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The rise and rise of Australia's community hacking conferences


Congratulations to each of the organisers out there. It is great to see the hacker community flourishing again.

PS: I love the Unrestcon voucher code :)

What are you doing to spot a breach?


You can't. The now outdated tip was to never open emails with broken English and/or coming from unknown senders. The more sophisticated phishers are now sending pixel-perfect copy of legitimate emails and faking senders.

One solution is the analysis of the attachments/links before (or after) delivering the email into the user's mailbox. This can be either automated, like runtime analysis in a malware sandbox. Or manual, such as looking for embedded VB scripts in the attached Word documents and verifying the external links.

Both include investments into technology and hiring people with the right skills.

332M Kick Ass pirates get asses kicked by scareware ass-kickers


Re: Kick ass fake links

This is absolutely true and was covered by a research I made earlier this year. Details: https://torrentfreak.com/torrent-site-proxies-rife-with-malware-injecting-scripts-150806/