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iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know



$10 will buy you 99% of these upgrades. What's the point of shelling out nearly £538, in the current economic climate, for such a pitiful upgrade??

Official next-gen PlayStation Portable details leaked


I'm sure it's a lovely device

...but it looks awful. Also, from various sources, no UMD, so you have to download ALL your games. This thing will hacked wide-open on release day...

(sorry If I re-iterated anything in the article, I just skimmed over it)

Apple to look to software to differentiate multiple iPhone models



This is pointless, you'll just go to the App store and download the necessary apps, also, as mentioned earlier, increased hacking, more people will turn to external apps to control their iPods/iPhones

'Della': Dell's very special site for women


Dell's Homo-Erotic Fantasy

Dell further subjegates it's customers by breaking us up into boys-only/girls-only websites. Are they planning to evolve the boys site into a Nuts/Zoo-esque affair.

Personally I would pay for a Dell Laptop if Jordon had a tits draped all over it...

Kettering to London: 18 hours by rail, bus and pack mule


Could have been worse!!

Kettring is The Midland sLint Basket


Slight Oversight

Nice route, but Milton Keynes doesn't have a Tube service??

Chip cooler launches liquid nitro at CPUs

Paris Hilton

LN2 - Not that clever an idea

LN2 may require a license for you to hold it (not literally in your hands before anyone starts!). I have read that some countries require you to be licensed. My two cents anyway...

Slimline iPhone pictures unearthed


iphone 4G

this would support the rumours of an OLED screen though, allowing for a thinner iPhone and an even thinner iPod Touch.

It's the Kate Moss of mobile phones surely, just without the drug addled boyfriend...

iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys


not bad

...pretty crap iPod Touch users have to pay for it though. I am guessing if this is limited to the 3G iPhones, then it will probably be limited to the newer iPod Touch??!

Apple 24in iMac (March 2009)


not what I expected

personally I was hoping for a 30" iMac, not some pox hardware upgrades I could already purchase in the first place...

Official Amazon Kindle 2 images leak out


Kindle Smindle

These look very similar to the "concept" images of the Kindle from a few years ago??!!

Sky mulls PVR software rollback

Gates Horns

I am still non the wiser

I have Sky+ and I am yet to receive this update. So either Sky have already prevented the rollout, or are already int he process of rolling everything back...

And I still can't find ANY info on what this update actually achieves/does. Aside from destroying out of warranty boxes...

Bill gates with Horms becuase Microsoft are the cuase of everything wrong, electronically, in the world.

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'


NXE Impressions

All in all I'm impressed with it, it certainly SEEMS to make the console feel more lightweight. I have already installed GTA: IV to the HDD leaving me with 5GB of space to save stuff too (I have the demo of Mirrors edge installed too) So a 20GB HDD isn't a total bust, but you have to think carefully before you download something now...

I'm al;ready saving my pennies for a 120GB HDD... Microsoft's plan all along I think...

What happens when the experience becomes old hat though, will it just become Xbox Experience??

Also anyone noticed they retured Windows 3.11 recently too, coincidence??

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival


What about...

Kolonic Kestrel!!

Mythbusters busted over RFID gagging


re: Kari is hot

Yes Kari is hot, but she seems to be getting more and more annoying with each episode.

Maybe they are having legal issues regarding the RFID stuff BECUASE it may be a tad illegal to clone/copy information. Just a thought, I may be hellishly wrong!!

Southeast London is card fraud cesspool


Black Market

Oh the puns that could arise, but I assume you mean the Black Market AKA eBay??!!

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed



I remember using Windows 3.11, so it wasn't that long ago...

you can't tell me the UK school system is behind the times!!

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset


Does anyone remember Jabra Headsets???

In the UK, There used to be Jabra "jelly" headsets, these had a tiny microphone that attached itself to your jawbone, so rather than looking like a call centre operative in your car, you could look like a tw*t in your car instead...

This is just reinventing the wheel

Set-top box modders sent to prison



With Sky the box is yours after 1 year, I don't know how it works with Virgin Media??? My parents where with them in the NTL days and afters 6 years of dedicated viewing, NTL asked for there box back when they left them to emigrate to Thailand...

Police go slow with encryption key terror powers


Maybe it is just fear...

