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Panasonic chief says no to low-cost OLED TVs

Michael Ross

Re: Guide Pus

2012 sets don't have the adverts and use the full width of the screen so maybe Panasonic have been listening? On older models do a factory reset and ignore the invitation to put in a post-code and you won't get adverts (still have the wasted space to the left but it's not as annoying!)

French perfume house bottles 'Eau de new MacBook'

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Re: way too far

It's 'non' and 'I' and 'Nazi' not 'none' and 'i' and 'nazi'. Or were you being ironic?

Sharp starts punching out IGZO LCDs for retina screens

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More light?

Why do smaller pixels allow more light through? Surely the more pixels there are the more dead space around each pixel and the less light is transmitted? Someone enlighten me please.

Battling remote-control helicopters

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80 feet range, not metres. Stop assuming every damn thing is metric.

Apple to kick start 'iTV' production in Q2

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Re: This seems odd, to me.

There isn't a single major television manufacturer making a profit at the moment even outsourcing production to China and Turkey. The latest range of main-stream 32" sets from Panasonic is £100 cheaper than last year's offering and includes 'smart' functions as standard. Perhaps this time Apple will bite off more than it can chew?

Nanocapacitor slab to boost car batteries

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Re: Car life

I see what you're doing there, that's a haiku - yes?

Motorola Razr Android smartphone

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I think you'll find the sub-head is a typical El Reg pun(?) referencing the sales tag-line for a famous range of electric shavers, Razr, geddit? from the 1980s

Panasonic DMR-HW100 HDD DVR

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FYI, when you set one of these up, ignore the invitation to put in a postcode. That way you won't get any adverts. You'll still have the annoying blank boxes wasting space on the left of the EPG but at least you'll be doing Gemstar out of a tiny bit of revenue.

Digital TV body adds HbbTV to UK standard

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You want to but a plasma mate, remember them? No 'edge bleeding' there.

Cello C42T71DVB-3D 42in passive 3D TV

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UK Maker?

So how much of this set is actually "UK Made"? We know the panel isn't because that's from LG and you can bet the digital board and the inverter are bought-in items. And every pair of polarising 'specs I've ever seen came from China. So what does that leave? The case?

BMW intros revamped Mini as sporty MG-alike

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Not to quibble, but the Spfire was a Triumph not an MG...

Panasonic DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray player

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Re: Multi-region support

The whole point of regions is to control the release timing of films. No major manufacturer is going to break their signed agreements by selling region-free players so get over it. As for load times, fair comment.

Robotic waiter service uses Kinect to see

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Was it just me...

... or did anyone else notice the K9 Telephone Box in that dude's living room?

Asda slashes Samsung tablet price

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Free delivery

From Asda's website:

Collect In-Store!

Free delivery on orders over £25 when collecting in store (selected stores only)

Panasonic Viera TX-P46G20 46in plasma TV

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Our angry friend tin2 above might like to know that the adverts alongside the programme listings are what fund the provision of the EPG. The system is operated by a company called Rovi who licence the Guide+ system. I believe it comes from the same company who invented Videoplus+ for setting analogue video-recorders.

LG preps passive 3D TV

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see title

Humax HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD receiver

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I think some posters are missing the point...

...the point being that this is just the first in a line of boxes subsequent ones of which will have hard-drives for recording onto. I have to agree about the 9200 though, still it is a 2+ years old model and Humax are still working on fixes for it. It dates from before 64QAM and is struggling to keep up.

Nokia dumps candybar phones for squares

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Are you sure..

...that handset slides out? It looks to me like it rotates on a potentially fragile pivot.

iPhone 3G S unlock path discovered

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Larger than I expected...

...or perhaps she's actually very tiny?

Sharp to ship 'world's first' Blu-ray recording TV

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So what do you do with the disk after you've recorded it? Take it out and play it in a blu-ray player? Why would you do that when you've got a player built into the TV? What's wrong with a HDD recorder? Bound to be more reliable.

Yes! It's the iPhone 3G telescope!

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I think you will find tha a 'single binocular' is called a monocular!

Samsung slips out skinny phone

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(NT) Motorola LL67, 10.4mm


Kodak dusts off 'smudge-free' digital frames

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Why are these frames always 16:9?

Am I missing something obvious? I take pictures which are nearly always 3:2 or perhaps 4:3, so why should I want them to be stretched to fit 16:9?

Philips sells set-top box biz to Pace

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It's no better now

the current crop of boxes are still incredibly prone to crash. It's been this way ever since the BBC told everone that a box could be bought for £40, without checking beforehand whether a stable and reliable box could be built for that little (it can't!)

HD TV, without the monthly fee

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Not quite what it seems

As far as I can see the only channel you will get with this card is the BBC HD Preview channel, and for the majority of the time all that shows is a 30minute revolving series of clips from old BBC programmes which were made in HD. Wimbledon, some of the Proms and the occasional sporting fixture are about all you'll see,