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And then there were two: HMS Prince of Wales joins Royal Navy


My old friend from Dubai, Daniel with some diving friends from Thailand researched and found HMS Repulse after years of trying

It also unfortunately killed him, he went down on his own for one last dive & didn't surface

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet


Re: And we thought BREXIT was bad

Always follow the car crash US presidential elections

Got friends in Florida & Texas and family in Idaho

If you read any of the meat in the Podesta hack

& previous to that some story's in the American press

Hilary stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, because she basically controlled the party's super delegate vote via her inner circle of cronies & that won her the Democrat nomination

She's scripted, horrid nasal has questionable integrity, screwed up in Benghazi + email server scandal - Clinton foundation scandal et al

People wanted somebody outside the established political elite & they got Trump

What comes next is interesting, if he puts his foot down in January over trade, I'm watching Sturgeon implode here in Scotland and Theresa May stomping Brussels in well May !

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again


It's just like Bungie's Destiny servers being down when you're playing a serious session.

Very slow connection today

I'm more pissed off with BT's crappy Spam filters that are not worth SH1T

Gaming souk Steam spews credit card, personal info in Xmas Day security meltdown


Re: Somebody went shopping at Argos and it wasn't me

OK first up if it was a skimming device the account would have been emptied

Second had it been a home snafu they'd have got all the details from the 3 accounts plus our PayPal and probable access to the credit card as well all of which are unadulterated

As we went over everything with the bank for a 2 week purchasing period it was clear as to the the date the card had been slurped

It is not "laughable" as you put it

Local community police officer is a personal friend whom I've worked with for 6 years delivering local cycle training to primary school kids, so I called her and not the station.

Remember talk talk they talked shit about customer cards not being given up and it was bullshit

The fanboys with their pants around their ankles defending steam are laughable.

Bottom line is this steam can have an official line all they want whilst they know 34,000 customer details were viewed they have no idea to what degree this has been.

Santander's fraud team have confirmed that we are not the only clients of theirs in the UK that have the same problem pointing back to steam dozens was their word,

I've also been contracted by a couple of folks in the US via twitter who've had a similar issue.

Problem being nobody in the industry quite knows what they're getting ahold of and what they're using to "complete" card numbers if they don't get the whole thing, but a bit of code and a nice algorithm with get them what they need if they did not get the whole thing.

When it happened it felt like being burgled, but it became apparent it was an opportunity for someone not to refuse,not an issue on our part or a security slip.

My wife is a charge nurse so at work its locked in her office I currently work from home so that's out and then sadly most purchases are at Tesco, Aldi, Lidl or at Tesco or Morrison's gas stations if we eat out we pay cash.

So as much as Steam want to put out the PC We're doing all we can blah blah blah nobody was compromised bullshit I'm afraid I know differently as do TalkTalk's customer's

And as a footnote Argos's fraud team have also taken this on as they can track the purchse address etc etc and Santander's been super quick to refund the payments which if you're a phishing victim they are not quick to do at all.




Valve admit to a DDOS attack and the leak of 34,000 users data 5 days after it happened.....


Re: Somebody went shopping at Argos and it wasn't me


No card has not been out my or my wife's hand at all

Given the timescale it all points to steam

Unless Argos retail, Tesco retail,Aldi or Lidl have been hacked

Which is highly unlikely and the fact they waited until the 27'th to use the details makes me think they had a conscience but the lure was to much to try their luck.

I did try local Police re a card skimming device and no dice there.

Not a home hack as PayPal and the bank accounts are all untouched

So we're back to steam and yeah the card was on there last transaction Nov 14'th for a Star Wars game for my son.

I've been in and wiped just eat as well today and they had expired cards on file...



Re: Somebody went shopping at Argos and it wasn't me

Kind of kicking myself over that.....

However annoying this was it is good to know that Valve shut it down and sorted it out quickly, just unlucky for me some tosser got the full card details then thought about using them for a few days and then tried it on

If they'd done it Xmas day we probably wouldn't have found out untill it was to bloody late!

Silver lining and all that

The hardest part will be getting an acknowledgement from Steam/Valve about it al


Somebody went shopping at Argos and it wasn't me

So my Wife was out shopping yesterday with my girls and she used a new card when out

At the same time wingman and I were gorging on Borderlands and yes I ignored the phone when it rang, but we picked up the message from Santander's fraud department. Somebody had been shopping at Argos on-line with our card details.

The cogs start whirring as we go through purchases with the bank and where those purchases were made, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Argos, Tesco pay at pump and Tesco's cash machine, whilst wondering where the hell the details were got from. Home PC and network is way more secure than TalkTalk.

So fraudster, yesterday at Argos spends £24 £60 £150 gone through then we're told by Santander that they'll be cancelled paperwork in the post then a few for £350-£400 all declined, as luckily new card was actioned during their shopping spree.

New card was unadulterated in the envelope & been sat for a week or so (old one expires Jan 2016)

I call the police in town to see if there have been reports of a skimming device in the town (Cupar) and blank drawn here.

Roll through with Santander what was bought by us and where, nobody behind me in Argos or Tesco or Lidl or Aldi & yeah I even went out for a look at the petrol pump and the ATM at Tesco.

