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SpaceX crewed flight to ISS delayed by damaged rocket

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5 - for now...

It's also not necessarily a final position, either. The data so far accumulated gives sufficient confidence to go to 5, further data may (or may not) give confidence to go beyond that.

The "As a result, NASA has determined they are comfortable with up to a five-time reuse for both the Falcon 9 and the Crew Dragon capsule," is very very different to the sub-headline of "NASA urged to reuse Musk hardware no more than five times"

Poor editing, el reg.

Leading Arch Linux derivative Manjaro puts out version 21.3

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There seem to be other issues, but I would suggest that anyone who doesn't know whether they want en_GB or en_US probably shouldn't be installing any operating system, let alone Linux.

Japan lets its banks and other entities issue stablecoins

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non-fiat digital currency?

This stablecoin is an officially recognised form of currency without a relationship to any physical asset. Its face value is guaranteed because the government of Japan says it is.

How is this not a fiat currency?

If it is a fiat currency, what advantage does it offer over the existing currency, other than that it can be traded without the use of a clearing bank?

Intel plans immersion lab to chill its power-hungry chips

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<quote>I don't see where is Intel innovation here?</quote>

<quote>This is important because liquid and immersion cooling requires completely different form factors than what's used in air cooled datacenters today. This unfamiliarity remains one of the technology's biggest inhibitors.</quote>

Is it that they have developed a totally different form factor specially for liquid cooled systems?

Rocket Lab successfully catches falling rocket booster with a helicopter

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Re: Catch and release, then.

The one that got away?

Russia's Mir space station returned to Earth 21 years ago

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Supervise deorbit from on board?!

No thanks! Although if your re-entry vehicle is controlled from earth you mght not have a lot of choice in the matter...

Raspberry Pi's trading arm snags £33m investment as flotation rumours sink

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Re: With the 'Sale' of shares.......

The note about 'sharing the vision' suggests that Raspi has considered who it is selling to, and will therefore have had a condition attached.

One careful driver: Make room in the garage... Bloodhound jet-powered car is up for sale

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They must be terribly expensive in tax

"They must be terribly expensive in tax"

£37,000,000,000 is the current estimate, and every penny paid for by taxes...

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I think a Kickstarter would do well - I'd certainly go for the Level 2 contribution of having my picture on a USB stick in the vehicle as it set the record.

I wonder if Jim Ratcliffe & Ineos have been contacted.

Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift? How about a week of retro gaming BBC Microlympics?

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TNMOC's website explains it thus:

"The online games Heptathlon will take place during February half term with 5 games over 5 days."

I think they should have used 6502 chips rather than original Pentiums to count the events...

Samsung floats autonomous ships as ready to sail in 2022

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Re: Boarders!

Drones with chainsaws!


Much safer than sharks with frikkin laser beams, and the on-board footage can be live-streamed.

Negative Trustpilot review of law firm Summerfield Browne cost aggrieved Briton £28k

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Re: law

One question springs to mind - why didn't the Shysters sue TrustPilot? After all they were the ones who published the Libel.

TrustPilot are the distributor of the material, and will have covered their responsibilities by requiring the poster to confirm that the review was a true statement of his opinion (the judge ruled that it was not). There's probably also a full indemnity clause in the Ts & Cs box we all tick to say we've read.

Lay down your souls to the gods of rock 'n' roll: Conspiracy theorists' 5G 'vaccine' chip schematic is actually for a guitar pedal

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Bill & Ted

The XKCD examples quoted above are close, but I think that this was first forseen by the most excellent William "Bill" S. Preston Esq.

and Ted "Theodore" Logan:


Gates gave rock and roll to you, gave rock and roll to you

Put it in the veins of everyone

Do you know what you want? You don't know for sure

You don't feel right, you can't find a cure...


With apologies to Russ Ballard

Mysterious metal monolith found in 'very remote' part of Utah

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Re: "...the Department won't reveal its location "

Just over 3 miles from a paved road to the location given below, and only 500 yards along a gully from a road that an average 4x4 might be able to use.

Behold, the Ultimately Large Telescope: A revived proposal for a 100-metre liquid-mirror star scanner on the Moon

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To scale, or not to scale?

If the astronaut in the picture is to scale against a telescope described in the text as being 100m in diameter, then he's a lot bigger than most people.

Apple to hand out limited-edition iPhones among 1337 h4x0rs because it wants more bug-hunters

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Are you sure? Have you read the EULA?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying solar panel: BAE Systems' satellite alternative makes maiden flight in Oz

Nik 2

National Monopolies

I suspect that BAES sees itself competing against the alternative of 'being a larg-ish part of an international consortium'

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name

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Come on, Pedents...

Nearly eightly posts and no-one has pointed out that the second paragrpahs expands the acronym incorrectly:

<quote>The name is an acronym for “General Image Manipulation Program”<quote>

GNU Image Manipulation Program, as given correctly further down the article.

Let's check in with our friends in England and, oh good, bloke fined after hiding face from police mug-recog cam

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Re: What the heck

On the video he says "So I told him to F*** off"

That's never going to end well, especially if you've just annoyed said PC, even if doing so was entirely legitimate.

