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HPE to cut technician jobs as field work outsourced to Unisys


Fantastic. If you're one of those HPE engineers, Rubrik needs top talent all over the world in the field.

Pure: We see a billion dollars in our future. No, not profits, silly!


Re: I gues the question is wheather the loss trend is moving in the right way.

I can't see them being a standalone company and survive. They need to be bought by someone bigger that already has a sales staff. PSTG has an incredible sales staff making god knows how much money combined. On target earnings of each rep/engineer is in the 180-250k range and that's often a lot higher and ramps fast once you get past your quota.

It's an expensive model, and it has to change.

Dell kills off standalone DSSD D5, scatters remains into other gear


Re: Relieved? Maybe not.

ex-Pure employee. No one cared that it existed in the first place.

Pure Storage’s FlashBlade is great on paper. But it's still only on paper


Re: Fluff

Agreed. Nothing added to the conversation here.

EMC says Pure Storage dedupe is both in-line and post-process


Re: EMC is right

It's ranked where it is because it's easy for a huge corp like EMC to drop off a bunch of heavily discounted or seed units to their biggest customer. It's a drop in the bucket to the big fortune companies to "test" some new array from their friends at EMC. Pretty easy to get a huge number of arrays out there and BAM you're "number 1"


Yep. Because you'll have to migrate to another array while you upgrade. :)

Storage admins.... they'll take your jobs


Re: relax...

You're correct and I have lived with your pain, but you have missed the point of the article. The days are long gone of needing to have PhD level knowledge of complex storage systems (Such as VMAX, DS, etc)

Pure uncloaks rack-scale FlashBlade object filer for unstructured data crowd


Re: owncloud...

You don't have to buy it fully populated.

Three storage upstarts hit back at doom, gloom 'n' layoffs news


Re: owncloud...

when you put a large number of files in it, the wheels start falling off and they fall off quickly. This is a very well documented problem with own cloud.

Another big problem is with the mobile app. I want my photos backed up. Own cloud will only capture the camera roll and to do so it has to make copies of each file and then upload it. So you have two copies of everything on your phone.

Seafile let's me select whatever folders with photos I want. In my case, camera roll, instagram, screenshots, etc. And it works incredibly well. so Seafile is my choice!

Pure gives its flash boxes some 3D TLC


Re: More marketing hoopla, but where's the meat?!?

And how are Nimble's earnings doing?

Focusing on a number of data points is silly unless you can articulate WHY it makes a difference. I can tell from the way you speak that you once worked for EMC.

Pure Storage is giving away FREE flash arrays – but there's a catch


"New Logo's" Means new customers.


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