Police seem very afraid of technology. Maybe they are just scared of this "new" tech.

We once had a server hacked at a company I worked for in Stoke. They sent two officers down to collect finger prints and determine a point of entry to the server room, it didn't occur to them that this could be done remotely and they needed more electronic methods to see what had happened.

They went a lovely shade of red when we explained what a hack was and what DDOS attack meant...

Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs



What a w*nker! Did Nintendo refuse to publish some of his games or something??

OpenOffice update released


Just waiting for GIMP now

just waiting for GIMP to come up to the same compatibility level and I can ditch Windows completely!!!

Well done OOO

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan


FFS - Data Protection Act

Why are politicians hiding behind piddly little laws when it comes to tracking and combating terrorism??? Look at all this high-tech sh*t we just bought, but we can't use it because some bureaucrat thinks it will infringe the human rights of some shady character who's come to assassinate the prime minister!!

Of course I wouldn't want my data infringed, but does that mean that setting up my out of office assistant to say "Sorry I'm not here, but I'm on holiday in the Yukon!!" mean I am infringing my own data protection by letting people know I am not there, I am out of the country, I am on holiday and I am in the Yukon.

Legal Loophole: Please swipe your fingerprints sir, it's just like a giant out of office assistant that notifies the government you're not here!!

Forth Bridge painters to down brushes in 2012


Will this be like the 70s

This reminds me of when employees of British Layland all had Maxi Orange bathrooms!!

Will the employees painting the bridge all have 40 year proof painted houses??


Reduce your exposure to AJAX threats


What sort?

what sort of meta tag would that be then???

Woolworths stores to stop selling HD DVD


"it is extremely early to spot which format will eventually win" - WTF!!

I think it's a fore-gone conclusion that Blu-Ray will triumph, as reported on this very website, more and more people are moving over to Blu-Ray or drooping it completely from their sales line-up. Toshiba are being overly optimistic on this one!!

Bank turns London man into RFID-enabled guinea pig

Thumb Down

Back to square one

HANG ON!!! Weren't we all forced over to chip and pin so everything was more secure in case our cards GOT stolen, this paywave thing is back to square one surely. Yes it is limited to £10 transactions MAX, but someone will find a way to eliminate that limit and abuse the sysem.

Waste of time, what was chip and pin for if they are going to take a step back with this system!!??



You could always build a little faraday cage for the card... LOL!!

Japan to lose 20GB and 60GB PS3


Backwards compatibility

Why would you buy a PS3 if you want to play PS2 games??? You never know, knowing Sony they will probably rejig the config of the 40GB version to include backwards compatibility and the missing card reader. Take the case of a 60GB and pop a 40GB in it (with a few extras fo course)...

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety


Portable HDD??!!

Zipping is a good idea, but what about setting up an FTP server on it?? Or another WACKY idea, move it to the other PC you want to use it on!!

This drive sounds like a complete waste of time though, you could sue for mis-representation, the product DOES NOT do what it say it does, it doesn't let you share over your own network!!

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain


No surprises

I am in a similar situation, everything I write or do on Wikipedia, whether it is relevant or not, is removed within 24 hours...

Will Darling's data giveaway kill off ID cards?


ID Cards

What's the point of ID cards now, there's enough fake data out there now for anyone to be cloned. When the abbey was bought by Santander and my records transferred over to the Santander system, they changed my name, screwing up every direct debit and standing order I have, bascially erasing me from history. The goverment has now lost enough data on me (as I have children), for someone to be open or do pretty much anything in my name.

So what if the data is protected by military grade encryption, so what, a 5 year old has probably already worked out the password, or even worse, the dumb-ass at the goverment office probably wrote the password ON THE CD!!

US PS3 sales rocket after 40GB console debut


PS3 Sales Sky Rocket because...

could this also be down to the fact that Nintendo are suffering with stock at the moment, and you can't get one without remortgaging your home???

Kylie comforts the Time Lord


James Cameron LUUUUURVES The Titanic!!

First of all, Deepest sympathies to David and his family. Second of all, nice piece of fan-fic for the 'Voyage of the Damnded' Trailier, but as everyone else points out, Kylies is looking decidedly glam for a waitress. Nicely done though...