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How not to attract a WSL (or any) engineer


I always hated Ubuntu, I never know why but it felt like it's always I wanna be RedHat or Debian, but I cannot I'm just a stolen property...

E.G.: adduser, asking for the 10 other unrelated shit that was never important to any sysadmins. Country, email, balblabla.

This is not a Widows, didn't you know that?!

I'm dealing with Ubuntu and I must admit it's just horrible.

The whole lot expalins this article. The system based on an investor who has zero IT knowledge just like the HR department.

Like the Monthy Phython footballer sketch "I'm going to open a butic, I'm going to open a butix..."

I like money, I got money, so I'm going to insvest in IT, cause my neighbour made his first 20M in IT...

Oh man, same story again.

HR advert, has experience in DHPC, not DHCP... I heard about PC, so it must be PC, not MAC...

Move along, nothing to see here: Auditors say £100k grant to Hacker House was 'appropriate'


Re: An innocent man

At the moment more than 200 runs in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.



Trust me it is not that bad. That is the "double decker" there.

Brit healthcare system inks Windows 10 install pact with Microsoft


Not sure about the solution but one thing for sure, W10 is not appropriate for work at all, not even for gaming!

Last friday I had to work in a DC because of a major incident.

Needed to shut down more than 80 virtual machines and of course my W10 laptop didnt work.

When I opened the lead it was saying someghing went wrong with the previous update and rolling back everythinh...

If I would not have my personal laptop(no matter the OS here, dont want to advertise anything) then I really would not work.

Time frame was very important here, we didnt have any spare minutes at all. Without proper shutdown all images would go wrong.

Now the questios is that why MS overrides the settings when update switched off and restarts the system without asking me???

Also we got this new issue on the servers as well. 2 months ago one of our Sql server updated itself being update disabled and forced to reboot.

Users are getting told what to do... Anyhow I understand the idea behind this, but when a patient needs urgent solution then W10 upgrade/rollback could kill the patient without a joke!

New UK trade deals would not compensate for loss of single market membership



There is nothing to worry about, cause Nigel Farage got his own deal with Germany already. He has applied for a citizenship, so we will be all right. :)


Re: @Tom 64: Really ....

"What evidence do you have to support your bold claim, re the ecomony being in the shitter? "

Have you visited xe.com for example in the last few weeks?

Compare the £ to against anything and you will see the HUGE drops.

Against to my countries currency, it reached the level when the terrorist attack happened in 2005.

I do remember the exact level, cause we swapped over more than 10K. to start our new life here.

You think the Bank of England changed the interest rate to be 0.25% was a coincident? The next thing that will start falling like hell is the housing market and that will hurt us badly!

Learn a scripting language and play nicely: How to get a DevOps job


SaaS, DaaR, DevP

DevOps culture kind of remind me of Rackspace's fanatical support idea...

I think we found the IT holy grail, called devops, the universal solution for everything! :)

Service name: AtoZ

Tesla books over $8bn in overnight sales claims Elon Musk


Re: 198,000

Interesting point of view!

Tesla produce cars since 2010.

Nissan produce cars since 1934.

So it's a very good compare I must say... (not to mention I'm having a Nissan Primera, which I do like cause it's my third one)


With this many order would takes about 3 seconds to get new investors to build another 5 factory to produce these many cars... I don't get it why some people whining about this, this cannot be done.

By the way I just saw that in Saud Arabia the "boss" just made a 2 Billion dollar investment found, when no more oil will be available around the Earth to do some proper business ideas. So this is the time to get together and create more factories I guess.

Putin's internet guru says 'nyet' to Windows, 'da' to desktop Linux


Soo many comments here, great! Love Linux!Let me have an old joke about Russians, please. :)

How do you know the Russian Government is spying on you?You have an extra wardrobe in your room. ;)

Well this is a pretty old, at lest 30+ years old joke, I'm sure old fellas here like myself knew this already.

