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Edifier Luna 5 iPod speaker

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No thanks.

I'll stick to my KRK RP5's, thats for sure. What on earth is the point in having expensive or "good quality" speakers for playing mp3's through anyway? Its only ever going to sound as good as the source, so in the case of mp3's absolutely rubbish for anything other than casual/background listening.

OpenOffice.org welcomes gatecrashers to version 3.0 orgy



... and I cry when I sit and wait for OpenOffice to start up.

Hypercard tool gets Linux leg up


Re: Wow

"...Who would have thought that English could ever be a programming language?"

COBOL anyone??

Apple sells one in six US laptops


re: FUD

"Vista doesn't really need any more RAM to be "usable" than XP does..."

Running Vista on 256MB RAM, that'd be interesting... even without the Aqua, err, I mean Aero desktop interface.

Nashville strippers finger net forger


Re: The really scary stuff

"If you really want the behind scaring off you, do some research starting from the Wiki link and find out how banknote counterfeiting prevention has been privatised. The final decision of whether a given piece of paper is a genuine banknote or a worthless counterfeit rests not with your country's Central Bank, but with a faceless corporation."

Cue scary music and Dr Evil's laugh.

Email has workers tearing their hair out


I can't help thinking...

... that this is all a bit stupid. I mean surely this just comes down to working habbits. People just need to work a bit more effectively if they feel e-mail is a "pressure". How hard can it be - check them when you come in to work, deal with them, check them again at lunchtime and again before you go home. How hard is that? If something is hugely urgent I'd consider it a bit silly to e-mail someone - how about phoning them, or, dare I say it, even walking over to talk to them in person?

Funny how no one seems to get this same "pressure" to check voicemail...

IBM: Dinosaurs were green


Agree with the last few comments

B Shubin, and most comments since have pretty much hit the nail on the head. Said all I wanted to anyway, especially regarding the "Day off everybody" comment...

UK gov should move into PC reseller biz, says report


Re: Which would you prefer...

"Which would you prefer, an old government pc, thats probably so low spec it can't do much more than type a letter, or a brand new entry level pc from pcworld for with a flat monitor and a printer."

I'd either go for neither of them, or the ex govt computer. Buying a cheap, mass-market bit of crap from PC world is pretty much ensuring you'll have a nice little moneypit for the 9 months it'll last.


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