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Dem-owned-crats: Now its congressional committee is hacked


Media blames "The Russians",more likely Anonymous.........

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Linux is new to me.I can see enough to know it's the finest OS I have ever used ! I look forward to learning all about it over time.

Webpages, Word files, print servers menacing Windows PCs – yup, it's Patch Tuesday


Yes,and this batch rendered my Windows 10 machine almost unusable.Of the apps,Mail,Chrome,'Weather',even 'Cortana',useless. Purple horizontal lines,like tv interference moved up and down my screen! I uninstalled the July updates,and back to normal.Interesting,the MS-074 'fix'was for a sort of "backdoor'created by Microsoft itself in meta-code files.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update draws nearer with Inky preview


Reading through the comments here,I ate a whole pack of chocolate chip cookies!,and I'm still bitter!

Fuming Google tears Symantec a new one over rogue SSL certs


Ha Ha Ha !

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


Self-Activating Windows 10?

This is weird,I shut off my Windows 10 laptop and hid it in a place out of sight the other day,before going out.When I came in,got the laptop out,I opened it,and it started up,as if it had been in 'sleep'mode.I shut it off,using the 'power' button in the settings. It just was on,drained a good amount of the battery,too. Very weird,anyone hear of such?


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