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Tennis pro serves up pic of bad French Open line call

Joshua Sugarman
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Reg Journalism Getting Worse?

Really? You can't see the ball mark?

I understand The Register likes to cover some interesting happenings over the world, but it is very clear to anyone within the tennis world where the ball mark is (after discussing with a few others as well).

The player is spot on here and the umpire should not be at the French Open if he can't correct a quite obvious wrong call.

Teen net addicts pee in bottles to stay glued to WoW

Joshua Sugarman
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Are people going to blame games AGAIN?!

I'm kind of tired of seeing article after article about how gaming is bad, gaming causes stupidity, violence, addiction, peeing in bottles etc...

At the end of the day, the character traits of the people getting addicted to a game such as WoW and peeing in a bottle would do very odd unusual things in many different circumstances, and this is not going to be a behaviour specifically caused by a game or one individual type of activity.

How do I know this? Well, in World of Warcraft raids that can go on 8 hours+, there are very regular "bio" breaks in order for people to sort themselves out (eat, drink, urination etc...) - There would actually be no "need" to sit there and pee in a bottle, because while your doing that everyone else in the raid has actually gone to their physical toilet.

That means it's not the fact that the user "can't" leave the game. It's that they simply "won't". That character trait isn't going to be something brought on by that game in particular (or a similar one), but a character trait that's built into that person because of maybe other issues (aspergers etc...)

The bad publicity games get is simply unjustified - These people already have difficulties and online games will not be causing them.

In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen

Joshua Sugarman

Agree with the kid

I fly regularly and to be honest I'm sick of being told to turn my gadgets off because they could interfere....

If someone can show me some scientific evidence that an iPhone in flight mode playing Bejewelled could cause a jumbo jet to somehow explode, I'd happily turn it off...

As it turns out, Not using the gadget during landing is for the same reason you shouldnt use your cell at a petrol station, or in the quiet carriage on a train - It's to not disturb other passengers. Now that, I agree with. If my music was too loud, I would happily turn it down...

But when some blonde paris lookalike tells me that using my iphone will cause the plane to crash, I almost use it in protest of being lied to...

As for the guy tapping/punching whatever, he gets everything he deserves (hopefully a court date). It's absolutely none of his business! Crazy story!

The 99p mobile phone: What's the catch?

Joshua Sugarman

Re: It's about time

Well that's a pretty sweeping statement...

So todays generation of kids can use iphones, develop their own applications at times, use computers in quite an advanced fashion compared to the average older user, and yet they're "morons" compared to an older generation who clicks on every popup warning them of a virus?

It's "morons" like you who think young generations are just "morons"!!!

Onto your latter point - OMG you had a bad experience with a college kid...? Right...! I've had bad experiences with older people, yet I don't think the entire generation are a bunch of morons?!

Society changes with technology - As smartphones become the norm the young generation knows nothing less - This doesn't make them dumb at all - It makes them a part of society. Either grow with it, or don't, but there's no need to complain and insult others...

EU Parliament plans Google-powered paedo detector

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What are their real intentions?

I'm pretty sure they're not stupid enough to think they can prosecute someone under child pornography offences for googling search terms that would reveal such information?

Working in said industry, it would be a ridiculous method of crime prevention. Journalists, researchers and I'm sure many other professions would be then assumed guilty for just searching for an inappropriate term?!

Based on the fact that I REALLY don't believe the EU are dumb enough to take the above line, there must be another reason for them wanting google to keep logs, and hiding behind some silly excuse in Apple-esque style (with the whole "we control apps because we dont want kids seeing porn" excuse)...

Lies lies lies....

Gamers risk early graves, claims advert

Joshua Sugarman

False advertising?

I don't know if its just me thinking this, but it seems to advertise that video games will cause an early grave...

However, it seems to be that:

Video Games + Lots of fat + lots of salt + Lots of sugar + lack of healthy food + lack of vitamins + lack of any excercise + lack of good parenting = Early death

Yet this poster seems to suggest that video games is really the key!

May I also suggest deisning a poster which says "Reading causes an early grave". After all, book worms sit down and read for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to hear the comeback on that?

Maybe its a desperate attempt to try and get young people out, but the scare tactic never works. Look at cigarette sales with the death warning on... It does not work, and for me its unethical.

Ridiculous poster. Ridiculous message from the poster. Not thought out at all, and attacking a generation rather than assisting or helping them develop.

Just my opinion though ;)

WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'

Joshua Sugarman

WoWs taken over my life

I'm too addicted to WoW, it's hurrendous.

But if I can go commit a crime and then sue Blizzard for it, WoW! (no pun intended... ok maybe a little)

The guy is crazy obviously, seeing as he's filing the lawsuit. If he was going to lose touch with reality it would happen, whether it be due to a game, movie, song, picture, porn mag, who cares.

Point is this is crazy, and I hope it doesn't hurt Blizzard!

Sutton Police bribe kids to behave

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Unfair on the kids that are good

Little Jimmy is 15, a couple of friends but pretty content with sitting at home building a linux machine in his spare time.

He gets into no trouble, doesn't go out much. Why should little Jimmy not be able to get the 10% discount, while big bully Brian who is forced to go to these by his parents gets to enjoy lots of cheaper free stuff.

This benefits the parents more than the kids as it is them who provides money, and we all know that kids who are criminals in these areas are usually so due to their upbringing etc....

