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Drones need their own version of Asimov's laws of robotics – MEPs


Hull flying club ( currently un named )

We are trying to establish a club in Hull in the UK to teach the laws and safety of flying QUADCOPTERS and DRONES. We also aim to teach building, repairing and flying these RC craft on a hobby level and business level.

Yes we will have insurance for every one in the club.

We think that what we are doing is preventing RC craft and commercial aircraft flying in the same space.

Preventing by education peoples privacy being invaded.

Encouraging youngsters to get there adrenalin rush by way of quadcopter racing in FPV mode. First Person View Mode is achieved by flying the quadcopter wearing googles that receive a video link from the camera on the front of the craft. Rather them be doing this than stealing your vehicle and getting the adrenaline rush via that way

Please dont confuse a drone with a quadcopter. Quadcopters are flown at low levels at high speed round a course built by the clubs. A drone is capable of automated flight, it uses range from private photography and video, search and rescue, inspection work and sadly in the governments case war. Excluding the government the law for flying quads and uav say the ceiling height for flight is 400 feet ( comercial helicopters fly as low as 500 feet hence why were are limited to 400 feet )

This is why we aim to teach people about the fast forming hobby.

Yes people who break the laws should be fined and the revenue of the fines should be fed back to support educational RC clubs


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