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UK PC prices have risen 30% in a year since the EU referendum


woopy ******* do .. the pound went up to just over $1.30 .. was over $1.50 the eve of brexit and over $1.60 before the referendum campaign got going. interest rates are heading up cos inflation is heading up which is entirely down to us importing everything and the pound falling DUE TO BREXIT. And if interest rates go up, the economy goes into recession cos everyone is so much debt.

Am fed up with reading the drivel poured forth by brexiteer flat earther types .. worse than king knut .. just saying you believe pigs fly ain't ever gonna make'm fly. So do us all favour and piss off to GAB, if you can find it, and post your horseshit there. The type posting here, I think, are what Vince Cable referred to as Brexit jihadis .. rich / old enough not to care that you f**k the economy up for everyone struggling to get by in the name of some out of date, rose tinted, mythological state of being "in control" (ie back to racist 50s insular britain with no "funny food" and foreigners) which is such a huge crock of shit, it's laughable. We live in a globalised world; there's no such thing as being in control. The nation state is rapidly being eroded; no nation is "in control", even china .. it's a shared delusion that electorates and their pols still cling onto which is why there's so much disatifaction with politics and democracy.

Reality strikes Dixons Carphone's profits after laughing off Brexit threat


Re: That's it, blame it on phone users

Or more likely it's the 20+% fall in the value of the pound against the dollar and rupee etc .. how much of their cost base is in the uk?

Tech can do a lot, Prime Minister, but it can't save the NHS


Postcode lottery with the NHS is a massive problem .. in kent and east sussex you can't actually go to a hospital that's not in special measures .. the ccqc can't even rate one hospital in both counties as mediocre. In Kent it's hugely dis-organised and this has absolutely fuck all to do with money; it;s attitude, organisation and the dreaded C people hiring D people. My dad went for an outpatients op and they saw something they didn't like on the heart monitor. He only knew as my mum overhead a quack talking and pestered the staff for someone to talk to her and my dad. The letter they sent the GP didn;t arrive for 6 months. The GP had no blood pressure testing machine for 2 months, and couldn't provide a heart monitor requested by the consultant for over 6 months, then my dad was mi-advised by the nurse not record a diary to go with so the results weren;t very useful and then the wrong results were sent back to the GP. He's been on a cocktail of contra-indicated drugs on a trial and error basis but if he mentions that he thinks this one or that is making him worse, he's basically to told to shut the fuck up. 2 and half years later he still has no diagnosis..

The incompetance is so bad it almost has to be wilfull which wouldn't surprise me. East Kent has a lot of retired people and it often seems like the NHS is more than just willing them to hurry up and die.

Contrast to my business partner in Bucks. He had a teeny tiny micro stroke event, had all the investigations within 3 months and all round good efficient care...when he needed a procedure done the GP was pressuring him to take the private hospital (but paid for by nhs) option under choose and book.

HCPs refuse to except that any of this is down to them .. there is a pervasive, perverse "we can't do any better" attitude AND and obstreporous willfullness NOT to engage with IT... the number of people i talk in primarary care who are actually PROUD (their emphasis not mine) to be ignorant or anything IT is shocking hence the wannacry fiasco is most definitely not shocking. Am not talking about willingless to learn clinically ... but organisationally.

GPs are profit making businesses and hate pharmacies (unless, like an increasing number now do, they own one.) Many people can;t re-order prescriptions via their pharmacy now as GPs are convinced all pharmacies are crooks and making too much money (unless the GP owns a pharmacy which more and more now do) to the extent that they will even illegally pressure patients not use this pharmacy or that .. Why, cos the government contracted pharmacies to provide flu jabs as well as GPs and they do it cheaper.

We spend a fortune on GP training but lose thousands abroad each year. If you're trained by the state you should work for the NHS for a minimum period, like when the armed forces sponsor people thru uni. GP recruitment is suffering because partners keep way too much of the pie. In fact across the nhs training seems to be modelled after the worst of the public school fagging systems with the juniors and trainees forced to put up with so much shit til their 40s or 50s that, those who make it to consultant or GP Partner land take too big cut of the money for salaries and in turn put all their juniors thru the same shit they went through..

Meanwhile, Jeremy shit-for-brins Kunt is trying to close 3000 pharmacies even though we have a glut of pharmacists, pharmacists are under-used clinically trained healthcare professionals that could do a lot more primary care prescribing / referalls and they are very accessible to the public. Rumour has it, he's for the chop after the election hence the visits (interviews) to US health insurers.

I won't bang on about the criminal waste of money in PFI as plenty of other posters have done so already

Fundamentally, even with the best organisation, working practises staff, IT in the world etc, there's no way round the crux of the problem - when the nhs was setup the average life expectancy post retirement was 3-4 yrs .. now it's pushing towards longer spent in retirement than working. And we can cure or treat way more (much more expensively). I recall a panel of nhs docs, consultants etc on C4 prior to the 2015 election .. with completely straight faces they all agreed the public needed to be told what's what and that income tax had to be over 60% for everyone at least to even come close to the funding the nhs needs.