My point is, the good people are not getting any incentive, while if they then did something bad to get invited to one of these things, then suddenly they get discount. See a problem?

This is exactly like a connexions scheme that would give free ipods to skiivers who return to school. What about all the top class kids that go and have poor backgrounds? It's a silly silly thing to do.

Xbox 360 console failure rate forecast at 16.4%

Joshua Sugarman

So many problems

Even consoles that don't break have problems though.

I'm on my 3rd now (from Microsoft) and getting the same problem "This disc can not be read".

tried new hard drives, new disc's.. and it occurs at the same point on the game. I.E in fifa 2008 when on xbox live, prob a 1 in 8 chance of the message coming up, even with a brand new disc!

I used to be in love with the 360, but so many errors and problems, it's hard to stay faithful!

Reg readers get physical with virtual machines

Joshua Sugarman


You're half correct. Its not really the same thing, but you do misunderstand Virtuozzo.

Take a standard enterprise network. Most servers such as DC's, Exchange, Web Server (Mission Critical Stuff) is hosted on Server 2003... With VMWare you must install 4 VMWare boxes seperately on one machine. This means if you have 4gigs of RAM, you must give each box less than 1GB so not to max it out.

With Virtuozzo you can set virtual hard limits but as the resources aren't provisioned and as the OS files are used for the HD space, you have greater server density also increasing HA.

However, a VE inside Virtuozzo IS ITS OWN MACHINE... You can do what you like to the files inside of it, and if you change the system files, it will create a new real file instead of a virtual pointer to the HOST file inside the VE. Thus the end user has a Server 2003 box and has NO evidence it is virtualised.

VMWare has tried going into this market, but to be honest its higher cost, reduced performance. VMWare is the best at a quick one test machine do what you like, but for your mission critical servers, why waste resources? Why not consolidate, use OS Virtualisation, use your hardware and still have exactly the same performance....

So no Virtuozzo isn't PRIMARILY aimed at webhosting. But that is one of it's uses. There are many others inc servers inside a corporate network, and even virtual desktops with a connection broker I imagine...

Based on the information above, I am utterly confused why VMWare gets the ultra hype?

Joshua Sugarman

VMWare isn't everything

There has been a LOT of hype about VMWare on the register, but interestingly VMWare is a MUCH WORSE solution to Virtual Servers, DR, HA and other solutions requiring virtual machines....

VMWare provisions hardware for a VPS right? OS virtualisation (i.e Virtuozzo from SWSoft) can allow for 100000 VPS's on one machine (though not best advised).

The OS are just 0kb links to the hose operating system and the RAM is the host's RAM meaning server requirements are majorly reduced and you have a much increased server density all round solution!

I don't personally understand why VMware has such a grip on the market? That's my opinion personally though I suppose....

Google's gives the world (another) Linux phone OS

Joshua Sugarman
IT Angle

Free OS for HTC's?

Can someone explain if this OS will be free to use on current HTC Handsets (Like the TYTN II) or just compatible with newer phones. The latter option sucks :(

Online casinos hit by bot armies

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@Eduard Coli

How gullible and naiive are you to think it's rigged :)

Studies show that in the Bot v Player race, the player wins in the long run as the Bot makes the same decisions in the same places so can easily be played against. In depth scientific studies with the most advanced bots in the world showed this. It was even an article here on the register. So even if one bot is sat at the table, you'll only lose if you're bad player (in which you'd lose anyway....)

As for "random". The sites are Governed and ensured that the algorithms indeed are completely random. There is no way anyone can disagree with that comment. A lot of people have a bad run at a site and think its purposly rigged, but what would the Poker Room's have to gain from that? They take money in the form of a rake so they want it nice and fair of course... Use some logic and try not call other people naiive just because you don't understand it!

As for slot machines... That is a pure random luck game. Poker (Especially texas hold'em) has much more skill due to the reading of betting patterns and the mathematics of the game including equity, pot odds, implied odds, etc.... Once again if you don't know what these mean, you can't really argue about it...

Online Poker has always been a fair and fun way of getting on the tables, on the internet... The ONLY danger is collusion. Methods such as monitoring IP Addresses help to get around collusion, but with a whole botnet doing it, that's the worrying thing. However, I'm still rather sure that this is an incredibly rare occurance.

Joshua Sugarman
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Not good news for poker!

I'm a regular online poker player at fulltilt and though collusion (in a form of cheating) obviously takes place in small doses, the recent news article of bot nets connecting in performing attacks is increasingly worrying!

After all, a botnet would mean the users have different IP Addresses etc and so much harder to detect. To know that fulltilt failed to discover this as it happened means I'm more inclined to leave.. or maybe to give online poker a break until this is secured again!

Virtualization software to crush server market

Joshua Sugarman

RE: when the OS fails you lose it all.

Only if you're stupid enough not to do backups?

VMWare ESX allows for SAN Storage of the VM so if the OS fails on your server thats running them, you bring up another temp one and run the VM's from there. No data loss, just a few mins of downtime...

And then you'll say "what if the san fails?". Simple... RAID, or whatever other disk backup...

A perfect solution includes multiple links between 2 SAN's and 2 Servers running virtual machines. once set up, the reduction on hardware and management costs is so great (and electricity which can be tested using PowerRecon), it's definitely a profitable and efficient solution!

Virtuozzo is another innovative technology which provides software virtualisation rather than hardware virtualisation to directly tackle these issues.


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