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Scotland: Get tae f**k on 10Mbps Broadband USO


Re: Eh?

Another member of the National Cult Party dreaming the dream and so far from present reality that I think he is on the gin.

The facts are that a separate Scotland would have a huge financial deficit from day 1 and any Scottish company ( and nearly all the distillers are foreign / multinational owned and so can do what they want ) would sell anything they could to anyone who would buy it. Thankfully we had a referendum recently that rejected the notion of separation. But dream on.

Meantime why not work together with your fellow Scots to improve the situation so that Scotland can prosper rather than suffer from a lack of investment because of constitutional uncertainty ?

FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'


What's the difference. I bury the proceeds of a crime 20 miles from nowhere.Why should I explain the pirate map ? Its called the right to silence..

Scots denied Saltire emoji


Re: our national animal, the unicorn

The lion and the unicorn are heraldic symbols of the United Kingdom. The lion represents England and the unicorn represents Scotland. This has existed since the Union of the Crowns in 1603. The Scots and the English have been pals for a very long time and share so much history as a United Kingdom.

British cops to film you with 59k body-worn cameras by end of year


If the result of the police having cameras and recording witnesses is that they clam up in case they implicate themselves then this is not going to help the investigation of crime.

Personally I would be reluctant to be recorded on video as a witness. I don't want to be cross examined at a later date ( maybe years later ) about something I can barely remember and have my evidence compared to the hard facts of the video evidence.

Online VAT fraud: Calls for government crackdown grow louder


Its a scam. I bought a replacement laptop screen on Ebay. Great price. After I ordered it I saw that I had been dealing with a Chinese company yet the screen was despatched from a UK warehouse. That is why it was cheaper than the UK based suppliers who have to pay VAT. The money goes directly to China and the UK operation may well be only a garage full of stuff shipped out to them by a container. Local suppliers who pay VAT lose out on unfair business practices and HMRC loses tax. We all lose but the scammers win.


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