I want to see BT referred to the E.U for investigations, followed by supermassive fines if found to be operating corruptly, as I suspect.

Euro space agency's Galileo satellites stricken by mystery clock failures

Asterix the Gaul

Maybe they were using cheap Chinese Lithium-ion batteries bought off e-bay & when charged gave off a nice firework display?

Microsoft Germany says Windows 7 already unfit for business users

Asterix the Gaul

M$ are getting desperate on W10 market share.

Think about it for a millisecond, a company trashes the reputation of one of it's (better)products(W7), in order to sell more of it's more recent rubbish.

How do they expect to push sales on their products, when all they do is out the lack of quality in them.

I was using W7 before W8 came out, I predicted the failure of that & I also predicted that M$ would 'clone' Apple's business model to suit themselves.

To my knowledge, M$ couldn't run a boot fair stall profitably, judging it by it's acquisitions over the last decade or two.

UK's lords want more details on adult website check plans

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Re: Are you 18

"Unfortunately the government of the United Kingdom has about as much trust in it's citizens as teh Peoples Republic of China (and getting on North Korea)".

Also,fortunately, the citizens of the 'United' Kingdom have about as much trust in their government as the Peoples Republic of China (and getting on North Korea) citizens do in their governments..

Athiest who believes in god?

Asterix the Gaul

It's a contradiction in terms, one either does, or does NOT 'believe'.

Screw 'faith', give me 'certainty'.

Asterix the Gaul

Re: Athiest who believes in god?

Why do you think that what he said can be construed as in any way supporting an act of 'creation' nonsense?

He was clearly referring to the FACT that the genesis of the universe through the Big Bang has the fundamental blueprint properties for life inherent within that event.

Call that a 'law of nature' or more accurately,a 'law of physics',whatever, either way, it's nothing to do with that nonsense called, 'religion'.

Ofcom fleshes out plans to open up BT's ducts and poles

Asterix the Gaul


Elon MUSK recently declared his intention to launch a global internet service by launching(4,425) satellites from Space X.

"The system is designed to provide a wide range of broadband and communications services for residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and professional users worldwide."

This will take around ten years, with an initial 800 sat's being deployed.

I think that he could be onto a winner here if BT landline & broadband charges are anything to go by.

I am well into my seventh decade, I hope these come about before I go up the chimney, as I am sick of 'rip-off' UK & would happily help the guy by signing up for the service(providing it's cheap0

Unlike BT\Open Reach, Musk is offering over 2GB\sec for users, that should help Stream providers, hopefully, it will kill off the BBC at the same.

However, I think that ALL countries should finance the eventual removal of end-of-life sat's from around the planet, because of the effects on future space launches.

In the extreme, if we ever needed to escape from Earth or deal with an incoming asteroid, we would potentially be well & truly screwed.

Human rights orgs take Five Eyes nations to court

Asterix the Gaul

If it's good enough for any state to carry out mass surveillance & blanket data collection of it's citizens then it must surely be right that citizens of those countries be lawfully entitled to do likewise to their government.

In the meantime, the best form of defence to attack,is to harden your defences.

To that end,I suggest that all users of communication hardware encrypt everything,hard drives,emails, all files,folders, protect your Firewall & router by changing default passwords to stronger ones using short phrases combined with non-alphabetic characters.

Missing Milky Way mass blown away by bingeing supermassive black hole

Asterix the Gaul

I am absolutely against all religion, this 'dark matter'-'dark energy' malaki is becoming just that, all 'theory', by all account,the 'theory' has been adopted as 'FACT' & I call B$ until scientifically proven.

To say that the missing galactic 'mass' is of a ratio of 6-1,as stated, is pure speculation & wildly inaccurate.

My 'guess' is that the actual mass 'Baryonic' matter = 7-7 of the total, anything else is a 'mystery', 'miracle' or psuedo-scientific religion, based on ideological nonsense.

Like ALL 'religion',it's based on simple ignorance, wishful thinking, 'blind' faith & an absolutely fictitous guesswork.

When I see the 'evidence', appraised by peer review,I might consider that DE\DM exist, until then,I will retain my healthy scepticism.