He also says that he had been told before he walked down the street that the camera was there, so if he'd been trying to hide he could have gone round a different way...

Icon: Stop, in the name of the (controversial and ethically somewhat dubious) law

Naming your company 101: Probably best not to have the word 'Oracle' anywhere near branding

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But of you don't file a defence, you're not opposing the application.

Previous commentards may be right [no, really - ed] that the name is legit, but if you don't turn up to court to say so then you're going to lose.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon shows up at pad 39A, nearly 8 years after the last Shuttle left

Nik 2

Header tank for Mr Musk's ego?

Latest Google+ flaw leads Chocolate Factory to shut down site early

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Re: What about co-op sign-ins

<quote>Will this involve all my co-op sign-ins. Web sites that allow you to register/sign-in using your Google account.</quote>

No. Google accounts != Google+ accounts.

New Horizons eyeballs Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule, its next flyby goal

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'Since' - or 'ever'?

The subtitle says "The snaps are the most distant images taken from the Sun since "Pale Blue Dot" and the text says " It's also the most distant image ever taken from the Sun, breaking the record set by Voyager 1 for its famous "Pale Blue Dot" image of Earth "

I think it's the latter, but it can't be both.

Former Google X bloke's startup unveils 'self flying' electric air taxi

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Not all issues are created equal

“Because our fans & propellers are electric, they can operate independently. An issue with one has no effect on the others,”

Unless the issue is a flat battery :-/

Worldwide smartphone shipments DOWN for first time ever

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OS vs OEM market Share

According to this article, Apple has 17.9% of the handset market, but iOS has only 14.4% of the OS market. Does that mean that 1 in 6 Apple phones ships with Android installed, or that 20% of the smartphones sold without shipped with no operating system at all?

See that over Heathrow? It's not an airliner – it's a Predator drone

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Predator/Watchkeeper are hardly State of the Art

It's not quite fair to say that Predator is the state of the art in this field - BAE Systems have had some ptreety smart stuff doing self-flying for a few years now, (https://www.baesystems.com/en-uk/article/surrogate-uav-prepares-for-maiden-flight-in-uk-airspace) and there's a small company called Blue Bear that I know have done flying in formation using only on-board visual sensors on a drone. I can't imagine that this doesn't involve some fairly smart collision avoidance capabilities.

I'm sadly unsurprised that the regulation is harder to sort out than the technology...

No, Windows 10 hasn’t beaten Windows 7’s market share. Not for sure, anyway

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MS is not the one to worry here

The people who are really shown up here are not Microsoft, but the hardware manufacturers. Every one of those Win7 machines is a sale they haven't made.

Boffins closer to solving what causes weird radio bursts from space

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Easily understandable quantities

It can apparently release 10 million trillion trillion joules of energy in less than a millisecond during a single pulse.

For the benefit of those of us who struggle to comprehend numbers as vast and abstract as this, I estimate that this is roughly the energy content of a doner kebab scaled up to be around 150 miles across.

1 FRB = 1.2 exa-Doners

HTH :-)

[Icon: Hold the chilli sauce]

Brazil says it has bagged Royal Navy flagship HMS Ocean for £84m

Nik 2

Re: actual profit..

Unless it's done at the buyer's expense, in which case it provides an additional boost to the local economy in Portsmouth.

In addition to any routine servicing of mechanical parts, there will be a lot of NATO-standard kit to remove, and Brazilian Navy gear to fit in its place.

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics

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Re: Just a f**king minute

The cash-flow exposure to Maplin is more to do with the amount of time that stuff sits on the shelves, rather than a delay in obtaining payment from customers.

Please, please, c'mon, just... please, pretty please, just, like, please use our AI – Microsoft

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El Reg? Cynical?!

Before anyone gets upset we're being too dismissive and skeptical...,

Very funny. Isn't that pretty much house style? It's the reason most of us are here.

Opportunity rover survives Martian winter for eighth time

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True to a certain extent, I think. 90 days was the primary mission objective, and would have been achieved for the nearly-worst-case situation for panel dust collection. Everything else was massively overengineered against the 90-day objective because it was known that the level of dust collection might not be worst-case.

I doubt that anyone seriously thought they'd get away with it for this long, though.

icon: Go - and keep on going.

Nokia 8: As pure as the driven Android - it's a classy return

Nik 2

Live Bokeh

Bokeh is the effect seen on very out of focus items, particularly light sources. For cameras with mechanical shutters, the shape of this reflects the symmetry of the shutter - often hexagonal.

With software, you can change the shape of this in real time. From Android N you can use a pre-loaded range of animal silhouettes, including a gecko and a grasshopper. Hence, Live Bokeh.

Escrow you, Apple! Ireland expects Cupertino to cough up to €13bn

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Re: Tax refund

I think that one of your commas should be a decimal point.

Still, it's enough to give everyone in the country an IPhone X and an IWatch.

