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America 'will ban carry-on laptops on flights from UK, Europe to US'


Re: shoes

... except at JFK T7 where they take your shoes out of the tray, place them on the belt, then surprise! they can fall off and get lost underneath the table. I was very nearly arrested a couple of months ago when my shoe got lost and I started asking for help 'You need to calm down sir or you will be under arrest for creating a distubance'. Jeez.

Drunk user blow-dried laptop after dog lifted its leg over the keyboard


wash it under the tap - standard practice

A while ago I worked at a well know telcoms company where the standard practice (as promulgated by the IT support manager at the time) if a keyboard had something spilled on it, was to disconnect the keyboard, run to the toilets and rinse under the cold tap. Worked well for those oh so handsome VT100s and the new fangled SPARCstations we had at the time.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update completely borks USB webcams. Yay.


But back to the core of the problem here

So let's get this straight. I have a device which outputs a stream of data in a standard format. My application opens said device, starts reading the data and the OS says sorry I'm going to reformat all that data and give it to you in a different format. In this case this just sucks, I may actually want the h.264 elementary stream rather than some attempt at decoding to YUV.

However this is actually a bigger worry, what's next? I open a file that's encrypted and the OS decides to decrypt it for me? Open a libre office document and deliver a word document?

The OS in my book is there to help slurp stuff between the outside world and my process, not to interpret my data for me and deliver something **completely** different.

If this headline was a security warning, 90% of you would ignore it


I just want to get the ****ing job done

Ok, so just 5 minutes ago I was checking my flight details to make sure I got off at the right stop on the sky train at JFK, and my bloody iPhone started asking me if it was ok to update now or later. I DONT BLODDY WANT TO KNOW AT THIS PRECOSE MOMENT just give me the information I have saved for this exact purpose!


Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick'


F*** another fail for IT in the eyes of ordinary users

I came back from a long business trip last Friday, and my wife who uses the PC in the office for emails, browsing, and bit of work related word processing had been tripped up by this while I was away. User interface all different, desktop icons gone, stuff moved and so she was understandably alarmed that she had been hacked or hoodwinked into giving stuff away and didn't touch it until I got back in the small hours. Please don't go on about how this or that can be disabled that is completely irrelevant to the fact that Microsoft are eroding trust in an every day tool.

Oh, and a small point, the CAD tool I was using to design a small boat is now broken.

Standards body wants standards for IoT. Vendors don't care


Re: IOT is a lot of bedroom ideas from unskilled techies

And you know this reminds me of the mid 70's when microprocessors started showing up in home workshops, it seemed everyone wanted to build a central home control system, manage the heating, lighting etc. Dreams of course for the most part. It kept me off the streets for a while and I learnt a lot from building and programming my first (and only) central heating controller (8008 with toggle switches 16 LEDs and ex Post Office relays), but of course it never really saw active duty. It strikes me the IoT is another tinkerers plaything that lets you do cool but ultimately non-essential tasks. Sad the snake oil brigade has already hijacked this stuff.

Alarmingly, I sound a bit like my Dad who got me the 8008 in the first place and wondered why everyone wanted to build central heating systems when we had perfectly good mechanical switches for that job.

Junk your IT. Now. Before it drags you under


True, we used to just read stuff, then new features like leave a comment appeared and... Oh


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