Even so-called time served theoretical physicist are no better than 'religious' believers when it comes to having 'faith' in unsubstantiated speculative nonsense.

Wannabe Prime Minister Andrea Leadsom thinks all websites should be rated – just like movies

Asterix the Gaul

During the referendum debate, I thought that Leadsom held the 'high-ground, by actually responding to questions in a dignified, non-dogmatic & unemotional way.

Shortly after she began coming out with talk about her 'religious' beliefs, along with other comments that made me change my opinion of her.

I'm sorry to say that, what was once a positive opinion of her, has now become a complete switch-off.

It's a sad thing to acknowledge, but the U.K is well & truly NOT served by any politician\party currently in existence.

I think perhaps that it's well past time that ALL politicians have a 'rating' given by the public, who can call time on them.

Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition

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Re: The IP address is not a great way to decide validity

"I hope my valid vote isn't nullified because I wasn't using a bloody UK IP".

Maybe in your case it wasn't the 'IP' address, but the possibility that you were 'coding' as a member of 'UK IP'?

Sorry Nigel, nice try.

BAN the ROBOT WHORES, says robot whore expert: 'These AREN'T BARBIES'

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Re: We have to act now

"Women just want the good bits, delivered without the body attached. For women, it's all about "the d" as it were-- a vibrating, writhing one in various shapes, sizes and colours."

So, the women of today enjoy the by-product of using vibrators by growing hair on the palms of their hands,whereas we men have to cope with that by visiting the dentist for a 'haircut'.

I know which I prefer...hang on!, I just remembered, I've got an 'appointment'.

Gun-jumping French pols demand rapid end to English in EU

Asterix the Gaul


So,lets get this right,if Brussels ays that 'English' no longer has any legitimacy' in Brussels,then does that not mean that it's pointless discussing the outcome of the referendum with them?

Maybe they are either 'racist' or they cannot speak 'Queen's' English.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Asterix the Gaul

...the 'point' is?

Your 'contribution' to the topic is...?

Asterix the Gaul

23rd June 2016, the day of, 'THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION', where 'we' lead, others follow.

Celebrate this day as such for evermore.

The 'labour Party' is a national DISGRACE, it should be the electorate's next duty to the country to DESTROY it politically.

'New Labour' introduced 'devolution' to create a 'decentralised' U.K because 'wealth' & 'fairness' was absent in our political economy.

Why would a party that opted to 'decentralise' power in the U.K, go on to opt for a 'CENTRALISED'

model of power in Europe when it has rejected it here in the U.K?

The 'peasants' have 'revolted',the nation state is now to be restored to it's proper historical position as a 'sovereign' nation state.

FBI v Apple spat latest: Bill Gates is really upset that you all thought he was on the Feds' side

Asterix the Gaul

Bill GATES backing the FBI in the unlocking of an iPad, I do NOT believe it.

He just unlocks the backdoor to WINDOWS for the NSA\FBI.

Why you should Vote Remain: Bananas, bathwater and babies

Asterix the Gaul

Re: The EU and the Cold War

With respect,Gorbachev makes more sense than you do.

The 'Labour Party's political position on the centralisation of power in the E.U is ILLOGICAL.

Why? Because, in the U.K, New Labour brought in 'devolution', AKA 'decentralisation',because 'centralised' power at Westminster, was detrimental to prosperity in the regional countries of the U.K.

That being the case,why would they want the opposite in the E.U,where GERMANY is the equivalent of Westminster,being at the power centre,Brussels being the bureaucratic centre.

WEALTH in such circumstances is not going to be shared equitably around the E.U.

AGAIN, " It doesn't have a ban on free speech",which is NOT in any way different than when one cannot(without few exceptions) access the media to articulate 'freedom of expression' & when they do it is duly monitored by the state security apparatus(GCHQ).

Asterix the Gaul

'Leave' is the goto option

I remember well how this country operated before we joined.

The funny thing is,politically,the TORY Party has not changed it's spots one iota.

I do not give a toss about busineses & how it fares, inside or outside of europe.

I have only ever voted once,which I regret ever since.

This referendum is a 'political' event though, one that everyone should vote on.

It is the 'PEOPLE'S' chance to have a ,'GLORIOUS REVOLUTION', a chance that will not come around again in your lifetime.

