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As we stand on the precipice of science fiction into science fact, people say: Hell yeah, I want to augment my eyesight!



Mr IP, you have my sympathies for your nearsightedness, sore joints, and tinnitus. (Mine come from genes, arthritis, and friends in rock bands, respectively.) But I especially share your enthusiasm for widened color perception! I've read of some tetrachromatic women in Denmark and seen some colorful canvases by a tetrachromatic painter trying to convey her vision of the world, but -- alas -- it would take some serious genetic engineering to allow a man to see four primary colors. (Conceivably we could train ourselves to distinguish extra colors with notch-filtered lenses, perhaps a different one on each eye, but I'm sure it wouldn't be the same.) How was Mrs IP's gift discovered? I recall reading that some tetrachromats were unaware until they were tested.

Venerable text editor GNU Nano reaches version 5.0 and adds the modern frippery that is scrollbars


Re: Tilde

Fifty years later I still remember XEDIT for VM/CMS. At least I remember the pain...

No, boss, I'm not playing Minecraft. Minecraft is where I run VMs on the desktop now


Re: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21h0G_gU9Tw -- at 2:37. But worth watching from the beginning.

Devuan Beowulf 3.0 release continues to resist the Debian fork's Grendel – systemd


KDE on MX Linux

Dr S, there have been some attempts at a KDE respin of MX. I had good luck with mikejade's one, described here: https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.php?f=127&t=54469 . My luck with the "Full Monty" respin was not so good. There are others I haven't tried. The KDE page in the MX wiki is very out of date, alas. There's a forum page devoted to KDE respins, though: https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewforum.php?f=127&sid=342539807776f8f77264344969732b9c . There is a list of all respins (not just KDE) here: https://forum.mxlinux.org/viewtopic.php?p=486469#p486469 .

Russia-backed crew's latest malware has discerning taste – when screening visitors to poisoned watering holes


Re: "an Eastern European government"

Armenia is in western Asia.

Social media notifications of the future: Ranger tagged you in a photo with Tessadora, Wrenlow, Faelina and Graylen


Remarkable names

My great-aunt's family realized too late that "Iva Price" had certain connotations in the late 19th century, so Iva Elizabeth was thereafter known as Beth or, sometimes, Babe (long before Babe Ruth or the famous pig). I've always thought her name was worthy of inclusion in "John Train's Most Remarkable Names" or "Remarkable Names of Real People" (also by John Train).

Apple strips clips of WWDC devs booing that $999 monitor stand from the web using copyright claims. Fear not, you can listen again here...


It's back...

I just watched it in its 35-second entirety, as apparently did 16 other people, as YouTube reports 895,744 views now (about 18:00 UTC 2019-06-06). The volume's awfully low, but I don't think that will stop anyone from hearing the groans.

We'll help you get your next fix... maybe, we'll think about it, says FTC: 'Right to repair' mulled


Re: Why is voiding of warranty a problem?

I can understand designing with Torx screws -- it's a lot easier to keep a screwdriver centered on them and apply torque, hence the name. But I didn't expect to find the bottom of my Toshiba Portege held on with 13 Philips screws and, hidden under a glued-on button in the center, a "security" Torx screw. Those are the ones with a tiny pillar in the middle of the head that prevents a standard Torx driver from even being inserted! (I suppose it would have cost them something to license pentalobe screws from Apple.) As usual, my iFixit screwdriver-bit set came to the rescue.

Micro Focus offloads Linux-wrangler SUSE for a cool $2.5bn


Re: Cut-and-shut

I'd never heard of anyone trying that except Red Green.


Here's the list of Chinese kit facing extra US import tariffs: Hard disk drives, optic fiber, PCB making equipment, etc


Tough for vampires

30029051 ........... Human blood (p. 15)

(I suppose the amount gathered in blood drives is insufficient for transfusion needs.)

2 + 2 = 4, er, 4.1, no, 4.3... Nvidia's Titan V GPUs spit out 'wrong answers' in scientific simulations


Effect on machine learning?

An error like the one described could wreak havoc with exact calculations, but I wonder if it would make much difference in the machine learning models for which these cards are so widely used. In the early days of neural networks, "graceful degradation" was said to show their similarity to our brains, where the loss of a neuron or two has a negligible effect. A systematic error might throw off calculations of connection weights, but random errors might well have a comparably minor effect.

Google's cell network Project Fi charged me for using Wi-Fi – lawsuit


Re: An actual Fi subscriber here...

Should have noted that my Fi bill agrees with those figures.


Re: An actual Fi subscriber here...