Seems to me the answer is less puritanism.. the gov should encourage to smoke, take drugs, get pissed and enjoy ourselves so we all we die young!

Ransomware scum have already unleashed kill-switch-free WannaCry‬pt‪ variant


Re: Experts all giving advice how how to stay secure

It's more than incompetent IT people and way worse and virtually impossible to fix.

There is a lot of niche or specialist custom software used in the nhs that can only work on XP and ie 6 period. Most of the people who wrote are dead or retired etc

Systems vendors to the nhs are borderline criminal. In pharmacy, there are only 1 of 4 mandated systems vendors you can choose. The 3 desktop based ones have so much legacy crap etc that they still only work on windows 7. They also insist on bundling in a machine to just a stupid high cost to a tech illiterate customer base - generally a cut down crappier version of something you could by uin argos for 300 quid they will charge over a grand for. Their upgrade cycles are a f**king joke and their business model makes their customers very reluctant to do so as they have fork out silly money

for a new shit machine just cos their vendors tells they have to .. our superdupa crap shit fuck software will only work on a machine we provide. Emis/proscript have alot to answer for ..

Lots of the staff and their employers are basically proud of being a digital numbskull. "I am healthcare professional, why should i have to know anything about this" and the drones are so poorly paid / bitched at incessantly about everything they just have an" i dunno i just work here, that's not my job attitude" I have to screenshare to train people how to use our websites .. this means i have to get them stick a url into their browser, that's it ... you have no idea how many can't do that .. then get all offended when i ask them what browser they are using .. "i don;t know, why should i know that, i just use google" is always the response .. when half the nhs work force doesn't know what a f**king browser is and peversely proud of the fact they can't type a url into a brower address bar, how on earth are we ever going to hav any sunnvbnf0ijgogjrnb;vzjnav;kjnnf;kqgfnjv;jnf;jjvn;w

Data Security has turned into one of these tick box things, everyone has dire warning, you will be fined loads of money for doing something wrong that you don't understand and actively don't want to understand so no one gives a f**k as long as they can say they ticked the right boxes.

Welcome to the Wipe House: President Trump shreds climate change, privacy, LGBT policies on WhiteHouse.gov


Re: I'd offer the world an apology for the garbage that is "American First"

sorry gotta call bullshit

She's a cynical as he is but with more an excuse (escaping communism and eastern european poverty).. married an odious, misogynist, narcissistic orange orangutan almost twice her age who quite obviously couldn't give a f*** about her,for money and status and so her kid could be born privileged. Her first lady "cause" is apparently supposed to be bullying especially online bullying .. I mean really!!?? You couldn't make this shit up!!!


Re: @AC

gotta call bullshit again

Reagan was a 2 time govenor of one of the biggest states ... trump is a 4 time bankrupt who's a narcissitic reality telly star. If that twat Mark Burnett every tries to make it back to the UK he should be barred ... As Brits we have f***ed up the world in many ways - the empire etc - but we really have to apologise to our septic cousins for giving you reality telly and making Trump a star.

BT Yahoo! customers: Why! can't! we! grrr! delete! our! webmail! accounts!?


unless they are old there's no excuse

Anyone using an ISP for their email or Yahoo is a complete 'kin idiot anyway unless they are old and don't know better and don't have kids who can help .. deserve what they get .. they are all useless ..

Either put up with being the product and having your mail scanned by gmail or msoft if you want it free or pay for proper mail hosting or host or your own.

Zero sympathy for idiots that continue to have email with bt or talk talk or yahoo ... don;t they read the news ever and know how crap these companies are .. yahoo won;t even exist in a few years - they are toast when verizon rights off the purchase value to nothing and shuts most of it down.

Online pharmacy slapped with £130,000 fine for flogging customer data


Doesn't surprise me. 130k will sting them but ICO needs to look at EMIS

I work in the sector .. P2U has had ALOT of money sunk into it waiting for the advent of electronic prescriptions which they were the original prime mover on - pitching to the blair gov in the early noughties. They are still bleeding money 15yrs on and am sure there is pressure from EMIS and EMIS shareholders who are also P2U shareholders to make some damn money finally. The ICO needs to look the relationship with P2U and EMIS I would be more worried about the fact the EMIS own over 1/5th of the stock, have board seat and that one of the big shareholders in EMIS is also a P2U investor. EMIS provide the patient record software to 54% of all english GPs.

For the last year they have been leafleting patients of every GP in England after the surgery converts to electronic prescriptions. Magically, patients registered to EMIS surgeries get these leaflets weeks before patients registered to non EMIS surgeries do .. both EMIS and P2U have denied anything improper ... hmm, cough, splutter, bulls**t.