Then I read about the Steam issues and sure enough last Steam purchase in November was on this card & from what I've seen everything they fraudster needed was slurped up by steam during the snafu, to facilitate an online purchase and account creation on Argos's web-site.

Santander have duly been informed of this & we await the outcome

so putting 2 & 2 together & with two other accounts and cards completely unadulterated (hence figuring network not hacked or slurped) It is nice to know Valve and Steam hold enough info for somebody to use my card to buy stuff on my ££, they did kindly wipe all payment info from my account, but somebody still got it though.

Be afraid, Apple and Samsung: Huawei's IoT home looks cheaper and better


Ah Great it will only work in Chinglish be translated by a non indigenous Brit and live stream your every move to the PLA whilst doing a Who Made Who takeover of all your household electronics, in a word NO THANKS

I still see any Chinese tech product through an 80's James Bond cold war conspiracy lens and I 'aint buying it, ever.....

So why exactly are IT investors so utterly clueless?


Re: chav relatives and visitors


I get it all feet on beds chairs etc etc etc

you just can't uneducate thick

We've got 3 kids and had 2 home births and 1 smash and grab in hospital literally born stayed for checks made sure mum was OK and we bolted home again with the community midwife in tow to settle us down again....


We're laughing our asses off here

My wife is a nurse in acute medical admissions and she says & I quote

"Why the fuck would we need an app or a pair of smartglasses, we can't even wear wrist watches, to tell us how to wash our hands properly, they'd be better off getting this into KFC or that place in Oldham that gave you food poisoning, it's not the staff that spread norovirus, it's the fucking chav relatives and visitors that don't wash properly that spread it and bring it in"

Ex-competition watchdog and TalkTalk adviser calls for Openreach split from BT


Re: Chorus still thinking like a monopoly

Had a chuckle at this over a coffee

been with BT almost a decade, never been hacked like TT had one email advising password changes due to an attempted attack/hack maybe 7 years ago...

Nobodyelse bid for much of the rural broadband or would put in the infrastructure so it came down to openreach I know it is not as clear cut as this but bottom line is they did it.

We've recently bought and moved from a village just outside of St Andrews into the town of Cupar,

Old place Strathkinness finally got proper broadband exchange over the summer although not enough yet signed up to be hooked up on certain streets.

So my point is they want access to new markets (more profitable ones) after somebody else has opened them up (openreach) & don't want to pay a tithe for the privelage, yet they can pay dildo 7mil a year & stressed about share dividends and prices during the hack fallout, the whole point of shareholders and market capitalisation is you go back cap in hand for revenue for infrastructure projects (in this case) to make more money

Sipping more coffee and chuckling some more......

TalkTalk downplays extent of breach damage, gives extra details


Ah Dido Dildo Lilo whatever your name is this makes it all OK then

Still pretty crappy for all your clients who've lost sensitive info due to your 7 mil a year paycheque, that's taken a chunk out the security budget!

Oh & ask the Transvestite, who's just been switched out of the mens prison for some styling and make up tips, she can help you no end..

Back off to watch the rugby now.

Cisco: The day of PCs is passing, cloud storage will dominate by 2019


Re: The end of PCs...

Leonardo DiCaprio gets an Academy Award... hahaha priceless

I'll keep my sensitive stuff on an obselete pc thankyou

TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief


Re: Does there need to be an obligation to "encrypt" ?

When you 'read between the lines' & it doesn't say encrypt, so you stoop to level of total douchebaggery and don't encrypt it, thus blaming the powers that be for not stipulating,"thou shalt encrypt, your clients sensitive data"

and blame a DDOS attack for the loss, remain utterly clueless and worry about the share price not the punters you serve

Thank Drokk I am not and have never been a talk talk customer

If MR ROBOT was realistic, he’d be in an Iron Maiden t-shirt and SMELL of WEE


When is the next Asgardian curry night Loki ??

Bacon as deadly as cigarettes and asbestos


We're all having BLT's for lunch

Bacon has done Finn & Jake no harm soo....

still on our menu !

Join Uber in a tale of rent seeking and employment law


Re: Difference between Uber driver and "self employed" courier?

I did some "self employed" courier work, now have a better work from home gig, whilst I get some IT Industry certifications, knowledge and ability don't get a gig without cert's

My Hermes packed it in after a week, You earn less than minimum wage as you never finish in time all manner of issues here from traffic to customers not being in, to the depot's

Yodel decent gig but it is a 6 day week for a 48k job initial 2 year contract + you need to supply the van or lease one.

Don't know about the precedents, but is is simply the companies, not needing to pay higher NI, cover sick pay and holiday pay and pensions, by having inyd's do the leg work

The Zero hour contractor's lack of company benefits et al is the employers profit margins in my eyes.

Uber and Lyft are breaking up a stus quo and a monopoly of sorts, by cunning acts of douchebagery, leaving the Gov appendages to play catch up and devise ways to say Oi, pack it in.

Pretty much like the bankers rigging mortgages, selling toxic mortgages, back slapping and pocket filling on libor rates, dodgy scales for precious metal deals and any other thing where they can play the system for cash.

Hyundai i30 Turbo: Softly, softly, catchee Audi


Is that Appleby Cricket ground you're parked outside ??