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Hell hath GNOME fury: Linux desktop org swings ax at patent troll's infringement claim


Although a KDE user, I had to donate for that

Concorde without the cacophony: NASA thinks it's cracked quiet supersonic flight


Heavy use of area rule, which apart from reduced wave drag I am sure also results in milder shock wave.

'Tech troll' sues EFF to silence 'Stupid Patent of the Month' blog. Now the EFF sues back


makes me proud to be a monthly donor to EFF, enough said ...

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?


zone "unwantedclick.net" { type master; file "zones/blackhole"; };


that works like a charm :-)

More Brits' IDs stolen than ever before


they 're eclectic?

I guess they choose the victims well!

... or they don't, but just don't care for the ones that fail? you know the pets and cattle paradigm!

At least you can rest assured you won't be the victim of ID fraud

Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers


Considered splitting your herd between two or more green fields, operated by more than one group of cowboys?

There are orchestration tools that will work with dissimilar cloud technologies to make this even easier.

High rear end winds cause F-35A ground engine fire


Re: workaround?

err... the same way it got out of the hangar/carrier garage?

Vodafone puts hundreds of Brits on the 'at risk of layoffs' list


After the atrocious customer support I have (failed to) received the last few months I really won't shed a single tear if the whole company evaporates to /dev/null

Revealed: Why Amazon, Netflix, Tinder, Airbnb and co plunged offline


Elastic Cloud?

<tongue in cheek>

Maybe they should have trusted their metadata service to an elastic cloud solution that automatically scales up with demand?

</tongue in cheek>

sorry, could not resist ;-)


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