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It may be that my opinion is a little clouded but I enjoyed it over all. When I first saw Prometheus I saw it at an all night event at my local cinema showing each Alien film back to back including the prequal and I can honestly say in comparison to Alien 3 and 4 I thought it was a masterpiece - like I say though, it my be my mind is clouded from seeing all of the films and how long ago it was. I hear there are more to come...

Virgin Media whines about Sky's customer service claims, ad watchdog agrees


Having had both Sky and Virgin Media in the past (and also having worked for Virgin Media on Broadband support) I never found either was better than the other but to be fair I was very lucky in that I rarely had to call for tech support. Am I the only though who wants to grab VM by the throat and tell them to stop moaning about it and if there is a grain of truth just focus on themselves? Maybe VM have a point. Maybe they are correct but I can't help but feel if these companies just kept the mouths shut it would serve them better and make them look more mature then whinging.

Overheating iPhone 6S+ BLINDED my cam, cries flashgate fanboy


Re: If a phone is getting hot during backup/restore in iTunes

I am not overly concerened as I have not seen it get hotter at any other time since using it since then. I am however tempted to plug it in this weekend for a prolonged period of time and see if I can replicate it. If it does a trip to Apple may happen.


Having recieved my 6S on Saturday I did the usual backups in iTunes. Without any kind of skin on it I did notice my unit got very hot very quickly when putting all the data onto the phone and updating it etc. I have not had any further problems with heat so far or indeed the image seen here but I did find it to be a shock that it got so hot so quickly.


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