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Twitter goes titsup


Twatter Down

Best place for it the pile of shite

Murderous necrophiliac kangaroo briefly wins nation's heart


RE: Natural Behaviour

@ DavidJB

"There's a famous photograph of an elephant having its way with a rhino. Sounds hilarious until you see the size of an elephant's todger. Ouch!"

That's nothing a friend of mine got raped by an Elephant. His backdoor was in a right old state and I said I had no idea an Elephant had a cock that big. He said the elephant fingered him first...

Microsoft releases major PowerShell update after long preview



Am I missing something here or what? The name of the OS is Windows becaus it uses Windows.

The reason it uses Windows and they chose to use Windows is because most people do not have the time, brain or motivation to learn a fucking shell. Why not just roll DOS out again the twats...

Software engineer sobers up to deal with 2:00 AM trouble at mill


What a hero

Trouble at Mill was it???

'Powerful blast' at Glasgow City Council data centre prompts IT meltdown


Would that single point be their DR plan?


They spent their budget on deep fried marsd bars...

India to add seven new elite IT training institutes


Why do they all have english Christian names....

Would you like to switch your provindings to a provindings that provides a better providings? You get a free ringading...

Kids' TV show Rainbow in homosexual agenda shocker


Dirty bitch Jane

Personally I think the only homo material in the show was when Rod and Freddy spit roasted Jane

International Space Station braces for pre-Christmas rush


"with a Cygnus space truck to unload" come off it they are just getting Chrimbo deliveries. A few hampers and crates of bev more like it

Six years in the slammer for SilkRoad-skimming secret agent



"so the crime deserved a sentence near the top of the scale"

6 years is not top of the scale.... Life without parole is

Alleged Silk Road architect arrested in Thailand



Personally I think he is a hero, where else could I have got some OG Kush when there was a drought on, also when I first stumbled accross his site I saw Bitcoins were 2 quid a pop. I bought fifty of them and kept a few in my SR account. I did not log in for about 18 months and found I had a few grand in my account...You don't get that sort of service on the street???

Per-core licences coming to Windows Server and System Center 2016



"I was more of a tech weenie. You know, the guy the PM and others turn to when they need a solution, or need a good estimate of the time something will take, or need any number of other bits of information. I let the PM handle the paperwork though, that's what they're for really."

Your going to break your arm patting yourself on the back...

Your teeth are how furry you say?

Part of the world's IT brought down by Azure Active Directory issue


I would not trust MS to baby sit my dog let alone trust them with my infrastructure, vaporware for idiots

British killer robot takes out two Britons in Syria strike



You have to look at the bigger picture here. The UK along with the US were mainly responsible for the creation of ISIS by implementing a prime minister (Nouri Maliki) in Iraq who was no better than Sadam and systematically killed hundreds of Sunnis whilst the west looked the other way. Nothing good can come from violence and we are now reaping the seeds we have sown from our meddling in affairs that do not concern us?