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British youths think Churchill went to moon

Tim Tylor
IT Angle

Ease off the kiddies

Hell's tintinnabulations, guys. At 4 I thought the world was flat, wondered if encyclopedias were written by people or just grew, and didn't know what a crane was.

Merseyside health authority gives away staff data

Tim Tylor

The private sector were feeling left, out, so...

... Leeds Building Society just went and misplaced the financial details of 'bout a thousand staff, according to the Beeb.

Sun warns of voracious, collapsing data centers

Tim Tylor

CO2 worry-wart speaking

Crosslink to that "IT departments poised to fly past airlines on CO2 emissions" story would look nice here.

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

Tim Tylor

It has its uses

For all its behind-the-curtain social pathologies, sickypedia's still pretty darn useful for a poor layman trying to get their head round PPPoE and Dynamic Host Conflagration Protestcull and suchlike. I'd never quote it as an authority, but then I'm not a student and I don't have a college library to hand.

The cold, cold heart of Web 2.0

Tim Tylor

Excuses, excuses

"For thousands of years many humans believed that they were a part of a Divine plan... their lives were ultimately at the mercy of forces beyond their individual control. Even now, millions think that their futures are predestined..." In other words, Archie had us bang to rights:

he is the great alibi ike of

the cosmos when he raises hell

just because he feels like

raising hell

he wants somebody to blame it on

A planet full of beings who seriously believe they aren't responsible for their own actions is a planet that needs warning beacons round it.


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