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Digital UK names date for end of analogue TV era


Freeview signal quality

In our area (lincolnshire) since the switch over happened in August, I've found the signal strength has decreased not improved. Whilst our main TV can now see HD channels, other Tv's with internal areas can no longer receive Dave, E4 or Watch (and several others)

Anyone know if the digital signal is at pull power, or still being transmitted at low strength until switch over is complete? Anyone else found this problem?

Group Test: Wireless music streamers


The Roku Rocks!

The Soundbridge - although hard to find in the UK - is by far the coolest piece of wifi gear going. It has, by default, telnet open, and using perl and some nifty online apps you can have it stream weather, and other oddness to its retro display when on standby.

Great wifi reception means it can sit anywhere.

I also want a second one - wish they where more easily found.


Tesco takes fight to Sainsbury over Medion PCs



Guess not one included. Which EXCLUDES first time buyers. Not helpful.

Not that good a deal either compared to some Dell systems (also excl. Monitor)