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GitLab.com luckily found lost data on a staging server

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Re: re. "GitLab's prose account of the incident..."


Very clever!

Pair programming – you'll never guess what happens next!

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But that's not what happens...

The article states:

>> So, while it feels like there’s a “halving” of developers by pairing them up, as one of the original pair programming studies put it: “The defect removal savings should more than offset the development cost increase.”

Development cost increase? No, that's not what happens...

If a department has, say 20 programmers and Management decides to implement Pair Programming, they don't go out and hire 20 more programmers... They pair the existing ones up into 10 pairs. Then they hold meeting as to why it isn't working.

As I grow older and (hopefully) wiser, it is getting harder and harder to just accept the implementation of every new idea that Management reads in "Management Boy" magazine weekly. I already work well with others, shower daily and I am almost always minty fresh. Just let me do my work.

Can I get an "Amen!"

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere

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I hate to ask, but is this a reference to the comedian Brian Regan's story about grade school?

In the story he states that he was asked what the plural of 'ox' was. He didn't know, but this kid, Erwin, who knew everything informed the teacher that the plural of 'ox' is 'oxen'. She then turns back to Brian and asks the plural of 'box', to which, he replies, "Boxen... I bought two boxen of doghnuts"

I always think of that routine when I hear boxen...

Doctor Who returns to our screens next week – so, WHO is the worst Time Lord of them all?

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Let's do a Poll-a-Day this week!

Hi Everyone, Long time Lurker, First Time Poster....

I have never been into Dr. Who, but I greatly appreciate those who were/are. I read almost every comment (140 at the time) I have a serious suggestion:

El Reg: Please read through these comments and create a new poll each day using some of the suggestions in the comments (i.e. Many people thought Sly was the worst, but only because of the scripts/BBC political issues, lighting, the dog, etc...) Create some fun polls and let's celebrate the love we have for the stories, the characters, and the fond memories they bring us that remind us of a simpler time.

God Bless You All! If it weren't for discussions like this we'd all be sitting around talking about which deodorant we use. Nobody wants that...