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Student charged after alerting principal to server hack


Lesson learned: Do not report security breaches

This is why I never mention security holes I have found.

This is exactly the opposite action from what they should have done and it really shows a lack of understanding of IT systems that is pervasive in our society. This kid is charged because he was the one to report the security problem when in fact hundreds of others could have accessed the files and doubtless someone else probably did and DID NOT report it.

The other kids now know to absolutely never report a security problem! It will just get you in trouble. Better to allow someone to really hack and slash the system than get it fixed.

Kentucky judge OKs 141-site net casino land grab

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Why not register kentuckygambling.ky

and see if the Judge's ruling has any effect on that site?

Windfall taxing big oil: how to make the gas crisis worse

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Distribute the cash to shareholders

Last time 5 years ago they called for "excess profits taxes" on oil/gas, the refinery stocks I own all had huge special distributions to the stockholders to lower their cash holdings.

Paris - because she's happy getting a huge distribution.

Federal judge halts Defcon talk on subway card hacking

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Does Clveland RTA system use these cards?

These cards look exactly like the cards that the Cleveland RTA uses. ???

Hacker murders Facebook word game

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Server meltdown

Hasbro 15,000 users, Facebook Scrabulous 1,500,000 users.

Scrabulous server shutdown and migration to Hasbro = hasbro Server meltdown.

OMG, what do we do? Blame the "hackers" rather than incompetent Hasbro management.

Screwgle™ - Google's new ad revenue model


google partnership-yahoo publisher earnings halved

Ever since Yahoo partnered with Google, the yahoo publisher earnings have gone down by about 50%.

San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail

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Can't remember password

The longer your in jail not using your account, the easir it is to forgt the password.

Paris because she understand's how to be bent over by the city.

Prius hybrid to get rooftop solar panel


What happens to Batteries?

In 6 or 7 years what happens to the batteries? Into the junkyard?

Hacker cops to $70k botnet rampage

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Challenging the hackers?

"We told Greg a long time ago that he was taking on the wrong people and I guess we proved it," she said.

Sounds like she's making a challenge to all the hackers and crackers out there to try and take her on.May she live in interesting times.

Stungun shootout in Colorado leaves slowest man standing

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I knew a lady that thought it was funny to sungun people at parties. Unfortunately for her, 15 minutes after being "stunguned" one person came back with a bat and used her for a baseball. She never went around stungunning people after that for fun.

FBI agents lured suspects using fake child porn hyperlinks

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Post "Buy a corvette cheap -- using that link"

Why not post comments to buy a corvette cheap or "free" whatever, etc and use the FBI's link. That would give them thousands of instant suspects.

eBay dumps ValueClick

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Monitored for 20 years?

That's like a million years in internet time. Time to form a new company "ValueClick2". Obviously the judge and jury never heard of the internet or computers.

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster

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Register *.mil as *.com ?

This means that Al Quada should register any *.af.mil type of addresses as *.com to receive future plans of the USA?

US declares 1400-mile Pacific sat-shoot exclusion zone


Fire the missles if you have them....

What good are anti-satellite missiles if you can't occasionally test or use them?

FBI screwed up, spied on entire email network


The U235 is buried under the garden.

Hi Mom, I told you I would have the garden dug up, but this year the FBI and NSA people will be stopping by to do it. Happy Planting this spring.

EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections


What about multiple email accounts?

I have multiple email accounts. One that is used only for silly registrations for chat boards and spam lists Occasionally I check it and it curently has 3493 unread messages, all of which are spam. Let the TSA/DHS have that account to waste their time reading it.

VOIP and the web baffle Brit spook wiretappers

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tap my ISP and please delete spam

Since the NSA, MI5, SS and whatever wants to tap my ISP and read my email, could they please perform a public service and delete the spam for me?

Lightsaber voted top movie weapon


Light-Saber - The up close and personel

weapon from a more elegant and civilized era.

Heathrow 777 crash flattens servers


Out of Petrol (Gas) ?

The plane crashed, wings were riped apart and no fire. Pilot reports the engines just shutdown and quit. Perhaps they ran out out petrol gas? Did anyone check fuel levels before they took off?

Showdown over encryption password in child porn case

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Use TruCrypt instead of PGP

In TruCrypt everything is encrypted including directories and directory entries.

What is lacks and is needed is a 2nd password that would trigger an "autodestruct" of the data. That way, "give me the password" would result in the destruction of the data that is encrypted.

Or perhaps a "autounecrypt" of data to all "aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" or random characters with a CRC Error found message.

Animal rights activist hit with RIPA key decrypt demand



How about if I add some encrypted files to the software packages I download and install? If every manufacture did that, the police would have a lot to do.

Erratic fleshies sabotage, wreck innocent flying robot

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EBay the remains?

If it crashes on my ranch can I ebay the remains? After all, finders keepers. Or with scrap metal rpices so high, can I just take it to the junkyard?

Predator, Crash, Profit!

Free download empowers black hat hackers


All knives need to be registered.

and then only criminals will have knives.

"Well, yes it will. Think about the flip side. A knife is a tool. It's primary use is cutting. It can be used to prepare food to feed hungry people or it can be used to cut someone's throat."

Martha Stewart criticised for swoop on town name


No Katonah domains available.

I checked and all the Katonah .com .net .org etc domains were registered long before martha came on the scene. .info is still available. Maybe the town should register it to give out information on the town?

Offender tagging beaten by skyscrapers


Take the battery out!

It will disable the cell phone even when off.

US cracks down on mod-chippers


Homeland Security at it's best.

Americana Homeland security at it's best. Next thing is to claim chip-mods support terrorists and America must invade yet another country.

Making open-source browsing safe for the masses


It's a feature, not a problem.

is Microsoft's usual reply.