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Microsoft 365 invites users to 'Ask Me Anything' – as long as it doesn't require a clued-up exec to deliver clear answers


...and you complain about the answers being vague

Happy fifth birthday, Windows Insiders! We'd bake a cake, but it might explode without warning


Re: "cut down on the borkage"

In my company you can chose whether you want to use MacOS, linux or windows. It seems to be management and sales that use MacOs, and the tech guys that use Windows or Linux. It also seems to be the Management / sales guys that spam the service desk with , why can't I find my files on the server?how can I print? type questions.

2018 ain't done yet... Amazon sent Alexa recordings of man and girlfriend to stranger


But the customer id for alexa was NULL. the bloke didn't own one

That 'Surface will die in 2019' prediction is still a goer, says soothsayer


Re: Is there anything wrong with Windows 10?

Your think the OS is the worst offender when it comes to slurping data? What about Google, Facebook and all the others? As you rightly say 'free' Software only makes sense for it's owners if it slurps and they sell, or leak by mistake as the case may be.

It liiives! Sorta. Gentle azure glow of Windows XP clocked in Tesco's self-checkouts, no less


After brexit I wonder if my Danish Visa card will også cause them to BSOD. In fact the whole country will probably BREXSOD


Re: Local Optician

Even older tech can be connected to the internet: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/05/21/azure_sphere_goes_retro_in_its_43_year_old_altair_basic_boots/

EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: Be much more interested in...

What I have never understood is why in the bathroom (which is the room in the house where most water gets splashed around) all shaving power points have no earth pin in the socket! When I visit the UK. this is where I end up charging my phone as I can stick a Danish phone charger directly into one.

But apart from that I agree entirely that the English way should be adopted as the sensible standard, at least in new buildings. I constantly amazed when visiting friends to find that in the kitchen we can't use a kettle and a toaster at the same time as the ring mains to the kitchen has 5amp fuses in the circuit breakers, to protect the devices. I try to explain that the clever thing about fuses in plugs is that when for example a lamp shorts out, it is only the lamp that goes dark, not the whole house! They look at me and invariable say “But the plugs are so massive and ugly”!

Grad sends warning to manager: Be nice to our kit and it'll be nice to you


Re: Sometimes violence is the only answer

About 12 years ago there was a break in in an office where I worked and my computer was stolen, But as the thieves were disturbed it was thrown out of a first floor window into the flower beds below before they legged it . To my great surprise it started up fine even though it was left outside for a couple of days in the rain until found by a gardener. But I DID get a new one as there had been put manure on the flowerbed and when it got warm the fans wafted 'the smell of a stable' around the office.

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart


Re: Is this a phone review or a camera review?

Somebody send this man a bunch of cameras to review I want to see the results, it would be about as much use as this article. If there really must be a test of the camera, then take pictures of him testing the others. I say ‘man’ of course as he posts as an ‘anonymous coward’. He might be a woman, but somehow I doubt it.


Is this a phone review or a camera review?

What I need to know from a phone review are things like:

What do people sound like when you talk to them?

How does call quality change when in area of poor reception?

How quickly does the battery lose it's charge?

How hot does it have to get befor it stops charging? ( a serious problem when using a phone as a GPS in a hot car)

How well does it cope with changing nets whilst using VOLTE)

How many time do you have to use the fingerprint scanne before it actually works?

How far from the telephone do Bluetooth headphones work?

All this is much more useful than how many shades og coffee it can take a photo of. Although this leads to the last question;

How many weird looks did you get using a whole bunch of phones to take the same picture of your coffee?

Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


Re: Not in IT...

I love the typo, as in Danish 'mangle' means to need something, or something missing/lacking. Så 'manglement' is a lovely way of describing most mangement

IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'


This I why I love working where I do, We may only be a small company with about 300 employees and three offices, but when the director comes to our office. He finds an empty desk if there is one and then gets teased as to whether he is younger/older, small/ larger then the person who normally works there and about the fact that he could in no way do their job.

GNOMEs beat Microsoft: Git Virtual File System to get a new name


Re: How about

'I won't go that far but there is a real feeling of hurt that GitHub has betrayed FOSS people big time'

So if some megacorp came and offered you billions for some code you'd written, You would stick it to the man and...?

No one has betrayed anyone, unless it stood in the terms and conditions, "we promise never to sell our hard work to Microsoft"

So when can you get in the first self-driving car? GM says 2019. Mobileye says 2021. Waymo says 2018 – yes, this year


My Madza 6 with 'lane assist' beeps at me constantly, telling me to hold the steering wheel, when it is firmly gripped with two hands. Apparently if I drive precisely as it thinks I should , it thinks that it is it the one doing the driving and gets worried. You get into the the habit of wiggling the wheel every now and them to let it know your only human!

Twitter: No big deal, but everyone needs to change their password


What's twitter? All intelligence requires more than 140 characters to explain anything. This comment, that has now reached 141 characters!!!

Oracle whips out the swatter, squishes 254 security bugs in its gear


Yes they do:


Actually more people use it then any other single language. Why the hate?

Mum? Dad? Can I have a 3D XPoint disk for my birthday?


Re: Don't like/trust Intel SSDs

Yes because Intel never build bad security into their chips.