Attn El Reg Standards Unit: Can the sum of £11.4Bn please now be officially known as an iRefund?

Total recog: British AI makes universal speech breakthrough

Nik 2


Is that the language that Civil Service documents are written in?

On a more serious note [really? - ed], one only has to embed this into a SoC and miniaturise it to have a digital babelfish. Responsible for "more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation", IIRC. What could possibly go wrong?

Technically pretty impressive though.

Elon Musk says he's not Satoshi Nakamoto and is pretty rubbish at Bitcoin

Nik 2

The clue is in the word 'elusive'

I think that if Elon Musk had invented Bitcoin, he'd have mentioned it before now.

Mr Musk is many things, elusive is not any of them...

Possible cut to British F-35 order considered before Parliament

Nik 2

Warfare as a Service

Has been considered, but there were problems finding enough money to pay for the liability insurance.

Nik 2

UK-headquartered multinational BAE Systems builds about 15 per cent of the F-35, it is not clear whether this is done in the UK or through BAE's American subsidiary.

Both - there are very substantial bits of aeroplane built in the UK, but there are also BAE Systems Inc (as it's called) elements to the F35.

ML fails: Loyalty prediction? Not really. And bonus prediction? Oh dear

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Thumb Down

Even the question is stupid

How likely am I to recommend this company to a friend?

0 - because I don't have any friends?

0 - Because this isn't the sort of thing my friends and I talk about?

0 - because I know my friends won't ever use this sort of company or service?

Even when I'm really pleased with a company, it's probably less than a 1 in 5 chance that I'll tell anyone, for at least one of the reasons above.

Hack me off enough and I'll go round reading every story on El Reg looking for an opportunity to mention how useless [redacted] are in the comments.

Another UAV licence price hike? Commercial drone fliers rage over consultation

Nik 2

Re: Stunning Logic here

And, just to rub it in, we're spending the extra money checking up on those who are still complying with the regulations...

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall

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Re: Cool, but why?

Outreach and encouraging youngsters to see STEM subjects as cool and exciting is a big part of it.

"See our 1000mph car! Become n engineer and you can build a 1000mph car to encourage the /next/ generation"

Schrems busts Privacy Shield wide open

Nik 2

Effective Remedy

Not sure which Data Protection Commissioner, but the Effective Remedy argument, AIUI, is about whether or not a resident of the EU can lodge a complaint against the US if their data were to be illegally accessed.

It had been argued that the Ombudsman was a process whereby a complaint could be made, but Commissioner thought it might not be, and the judge agreed.

Hair of the Dog is the only effective remedy -->

Outlook.com looking more like an outage outbreak for Europe

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Re: Intermittent connectivity

Likewise 'Some Users' - it may be everyone except those in the server room.

The new, new Psion is getting near production. Here's what it looks like

Nik 2


It's the ability to slide into the inside pocket of a suit or coat that would differentiate it from small laptops, for me.

Can files created or saved in Android be seen from Linux, or are they on completely different partitions?

Fruit flies' brains at work: Decision-making? They use their eyes

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<quote>The team collected a few hundred specially genetically modified D melanogaster fruit flies and tethered them to a plate in front of a white screen with their heads fixed, leaving their wings free.</quote>

Almost seems easier to train the things to sit still.

Asteroid Florence buzzes Earth, brings two moons along for the ride

Nik 2

Re: What a rubbish artists impression

You're looking at the Mobile Phone version of the picture - you need longer arms to properly support the IPad version.

El Reg gets schooled on why SSDs will NOT kill off the trusty hard drive

Nik 2

What's in it for me?

In order to generate the capacity required to justify the new fabs and hence lower prices, NAND needs to offer enough of a benefit that a large part of the customer base will pay the higher prices, at least in the short term.

The benefit of HDD over tape was enormous, and the opening of the home PC market allowed HDD to replace FDD as well. I don't see that NAND offers the same level of additional benefit.

Not to say that we won't get there eventually...

Our day with Larry Page: Embedded with one of the world's richest men

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Re: Known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns

"last time I heard any real wisdom coming from a government official."

It will certainly the last time anyone hears a government official try to explain anything vaguely complicated to a room full of journalists.

Norway Quizwall experiment ends with more quizzing than commenting

Nik 2

We have to have walls, because without walls we wouldn't need Gates or Windows.

I'll get my (very old) coat.

SpaceX nails two launches and barge landings in one weekend

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Re: Even old curmudgeons are happy!

<quote>Pleased to see some entirely good news based on intelligent, effective science and engineering. NASA ought to be hiding its face in shame considering (a) the serial failures of the ill-conceived, monstrously expensive Shuttle, and (b) how quickly SpaceX has got a working, vastly cheaper reusable system into operation. This is impressive stuff.</qoute>

Elon Musk is always very careful to put NASA on his thank-you list, and to say that SpaceX couldn't have done what they do without NASA's contribution. How much this is a political (small 'p') gesture I don't know, but do remember that space shuttle design work began before the Apollo 11 landing.

SpaceX's ability to take feedback from missions and get improved parts into operation is truly impressive.



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