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Microsoft promises Clang for Windows in November Visual C++ update


Give credit where its due, this is awesome news

Speaking as a C++ author, this is wonderful news. I'll be slated by the penguinistas for saying this, but Visual Studio is by far and away the best development software ever written. X-Code is perhaps the second, both Eclipse and Embarcadero are a long way behind with CodeBlocks brining up the rear. All of them follow the layout of VS to some degree, but have less features.

Although MS has been behind in terms compliance for years, and the language features they choose to omit are occasionally somewhat random, their Visual Studio-2015 product has really turned a corner, having full 11 support at last and partial 14/17 support. Clang has tremendous compliance and great error messages, which is a serious failing of GCC.

Thankyou @StephanTLavavej, keep up the great work!


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