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FBI Director wants 'adult conversation' about backdooring encryption


Simple logic

Encryption = Privacy

Privacy = Basic Human Right


Encryption = Basic Human Right

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware goes FULL SCREEN in final push


This will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to believe, but...

This is very interesting to me and I want to record it. I am not yet prepared to make comments.

Just minutes ago I was slogging along on my unbelievably HORRIBLE Toshiba Windows 10 laptop. I was just printing out some bridge hands. And RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES the morons started deleting data files, including a couple of hands, from Dropbox, which was insecure because of Microsoft in the first place. So I recorded it.

(I finally set up my 27" 2010 iMac Apple gave me for free, so I really didn't care much about Windows anymore. I'd learned to survive on OS Apple ostrich or whatever. That Microsoft is going down hard is already accomplished, though they don't realize it yet.)

THEN I started to write a quick note to my wife to tell her I'd nailed the bastards an they deleted the letter as I was writing when my purpose was discernable.

Do they take their clients for idiots?



I'm asking.


Honestly, Apple deserves praise, comparatively.

I've been complaining a lot about operating systems. In all fairness to Apple, I confess that, due to my God-awful Toshiba $1000 Windows-10-pre-installed laptop that weighs about 50 pounds and is slower than my old Kaypro II, and to the highly suspect Chromebook 2 that I've been using for a year, I CONFESS that yesterday I reluctantly set up the 27" iMac that they gave me for free. So, thanks, Apple! You guys rock!


Not an appropriate comment.

This is not an "official" comment. I did not read the article it is attached to. I came here to make a brief rant.


Windows 8.1 was just fine with me, and I am DEEPLY aggravated by being FORCED to use the giant Pile of Shit known as Windows 10.


Again, my apologies to "The Register".

No means no: Windows 10 nagware's red X will stop update – Microsoft


...and a worldwide conspiracy.

This is my wedding anniversary week (32), but next week I will post a correspondence with Asus that clearly indicates their knowledge of Microsoft's hacking of old versions of Windows. Asus even installed a new, super-basic BIOS that would not allow booting from other devices!

I will post the URL of the correspondence here.

NOTE: I have evidence that several semiconductor companies in the U.S. and elsewhere conspired with Microsoft. I even reported it to the U.S. Department of Justice, which did not reply. Things are changing now. Microsoft, being in violation of the rotten Patriot Act, is doomed. The worldwide economic structure will be shaken severely.

'I urge everyone to fight back' – woman wins $10k from Microsoft over Windows 10 misery


I was a software engineer for 23 years in the semiconductor industry.. I "upgraded" to "Forever Windows 10" when the 30-day go-back policy was still in force, but they wouldn't let me. I lost a valuable computer. I studied the situation for months and am able to prove conclusively that Microsoft illegally (and certainly in violation of the U.S. Patriot Act) has illegally remotely doctored existing versions of Windows to force upgrading. Since I recently quit twitter (@dwonk786) I just wrote to my Facebook peeps, mostly family, the note below, a complaint about Microsoft and Apple. Then I saw this article on The Register and thought, "What a lovely day."


to my FB peeps

Since I publicly accused Microsoft of illegally doctoring old versions of Windows to force people to upgrade forever to the God-awful Windows 10, I have been forced to use a macbook and toshiba windows 10 $1000 laptop that is one of the worst computers I have ever owned. It updates the OS constantly and is super-slow. But what really annoys me about Apple and Microsoft is this: I OWN the version of software on my computer, in spite of their "legal agreement" that the software belongs to them forever. Both OSs update when they want to. WHO GAVE Microsoft and Apple control over our most vital possessions, our computers? Not me.

Did you know there's a mega cybercrime backlog in Ireland? Now you do


This fits in a LOT of places.

Anonabox is useless. It has a backdoor for the FBI.

Even in remotest Africa, Windows 10 nagware ruins your day: Update burns satellite link cash


Microsoft's crimes against humanity... Part 1


Microsoft's done a terrible job with its Windows 10 nagware


Microsoft's Windows 10 crimes & conspiracy.

It is gratifying that PC people are beginning to recognize what Microsoft has been doing to FORCE people to downgrade to Windows 10. They have ILLEGALLY HACKED into millions of PCs and they are part of a worldwide CONSPIRACY that includes computer manufacturers and even governments.


A year ago I made an atypical and unfortunate decision to 'upgrade' to Windows 10 on my Dell XPS One 2720 desktop PC. I made a full backup and was comforted by Microsoft's promise that I could go back to 8.1 with no hassle within 30 days. Less than two weeks later I tried to go back to 8.1, with the end result that the 2720 is now on my garage floor. My long conversation in the Dell Forums was erased, a typical response.

I posted my concerns on the howtogeeks.com forum and was met with derision and mockery. Then I posted some of my proof, with the result that howtogeeks.com OBLITERATED my posts and BANNED me for life from their forum and even prevented me from sending them mail.

In the next few months I did tests on older computers and several new ones I had bought just for the purpose. EACH ONE FAILED in a predictable and repeatable manner. A brand new HP desktop PC with Windows 8.1 and marked "Windows 10 Ready!" failed right from the store, as did a new Toshiba laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed (so I bought another). I recorded a long email conversation with Asus that illustrates clearly that Asus was fully aware and unwilling to cooperate.

Microsoft, mostly through updates but also with all updating turned off, continually modified whatever version of the OS was installed, INCLUDING overwriting the recovery partition and also installing on one machine a new, impotent BIOS that would not even permit booting from a thumb drive.

I have PLENTY of documentation in different forms that proves what I'm saying. But there is no need to release it, because any informed computer person can prove it herself. Try this: take a Windows 7 or 8 PC and eliminate as much Microsoft as possible. Turn off as much as you can if you're installing the OS. Use apps like Revo or IOBit uninstallers to get rid of all Metro apps. Use your own security software. Do a complete uninstall of OFFICE, a huge gobbler of personal data. Turn off updating. You're smart, do what you can! Here is what happens: Your apps will mysteriously disappear over time, as well as some of your data. The Metro apps and Office will mysteriously reinstall themselves. Eventually you are forced to accept Windows 10 (which might or might not work), or you are left with a PAPERWEIGHT.

BTW, my first computer was a Sinclair that I built myself. I have a Kaypro II. I was a software engineer working in the semiconductor industry for 23 years. I know what I'm doing.

Obama puts down his encrypted phone long enough to tell us: Knock it off with the encryption


I live in Colorado. Obama could have made a difference, but he sold out long ago. He had the votes for single-payer. He did not close Guantanamo. He permitted torture. He is currently allowing The NSA to spy on not only U.S. citizens, but the entire world. Without encryption, of course, we are naked.



Confirmed: How to stop Windows 10 forcing itself onto PCs – your essential guide


Anyone want to bet on that? https://youtu.be/BeILg5ztVnI

Windows 10 Start menu replacements shifting like hot cakes


Re: There are others available

Thanks! I've had good luck with it, too.


I used Start 8 and it was great. I BOUGHT Start 10 but it was a huge mistake and I'm going to demand a refund. Stardock pops up "PAY ME" windows CONSTANTLY starting with Day 1 of the "30 day free trial". Furthermore, every attempt I made to register FAILED.

Stardock is a Microsoft shill.

I've been a software engineer for many years and Windows 10 is the WORST OS yet.


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