I have voted 'LEAVE', because I hate the way that Gordon BROWN copied 'TORY' behaviour & recruited 'business' people into 'OUR' democracy, in order to destroy our 'democracy'.

The idea that government's recruit profit motivated business people into government,in order to steal taxpayers money directly or indirectly,whether by 'out-sourcing' NHS services, or paying 'private' AMERICAN businesses to get unemployed\disabled people off the state payroll, by using the claimants benefits to provide the profit is IMMORAL & WRONG IMHO.

I look at business as the (capitalist)horse that should pull the (social)cart, NOT vice-versa,on that basis alone, I find the incestuous relationship between gov't-business to be absolutely corrupting & not to be supportive of by voting for.

Bring on the 'leave' GLORIOUS REVOLUTION & let the Westminster\Brussels crowd go & suck eggs.

Pressure mounts against Rule 41 – the FBI's power to hack Tor, VPN users on sight

Asterix the Gaul

Re: Definitely different!

I think that it goes back to Magna Carta & the 'right' to be tried by one's 'peers'.

"To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse justice".

"No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned or outlawed or exiled or in anyway destroyed... except by the lawful judgement of his peers or by the law of the land".

"We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or bailiffs only such as know the law of the kingdom and mean to observe it well".

NOT that justice has always been seen to be done,it hasn't, many a magistrate has placed(WRONGLY)100% store by what the police have put in front of them as 'evidence',leading to manifest cases of injustice.

EU bureaucrats claim credit for making 'illegal online hate speech' even more illegal

Asterix the Gaul

Speaking for myself,the right to 'freedom of expression' overrides any 'right' not to be offended.

If you can't stand the heat,get out of the bloody kitchen.

IMHO, politicians here & in the E.U are using people's sensitivity to words they don't like,as an excuse to negate those very right's of 'free expression' that governments signed up to in 1948 after WW2 with the Geneva Convention on Human Rights.

Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears

Asterix the Gaul

Whenever I service laptops for family members,I always tell them that their cam should always be assumed to be turned ON.

Knowing that,it becomes easier to convince them of the most effective way to ensure their privacy from hacks.

I stick some black insulating tape over the lens on laptops,if they are silly enough to want to talk over the net whilst displaying their funny bits',well, that's up to them & they are also likely to 'forget' to cover it up afterwards.

I have never ever used a web cam for it's intended purpose,I have used a CCD type for astronomy,but I have never ever 'trusted' them or the software.

Considering ALL WINDOWS machines are inherently vulnerable,thanks to Bill GATES,I think it's wiser to just use your mobile phone to communicate,even though HMG snaffel every bit of data for their egocentric paranoia.

Russia poised to unleash 'Son of Satan' ICBM

Asterix the Gaul

Re: Two steps forward...

"Europe and the USA will win that battle. The Russian economy is screwed".

I would digress from your statement about the Russian economy.

It is a country with enormous natural resources,whereas it's the USA\UK that are 'screwed'.

The only thing that stops America sinking economically, is it's currency,that oil is traded in.

Someday,it will end in a massive depression, thats why it wants the EU TTIP talks to succeed & if they do, it will be the EU thats screwed.

Watchdog snaps: Privatise the Land Registry? What a terrible idea!

Asterix the Gaul

Re: UK is really going to the dogs.

UK is really going to the dogs.

I'm guessing all three. Maybe the UK should officially just privatize the whole government, let the corporations run things directly rather than pretend there is this "middle man" called "elected government"?

Were the above enacted, the myth that we vote for a 'democratically representative' parliament which acts for 'one' nation,will be fully & rightly debunked.

Neither the 'Labour' Party or the Tory Party act for those who voted for them,both parties act for their own party interest.

There would no longer be a need for a government

Labour does things for migrants,women,gays,but deny 'English' people,white indiginous males,pensioners,the Tories act for 'buy-to-let' landlords(using taxpayer funded money-currently £225+ BILLION p.a)Estate Agents through the housing market,the pensions industry(the £34.8 BILLION p.a spent on additional contributions Relief) & of course the 'outsourcing' of NHS services to the 'private' sector.

