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Snowden, Schrems, safe harbor ... it's time to rethink privacy policies, says FTC commish

Dick Palmer

"She pointed out that the decision doesn't dig into the actual practices of Facebook... and argues that the loss of safe harbor may mean a loss both in transparency and in the FTC's ability to come down on companies that violate the framework's rules."

Shirley has! Fur Shir all those prominent cases where the US government's FTC was aggressively prosecuting large US corporations for turning a blind eye while the US government ignored its unbinding assurance not to pry will now wither away...


US gov trots out yet another disingenuous fucktard to blatantly lie at us. What the hell's wrong with them?


CISA latest: Law urging tech giants to share your info with the Feds shows no sign of stopping

Dick Palmer

"So if a US company has a clear and specific privacy statement that they won't misuse my data, and publicly swear blind that they do not and will not misuse my data, and do everything they can to emphasise that they are trustworthy and do not misuse data - that will all be utterly worthless and meaningless."

Yup. They appear to be attempting to recycle the stinking corpse of the "safe harbor" scam into domestic law. It seems the US's sausage factory has been taken over by the Soylent Corporation.

Handy results put ARM on track for a muscular year

Dick Palmer

Re: Powerful shareholders

That Apple "fairy dust" is toxic ( http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/10/16/apple_a7_lawsuit/ )

WikiLeaks leaks CIA director's private emails – including his nat sec clearance dossier

Dick Palmer

Why's he purple?


Oh dear, Microsoft: UK.gov signs deal with LibreOffice

Dick Palmer

Re: hopefully...

"I hope that what's the cash is for..."

While I admire and share your sentiment...

Microsoft's top lawyer: I have a cunning plan ... to rescue sunk safe harbor agreement

Dick Palmer

Re: Trust...

"The US and Europe had a safe harbor pact permitting this flow of personal data over the Atlantic, but the court tore it up, which is a major problem for Silicon Valley."

FFS, the ECJ didn't tear anything up! The US ignored their "gentleman's agreement" making a mockery of it.. and making a mockery of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the process.

The ECJ had no choice but to observe that the "safe[sic] harbor" scam is a scam.

Let's talk about that NSA Diffie-Hellman crack

Dick Palmer
Paris Hilton

<i>"Graham calculates that cracking 1024-bit DH it the computational equivalent of 2.5 hours' worth of <b>**global**</b> Bitcoin mining power."</i>

Attacker slips malware past Ubuntu Phone checks

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Re: The Lucky? 15

I was thinking that too. How nice it is that the development can slowly drift from lab to public without hordes of creditors, avaricious managers, shareholders, etc to placate: No "commercial pressure" to splaff beta quality code out to the great unwashed and watch helplessly/indifferently as MEEEEEEEELIONS of <strike>suckers</strike> customers get pwned.

Hope the Mir/convergence work comes together soon (before NSAFT and the like catch up - their marketing noises sound like they've cottoned on at long last) it'd give the F(L)OSS phones a real "killer feature"

Quite looking forward to trying one of these. When they're ready (actually ready - not when some corporation decides to pretend they're ready)

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back

Dick Palmer

Re: Linux iOS devices sucks

>"I use Mediamonkey on Windows 7, but I'm looking for an alternative for Linux."

I'm fond of Clementine and suggest giving it a try... if it doesn't float your boat these are all fine apps too:


Audacious (complete with WinAmp-skin mode which should make a Windows veteran feel very comfortable)




Microsoft mavens promise proper quantum computer in 10 years

Dick Palmer

Re: To be honest...

..and it is a bit of a rant but after this Windows Bob 2 fiasco i really dont give a fuckng shit what Microsoft are lying about anymore


Shocker: Net anarchist builds sneaky 220v USB stick that fries laptops

Dick Palmer

Re: WTF?

>"Not sure what's more depressing: Your post, or the (3 up, 0 down) votes it's received."

Both pale into insignificance next to the downvotes you're getting, without explanation, for pointing out the obvious. Perhaps their Google's broken at the ostrich farm?


Dick Palmer

Re: Net anarchist?

>But then you'd get caught.

Back 'round to criminal vandalism?


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