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IBM has to give Indiana some pocket change after $1.3bn web fiasco


Re: Check Out IBM's British Columbia Health Job

British Columbia is a "province" of Canada, just north of Washington state.

25 years ago: Sir Tim Berners-Lee builds world's first website

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Re: Altogether Now

@Altogether Now

"Real advances are made by individuals or very very small teams."

As are all things useful.

My long held belief over the span of 50 years in IT.

As a project manager my boss contributing more headcount was a bad thing, slowing the project down rather than accelerating progress.

Brussels paws Android map apps to see if they displace Euro rivals – report


"First things first - Google Maps isn't a patch on TomTom - it doesn't matter the cost, TomTom is simply better."

Better at what? The maps are pretty and the navigation algorthms are good, but the devices and TomTom infrastructure are pants. Add to that if you buy a ToMTom device you also have to supply a Windows computer to update it, even though TomTom is based on Linux.

"Lastly, have you seen StreetMaps lately? No innovation at all. AT ALL. It's the same as it was around 15 years ago, but now even more full of ads."

StreetMaps? what's that?

I know about the Open Streetmap project and also Googles StreetView.

Don't like adds, get an adblocker or stop being a freeloader.


Re: They have moved

"They have. Tom Tom maps are licensed to Sygic which on Android beats Google Maps hands down......... Tom tom also has its own app for Apple if memory serves me right."

Maps are not the same as navigation. Sygics navigation sucks in a very major way (although the maps look nice). It is less than acceptable. There are many many better alternatives out there. (search navigation on Google Play).

TomTom has an app for Android as well. However their paranoia about map security cripples it. Like the stand alone devices updating is a major PIA.

The sooner TomTom and Garmin die the better the navigation experience will be.

A bubble? No way, we're in a bust, says rich VC living in alternate reality


Re: In a Bust

"Or my personal favourite: Twitter. Here's a company that looses money"

Downvote for not grasping the simple concepts separating lose from loose.

Windows 10 is an antique (and you might be too) says Google man


Re: Awful

"It is a POS if it wasn't for the fact Netflix on Linux is damn near impossible I'd wipe it."

Although I'm not a fan of chrome, if you use a recent vrsion it works great with Netflix under Linux.


Re: Duarte, the Android UI guy (laugh)

The problem is not Android, the problem is LG.

Same advice for Samsung owners, or any device sourced from a telco.

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


RDP on Linux

AC posted: "My other grumble is remote access. For better for worse, RDP is Windows star player here. I have tried X2GO and TeamViewer, but they're a tad flaky (especially with the lockdown that is PolKit, which stops you making changes over a remote session. "

Look for Remmina, better than the Microsoft client, with excellent support for RDP protocol.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft and buddies stick a bomb under hated CISA cyber-law


Downvote for slagging The Donald.

Down and out? Rimini's Oracle slap spells trouble – for Oracle


The quote in my post above came from


Editing functionality at The Reg could be much improved.


@Steve Davies 3

"AFAIK, they are simply copying the behaviour of the old IBM learnt by Oracle (as it originated on the IBM platform) and moved to MS."

Did not originate on IBM.

Google "Oracle pdp11" and you'll find lots of facts like this:

"RSI first offered Oracle commercially in the summer of 1979, on Digital Equipment PDP-11 minicomputer"

RSI being the original name of Oracle Corporation.

Oracle development was done on the PDP-11 and later on VAX, then migrated to other platforms.

Microsoft, Google scramble to COLONISE INDIA


@Syntax Error

"Yes, I know, more factually correct than politically correct."

No you are just ignorant."

Pot. Kettle. Black.


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