The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

Asterix the Gaul

IMHO,the reason that PC sales slumped globally is pretty obvious,the 'global' downturn.

Knowing Microsoft,with their 'more money than sense' attitude,it would NOT have occurred to them,that a global 'downturn' = less disposable income globally,therefore prices ought to fall,in order to maintain sales at the cost of reduced profits.

That is plain common sense, maintain sales revenue,keep tightening up on cost overheads & hope for increasing market share in a shrinking global business pool until the global 'recovery'.

In the UK, utility companies fleece the consumer, 'regulators' are bought & paid for by the utility companies along with Ministers in government.

That's the logical explanation for government indifference to utility price increasesm, that depress consumer spending, prolonging 'austerity' & reducing consumer spending from less disposable income.

As for replacing my PC rig, I have always assembled my own,I still have,as well as intend to keep my current rig for years to come.

It's comprised of a an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth mobo,3770K cpu,16GB Corsair Vengenace LP RAM, x1 INTEL 530 -240GB SSD,x2 INTEL 530 120GB SSD's & Nvidia GTX670 GPU.

It's really quick,it boots W7 64bit in 5 sec's flat,plays any game at good frame rates with no lag.

In addition,my EIZO FlexScan HD2441W displays top notch graphics,it cost £950 & was worth every penny I spent on it nearly 10 years ago.

I have troubleshooted hundreds of computers for people over the years, I find that a lack of regular maintenance & 'tuning-up' is a major factor in 'slow' running computers,as are app's like AV,which 'hog' resources.

Again,WINDOWS itself eats up drive space,with updates taking more than the O.S itself.

Any really 'old' laptop\desktop will benefit from a properly set up Linux distro to give a new lease of life.

Laser-zapping scientists will save the Earth from meteorite destruction

Asterix the Gaul

From Doom-sayers to Doom-makers

By what reason do so-called 'scientist' take it upon themselves to set this planet,it's inhabitants,it's evironment on terre firma & the sky above to unacceptable risk?

To use this 'experiment' as a model for the real thing is not valid.

These fragments of meteorites,that have already landed on earth,does not validate the 'experiment'.

Such fragments will be acting on matter already modified by entry through our atmosphere.

Any meteorite fragmented by laser in it's direct approach to Earth, willl possibly fragment,with much of the matter scattering,before being set through the atmosphere, or, placed in orbit above.

If the latter,it will endanger many orbiting satelites,possibly interupting communications & causing unnecessary dangers for any future launches from the ground.

America,being 'America', displays the absolute arrogance of absolute power that it has bestowed upon itself.

Florida cuffee surprised by pills in vagina

Asterix the Gaul

"introducing contraband into a detention facility"

Now, that's a novel description 'detention facility' for lady parts,I would happily be 'detained' there on a permament basis.

Blighty's SMB tech ranks bitterly divided on Brexit

Asterix the Gaul

Re: In, Out, In, Out, shake your dicks about

You 'forgot' some dicks like, BLAIR,BROWN,CAMERON.CORBYN.

Asterix the Gaul

Those businesses that want to remain in the E.U,do so for obvious reasons,they want a crutch to lean on & haven't got the balls to stand on their own two feet.

The same goes for the politicians,they are fearful that the gravy train system that they help to sustain with our taxpayers money,will no longer apply to them.

It's not too difficult to follow the money,the EU fills the pockets of those in this country that support the objective of workers living on the knees,get some balls you 'working class',fight for your rights,because you are about to lose them by staying in.

The 'remains' say that we will be worse off outside,that's a big LIE,because the working class are getting poorer INSIDE, what sort of electorate on it's knees wants to welcome millions of Turks,Ukrainians & others to make matters worse?

The Yanks are using PUTIN to advance their hegemony in Europe,they must be STOPPED,America is the real threat to Europe NOT PUTIN.

Ukraine is absolutely CORRUPT,we will be paying countless billions of euro's to bail them out of their World Bank\IMF loans that have been defaulted on,in addition to that owed by them to Russia.

By what REASON does America need warships or planes around the BALTIC,for one reason only, PROVOCATION,to garner a Russian response,thereby setting up PUTIN as the bogeyman.