That agrees with my experience. With just a few days left in my billing cycle Settings tells me I've used 1.7GB on wifi and only 91MB cellular data, which sound plausible, so it's not happening to all subscribers. (Nexus 6, Android 7.1.1)

Have three WINEs this weekend, because WINE 3.0 has landed


Re: Will it run Wordperfect 8?

Corel once provided a version of WordPerfect 8 compiled for Linux, and it was FREE! See http://www.control-escape.com/linux/wp8.html for an overview. Apparently it's still downloadable -- see http://www.tldp.org/FAQ/WordPerfect-Linux-FAQ/downloadwp8.html -- and folks have been downloading and installing it on releases as recent as Mint 17. The site http://www.xwp8users.com/ has advice on the installation. Somewhere in the piles I have a Corel WP8 CD, probably from a trade show, and I was just thinking how nice it would be to get it running on Mint 17 or 18.

Leftover Synaptics debugger puts a keylogger on HP laptops


Re: Here's what you need to do...

My HP 95LX is doing just fine, thank you.

Two new Raspberry Pi models emerge steaming from the oven


Re: Off topic (a bit) but...

Burma Shave! We date ourselves a bit.

I still remember the sequence of little red signs along the road to my grandparents' house in Wisconsin.

"In this world

of toil and sin

your head grows bald

but not your chin.

Burma Shave."

And fifty years later, I've found that they were right.

Oi! Linux users! Want some really insecure closed-source software?


Linux leap

In 1992 the Linux kernel went from 0.12 or so to 0.95 when it became X-Windows capable. That's only a difference of 0.83 but proportionally it's quite a leap. (The Wikipedia "Linux kernel" article mentions 0.12 and 0.95, but I dimly remember an 0.17, so there may have been some intermediate versions.)

Chap turns busted laptop into phone keyboard, in Himalayan book-rescue mission


Illuminating a dark screen

Thomas Buckley-Houston's blog post is a very helpful guide to using a display-challenged laptop. I've found my way around a couple of MacBook Airs with dead backlighting by shining a 1000 lumen LED flashlight (or "torch," if you like; "Rayz" brand) at the screen at an oblique angle. It's hard to find the cursor, but sometimes shining the light through the translucent Apple logo on the back helps with that. It doesn't sound like the backlight was the problem with his Dell XPS 15, though.

More than half of Androids susceptible to ancient malware


Multiplying marshmallows

Ten percent for Marshmallow and Nougat sounds a little low. The most prevalent number I found for last month for Marshmallow was 18.7%, with a trace on Nougat (about a tenth of a percent).

What says Internet of Things better than a Bluetooth-controlled smart candle?


Not there yet...

They have a way to go. It can't do email yet.

ICANN latest: Will the internet be owned by Ted Cruz or Vladimir Putin in October?


Waiting for the Four Seasons

They'll have to wait a little while for that dinner at the Four Seasons. They've left the Seagram Building and won't be in their new Park Avenue site for months. (Poor ICANN.)

Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday


Updated but not showing it?

A footnote to my earlier comment. I reloaded the software to the 2nd Gen Kindle and reinstalled it. This time I saw the "Update Successful" screen as it flashed by. It rebooted but still shows version 2.56 (and still connects wirelessly without problems). My guess now is that "Update_kindle_2.5.8_B002.bin" shows the wrong version number when installed and that I may have updated it successfully the first time but not known it. On the other hand, it may have been fibbing when it said it updated successfully. Life is full of mysteries.


A little more time?

I think Amazon may be allowing a little more time for everyone to get the new software. I have three old Kindles -- two DX (B005 series) and one 2nd Gen (B002 series). I left them connected to a power source overnight with the wireless on, as directed, and not one of them downloaded anything. Yesterday I downloaded the updates from their website and tried to install them via USB. The DXs were fine; the update didn't seem to work for the 2nd Gen. Today, with the 2nd Gen's software still showing as Version 2.56, I connected it wirelessly to the Amazon store. Just to check, I rebooted the machine, checked the version (still 2.56), and again connected with no problem. I suspect they've realized that most people with old Kindles have no idea that they need to upgrade.

So. Farewell then Betamax. We always liked you better than VHS anyway


Re: IIRC the major problem with Betamax

Here in the States it's widely believed (OK, I can see Wikipedia inserting "by whom?") that the reason Betamax failed was that it couldn't record a full American football game, which rarely finishes in 90 minutes. But those 90 minutes did look better, and I used to use my Betamax for audio recording at CD quality in the days when VHS sound was awful.

World's oldest person scoffs daily ration of bacon


If I'd known...

If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.

-- jazz pianist Eubie Blake on what he believed was his 100th birthday

(Yet another Brooklynite... )


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