Apple: Er, yes. Your iCloud stuff is now on Google's servers, too


Re: Redundancy

Actually yes, its called a two site solution.

Samsung's Galaxy 9s debut, with not much other than new cameras


My company's standard phone, Galaxy 7 or iPhone 7.

Munich council finds €49.3m for Windows 10 embrace


Re: Buying non-cloud services

In the EU there are rules about not storing private data on cloud systems that send all your personal health information to US based servers where the NSA then sell It to insurance companies. There are countries where councils are not allowed to use GMAIL for their post, let alone using cloud versions of their confidential case management software.


Re: It's the software, not the OS!

Browser based software does not beat everything. For most public systems that involve a lot of data entry, nothing is quicker than a form application. Browsers are for browsing not data entry that requires validation for each field. Only yesterday I sat with an end user in a ‘smart’ new portal web application who could not understand why it took longer to open the new record entry window in a browser than it took to open, fill in and save in their old Oracle forms system. As she said “it looks nice but it is so F#!&%ng slow”.

Can North Korean nukes hit US mainland? Maybe. But EMP blast threat is 'highly credible'


Re: New Scientist covered some of this a few years back

People won't be able to see him on TV anyway if there is no power.

Dismayed by woeful AI chatbots, boffins hired real people – and went back to square one


So now we have people pretending to be machines pretending to be human! I think I can see a potential waste here. I have only used a chat once or twice, and once with Apple and I still am not sure whether I was talking to an AI or a person with no personality.

Microsoft Surface laptop: Is this your MacBook Air replacement?


I've never needed hardware or software support for my surfaces. Neither the surface1 pro that is now running the very latest build of Windows insider edition or the surface pro4 I use as my main work machine with it's excellent surface hub. When I get to work I already working while my Mac colleagues are still starting their virtual windows machines that they need to run business software and trying to decide which port dongle they need to use first.

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10


Re: The end

start -run snip


choose area


switch to mail


Done quicker

WannaCrypt blamed for speed camera reboot frenzy in Australia


Ransomware hits speed cameras, Presumably you have to pay to NOT get your files back.

It's just 'Pro' now, guys: Microsoft gives Surface a subtle resurfacing


Re: I want to telephone people

Actually skype for business web client is one of the programs that does not work well on the Surface Pro 4, at least it did not the last time I tired it a few months ago. it refuses to acknowledge the existence of the front camera.


Re: My slab has a club foot!

I use a Surface Pro 4 as my main workstation every day as a database admin. Why? because the whole machine weighs less than the power supply from my last Lenovo laptop, and it runs ALL the software I need, and there's no way a Mac can do it without running windows emulation most of the time. As for the mac people in the office with the newest air books they have to carry an extra bag around to keep all the dongles they need to do something complicated like charge and use an USB device at the same time, meanwhile I arrive at work connect one cable to charge, use two external screens , a 1Gb network connection and my external mouse and keyboard. I'm already working, while they are busy starting virtual machines to use the software that is not native on Macs.

I'll admit it's not perfect. Too many problems with high dpi screen and java progams not scaling properly. Although the latest creator edition has helped a lot with them. Now at least VMware clients can show remote desktops on our ESX clusters.

Tesla hit by class action sueball over autopilot software updates


Re: Pay to play

Nothing new to that my Mazda's diesel engine comes with two power versions, as far as I know there is only software that creates the difference, I remember a Volvo motor that har four different power levels, again all from the same hardware.

BMW chief: Big auto will stay in the driving seat with autonomous cars


I suspect 5 years will be more like 50

At the moment the so called intelligent cars, have to have a team of people poring over data, preparing specific routes for each journey, making sure that there no nasty unexpected surprises. Until I can get in the car and say take me to the supermarket, no we need to stop at the station on the way. There's too much traffic because of the road works, so take med by the backway. even though the snow is covering the white lines. Then automatic cars are not for me.

350,000 Twitter bot sleeper cell betrayed by love of Star Wars and Windows Phone


I'm not that worried about a bot army based on Windows Phone. I'll deal with one, you take the other.

Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death dead in latest Windows 10 preview


Re: Windows 10 Conveyor (belt) Edition

The problem is for every single 'expert' like us :-) there are 10000 idiots who never run windows update and click on every link to Trojanware and virus that gets sent to them. If having Microsoft force updates on to me is the price I have to pay for getting these idiots' machines updated. Then it is a price I'm prepared to pay. As for the colour of a BSOD, couldn't care less. I can't remember the last time I have one on any of the 5 or 6 PCs running Windows 10, You can still choose to defer feature updates if you don't want them.

Microsoft's paid $60 per LinkedIn user – and it's a bargain, because we're mugs


You have to pay??

I didn't know you had to pay to get information from linked in. I assumed it was freeware. They have regularly distributed my all information to the general public via the internet and a few hackers

Google robo-car backs into bendy-bus in California


Re: Blind-sided?

Hmm no, I'm not impressed, It was only moving at 2 mph, I'm amazed it managed to hit anything,

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop


Re: I wonder how well this would run Linux?

What you mean the fact that after 20 + years its market share has staggered up to 1.74% according to Gartner. is the same as 'the year of linux on the desktop'

It's doing worse then windows phone!


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