OBAMA sent American equipment to the UKRAINE for that sole purpose,bang on cue, those two 'Tory' fudge pushers, Hammond & Fallon fell in behind OBAMA in stirring the issue up by calling PUTIN a 'threat'.

If the remainers win, this country loses,it's that simple.

This country traded globally before the EU existed,Hong Kong is a 'British' former colony & the East India Comnpany is another,albeit colonial success story that's left agreat legacy in India.

If America gets it's way, they won't be able to compete fairly,they will use the TTIP rules to 'LITIGATE' in THEIR courts, to financially RUIN Europe, company by company.

Ask BP or VW what the real price of trading with America is,that's the snails progress of ruin,that ONLY America will win.


Small broadband firms aren't fussed about getting access to BT's ducts and poles

Asterix the Gaul

Re: Is this progress?

"Rollout of fibre is a bit slow but they are doing fibre to premise".

If there were a war on,there would be a requisition order to get it sorted....yesterday,job done.

This country is screwed, inside or outside of the EU,any other country deeming it necessary would implement the action required to do things & move on to the next item.

'Politicians',I SHIT on them ALL.

If you're appy and you know it, say five Hail Marys – cyber-Pope

Asterix the Gaul

Who called the 'Pope' a DOPE,who called the DOPE a 'Pope'?

Don't split Openreach, says BT, and we'll splash BEELLIONS on broadband and 4G

Asterix the Gaul

I 'm all for BT being split up,but not sure how their offer is genuine,as the promise ignores those already on slow speeds & 40mb\sec is 'slow' by 'superfast' comparison.

The majority,who have fibre to 'cabinet' are ignored in this 'offer',so how it equates to 95% enjoying 'superfast',appears to be a 'LIE'.

As a long time BT user, what pisses me off, is the raising of prices when they are already making £4 BILLION profit in one year,when so-called 'regulators' actually 'regulate' NOTHING AT ALL.

In the face of the above, BT would still be pumping up the price increases,enough is enough.

If the government abandoned smart meters, that money would have been better spent on 'superfast broadband,as well as splitting up BT.

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK

Asterix the Gaul

It's funny how some young naive folks believe that,"If you have 'nothing' to hide,you have nothing to fear".

Well, the FACT is,"The NSA\GCHQ have EVERYTHING to hide & NOTHING to fear" .

Their grandfathers\mothers fought two world wars to avoid the situation's that these people are now subject to.

Stop resetting your passwords, says UK govt's spy network

Asterix the Gaul

This makes me LMFAO,the NSA\GCHQ are taking the proverbials.

Ever changed a login name\user password on some site & get the whole caboodle in plain TEXT in a 'confirmation' email from the website?

It's a known FACT that NSA\GCHQ collect the content of ALL emails & share the data between them.

It doesn't take a high IQ to figure out just how stupid these sites are,when they do this.

I blame Microsoft for the above mess,one should be able to use a PINsentry device as a password system,it's impossible to defeat as only the pin holder knows the key & any capture is pointless when it's only valid one time.

The EU wants you to log into YouTube using your state-issued ID card

Asterix the Gaul

UK 'Englishman & women' are NOT EU 'citizens',we are subjects of England,our rights are not commutable to any EU laws.

We ARE 'subjects' , our historic\current rights are NOT amenable to either EU rules or even 'Parliamentary' curtailment,our 'common' rights are outside of any legislature moderation.

Under our common law, virtually ALL law made is 'illegal' because it violates the settlement at Runnymeade which gave the people a 'contract' outside of parliament(which did not exist back then)between the Monarchy,the Lords spiritual & Temporal,the Barons & the 'Commoners'

The EU is smothering a blanket of power & deceit over our constitutional rights aided & abetted by a corrupted Westminster parliament.

The diktats of Brussels should be challenged or avoided by our withdrawl from that corrupt institution of BIG BUSINESS & THE INCESTUOUS RELATIONSHIP THAT IT HAS BOUGHT WITH CONSUMERS MONEY, the so-called E.U.

WTF are they,or our government, to control our everyday lives by acting like the the former East German State's STASI,in monitoring every activity that we undertake in our lives.

We need a 'revolution' to cut out the vermin that are eliminating our freedoms at every opportunity.