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BT's 'six-month free broadband' offer is a big fat FIB - ads watchdog

Richard S
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Line rental

All line rental costs should be very clearly stated in advertising of this kind. It seems to me, line rental is a way of hiding fees as no one (read: a growing majority) actually need a landline other than an internet connection.

Manchester cops hit Twitter - spoof feeds fall down stairs

Richard S

press office

The interviewee on Radio 4, presumably an high up officer, said "just some people in the press office" were tweeting. Which shows that no officers are tweeting, but also an indication of the respect they have for the people that have to type out the tweet.

Vodafone announces 4G roll-out for Germany

Richard S

4G now

Are we the only country where this spectrum auction happens?

I can't believe we are being left behind while the US and Germany pioneer onwards with 4G. I'm surprised the government doesn't push the 4G spectrum auction as they will be getting money for nothing to patch up the deficit.

WTF as I want 4G now!

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals

Richard S


As a non-iPhone user I've always had a limit on every network even though it's sold as unlimited. So I welcome clarity in pricing and the removal of anything labelled as 'unlimited' that isn't.

But will O2 cut off data once a user reaches 1GB in a month? Or will it let users go over the data allowance and charge the £10 for an extra 1GB of data?

T-Mobile announces pay monthly package revamp

Richard S


So some mobiles come with unlimited access, and some its a flexible booster. Isn't this how it worked before, with Web'n'Walk? And unlimited still means 1Gb? Ok, so that's the best Fair Use Policy on the market currently, but 1Gb seriously? The carrier that offers 10Gb for the same price will get my £££

Panasonic DMC-GH1 Micro Four-Thirds camera

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Thanks for the review, I'm so tempted by this camera.

I've seen it for £999 in a store outside of London (Oct 2009). No online store though.

Store website here: http://www.reflexcameras.co.uk

Pic proof here: http://twitpic.com/rfpri

Samsung spins out DJ PMP

Richard S

Not 'DJ'

I would suggest that to be a DJ PMP it would need the ability to mix 2 records together. Scratching, is sound manipulation, but hardly disc jockeying IMHO

Tasered Oz man bursts into flames

Richard S

Misleading Title

Firstly, your headline is linkbait, and insinuates spontaneous human combustion after tasering - when actually the guy was surrounded by petrol and potentially had flammable petrol fumes in his respiratory system, therefore catching fire seems highly likely.

Secondly, it's illegal to sniff petrol in Oz? How close does the nose have to be to the petrol for it to be illegal? If I'm filling up my car and inhale fumes will I get arrested?

Nikon D5000 digital SLR

Richard S

Video on DSLR

The common reaction to Video in DSLRs is "why did they bother?". Can I just stress that there is a market for entry-ish level DSLRs with Full HD video. I am that market, and in a straw poll of one, 100% said they would purchase one.

Unfortunately the jump in price between a superzoom (with Full HD) and a DSLR with Full HD was double the cost, so this time around I opted for the former. But next time round it will be my turn with the DSLR.

Germans and Swiss snub DAB

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"So why not just let FM/AM keep going until 'net coverage is ubiquitous?" - totally agree. DAB was really cool, 10 years ago, now streaming net media blows it away. The digital Britain report made me choke on my cornflakes. We need ubiquitous internet, especially in cars.

Contactless payment tech in all phones next year, says Ericsson boss

Richard S


Is there any personal security, like a PIN? It seems to me that it's one more reason to mug someone

Microsoft's Silverlight 3 due in July?

Richard S


I wouldn't say no one uses it. Have you seen Photosynth and DeepZoomPix? http://photosynth.net/ and http://deepzoompix.com/ Both good implementations. I hope v3 enables some killer desktop apps, of TweetDeck ilk.

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

Richard S

intelligent speed bumps

An alternative would be to have those intelligent speed bumps that go down if your doing the speed limit. I saw them on tomorrows world or some such program years ago. Obviously too costly compared to a lump of tarmac.

eSATA: A doomed stopgap?

Richard S

The clue is in the name

The other reason USB 3 will be king, is that USB is Universal for all types of devices. Fireware and eSATA have limited device support, almost always high capacity storage devices. The average user just wants one set of ports to plug they low def webcam/ printer/ 1TB external hard disk into.

Texting peer gets prison

Richard S


Regardless of the mobile phone usage, a stationary car in the fast lane while travelling at 60mph is a scary thought and difficult to avoid in certain circumstances. Surely the front passenger would have been able to alert the driver.

Bean pouch rivals Nike+ trainers

Richard S

But Nike already canabalised their market

Yeah but Nike already canabalised their market with their Nike Running Show Wallet (http://tr.im/gJox) for £10 and doesn't require lacing, but simply slides onto the shoe. I recommend it with my Asics.


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