Regarding to the article: Mac has been really taking over Windows places very much.In a business meeting you barely saw Windows laptop anymore.I could risk to say that, it's a bit "no way hose" now-days, cause if you can't afford a "meeting" laptop for a grand, then how you will afford the stable position for years in any business.It's like the proper suit for the interview, I guess...

The only way is down for NetApp, HPE and IBM storage – study


Re: No SAN

He-he, how about vSAN from VMware? This is the holy grail in storage now-days...

Microsoft struggles against self-inflicted Office 365 IMAP outage


Re: SLA Liability?

Oh yes, you got that feeling?!

Imagine we got more than 100GB mail, but I'd say ours are pretty "good", because it stays stable for 3-4 months without any major hiccup and most of the users use IMAP.


Re: I feel their pain (the engineers actually)

" so who's in charge of testing the patches these days?"

Where they any at all like ever?

Been having fun with M$ for a long time and dealing with Exchange as well, I could say it's always random, if the update will be installed successfully or not. Basically nothing could guaranty that it won't brake the server. At my new company in the last 3 years, Exch2010 got broken twice with M$ updates.

So every roll-up update and service pack are a challenge...

Since I touched the first Exchange I don't understand why it's so bloody complicate to hook up a DB server with a simple SMTP transport + web interface. Of course is much more complex than that, but still you got my point.

Linode: Back at last after ten days of hell


He-he, good one! ;) But aren't they all guaranty 99.9?

Debian Linux founder Ian Murdock dead at 42


Re: very sad...:-(

"I saw a report he was threatening suicide due to some sort of harassment."

This is for the police report, so they could cover their own crap properly I guess.

If I judge by the last couple of years of the available video images on youtube and other sites, then I'd say I would not like to live in the US at all.

He was a good example of how bad the situation is in the US.

No matter if you are white and have money and reputation, any police officers could do whatever they want. And yes police are really bullying black people there. Few months ago they just killed a family guy, who had no proper car insurance and tried to escape from the police after got stopped. He was "running" away and the officer killed him, but someone made a video of the incident with his phone. (on youtube)

Now people say about Ian he had mental illness? Amazing bullshit! What is it going to be tomorrow, terrorist sheikh?

This is a very sad news, we are going to miss a great guy here! Writing this post from his great and reputable product. (Debora + Ian => Debian)

The last post: Building your own mail server, part 1


Yes I was referring to a home broadband with Dynamic address.

But even for example Virginmedia's IP does not work properly and they only change the IP 1-1.5 years.

Most providers got these address blocks already, not a big deal, can be checked on ripe.net freely.

Also not to mention all SPAM filter providers, they do know these blocks already.

If you have a domain to play with, try a fix public IP address with a "wrong" not matching reverse dns address without having an SPF record for the domain. All providers Google/Hotmail/Yahoo will reject your email and will end up in the spam folder, marked as spam. Maybe I was wrong about the reject part, it will end up in the SPAM folder, clearly the user wont have it as a legitimate email.


Nice one,

As it was mentioned by Anonymous generaly is a very bad idea to use mail server on a broadband connection. Google/hotmail/yahoo will reject emails straight away from these ip blocks mo matter what.

Of course the article says what hardware to buy first. Well do not buy anything, you will need a fix public ip from a proper isp, so therefore you need a virtual private server.

Mine is at the moment with OVH which cost me £1.99/month. Fix public ip, 1gb ram, 10gb hdd.

At Hetzner you could get this same server for about 6 quid.

So all in all if you buy any hardware and try to use your broadband for mail/web server, then you will spend 10x more on hardware than you should and also about the same on electric bill to run your small pc.

All small boxes eats up about 20-30w. Also if you try to use any proper MX relay for your broadband, that will also cost about the same amount monthly than a vps server.

Make a calcultation, spend days weeks on the whole lot and you will still end up buying a vps server.

I tried it didnt work, so dont waste your energy on it.

By the way if you have a vps with centos/debian then it takes to fully get configured about 1 day.

On mine i got postfix/dovecot/spamassassin + roundcubemail for webmail.

If you want ssl certificate them get it from ssls.com cost 7 quid for 1 year.