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Camera catches Samsung's OLED iPhone wannabe

Lee Craig

Can't see the video again

Youtube blocked on corporate proxy, so having two alternatives both on youtube not useful!

Acer 11.6in notebook-not-netbook demo'd on camera

Lee Craig

Youtube not useful content for corporate

I'm sitting on a corporate network - for obvious reasons youtube content is filtered out. By all means provide an alternative link to youtube, but could you host the embedded version somewhere else?

Hit the Pano button - desktops go virtual

Lee Craig

Pano and LG joint venture?

If Pano and LG were to team up, they could create a stylish new box called the "Pano Chocolat"...

Thirsty Koreans fight duff whisky with mobiles

Lee Craig

Hmmm, Whisky!

"Thirsty Koreans fight duff whisky with mobiles"

If the beer is good enough for Homer, then surely the whisky should be good enough for the Koreans?


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