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3 calls foul on T-Mobile price promise

Craig Lawson

T-Mobile... Oops

On T-Mobile's own page...


"You won't find more minutes for £30. Guaranteed. Based on a comparison of the set number of UK network anytime inclusive minutes offered by the other 4 networks (O2, Orange, Vodafone and 3) in their SIM only, 12 and 18 month plans for new customers. Our comparison excludes any promotional offers from the other 4 networks."

Maybe they are saying you can't get more minutes for EXACTLY £30...

Plus it won't extend to customers of existing networks who get resigned. Remember the networks try to keep you!

Microsoft dishes out six critical updates

Craig Lawson
Paris Hilton

MS Updates

If Microsoft didn't issue security fixes, and you had your computer hacked or information stolen, or worst, put up for other people to see, then you'll be the first to complain!

Paris? Well didn't she get hacked on a Windows device?

Hoodie please.

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection

Craig Lawson
Paris Hilton

Is it just me or...

Is this phrase just plain wrong?

"Steve Ballmer still wants to swallow Jerry Yang."

And the Paris angle? Well... need I say more?

The hoodie is mine...

Samsung glass breakthrough to slash LCD TV prices?

Craig Lawson
Black Helicopters


Could this mean that they'll be called Liquid Glass Displays and people who buy them advised that "this product has the ability to move over time."

T-Mobile UK slides out latest Sidekick

Craig Lawson
Black Helicopters


Is it me or the logo at the top look like the M for Motorola?

Someone lying?

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom

Craig Lawson

Devastating France

Surely an asteroid devastating France wouldn't be normally a bad thing?


Oz burglar had sex with Hoover

Craig Lawson

RE: the IT angle

Nah, could have been a dirt devil

TalkTalk in BT Vision Premiership spoiler

Craig Lawson


Does this mean that if you cancel your 18 month contract with TalkTalk, you then have £9.99 x Rest of contract with Setanta to pay?

So it would be an extra £160? Ouch!



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