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You keep using that word – NVMe. Does it mean what I think it means?


This is EMC advertorial commentary so should be read with this very much in mind, especially when you see the recommendations.

It's a pity The Register can't write this sort of article using independent, non sponsoring avertisers.

Time to face the music, Violin Memory: Upstart's asset auction is over


No thanks to rags like the Register perpetual banging on for years predicting doom and gloom for the Flash storage minion.

Well done Register, you got what you desperately wanted, hope you are all proud of yourselves. That'll teach them for not advertising with you.

DCIG rates top-selling EMC flash array as survey bottom-dweller


Re: Entertaining Discussion

Yes they do have it wrong. Gartner, for example, have had to publicly appologies several times just recently for incorrect reporting.


All the facts are in this discussion, you just need to read the comments.

If it wasn't for the EMC marketing machine and funding, Xtremio would not be a player in the AFA space. If it was a product for the future why did EMC buy DSSD?

Remember the "Emperors clothing" fairy tale, this is EMC to a tee, if they say it is so then it must be, no questions asked.

Shame on any truly technical person that allow themselves to be caught in the headlights of these juggernaut organizations.


Re: Entertaining discussion

Yes you are quite correct, it is a weak and basic product. EMC should be embarrassed to be associated with this poor implementation of SSD in a storage system.

They may be able to improve it over the next few years but in the meantime it should be kept out of production environments.


Developed? EMC don't develop anything, they purchase average technology, put their badge on the front and the sheep follow......


Terrible report, however, they do have the XtremIO in the correct place. It is a very poor implementation of an SSD array and as usual, customers only buy the product because of the EMC badge on the front. Chris, you need to remove your "blue" tinted glasses and speak to real customers on real world experiences with XtremIO. Having an X in the name and an EMC badge on the front does not make it good product.