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It's 2015 and miscreants are still trying to dupe you with fake BSoDs

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Got a "Tech Support" scammer the other day...

He tried to get me to open the Windows Event Viewer so he could claim all those errors were virii. It failed because I told him there was no such application installed on my machine. Then he tried to get me to visit a website "to test for errors" & when I recognized the URL, I told him the results were "Kinda fuzzy. It says something about a kernel error? I'm not sure, the screen is all garbled." He went through a couple more "troubleshooting steps" trying to get me to install various Remote Desktop Clients, and I told him they all failed as invalid applications. He finally asked in exaspiration if I was sure my computer wasn't compromised at that moment, to which I assured him "I know it's not compromised. It's a Commodore 128D. It doesn't run Windows." He started screaming & cursing at me, so I laughed in his ear & told him I'd ask his mom about him when she came over later for delivering my nightly oral delights. He cursed at me in (Farsi?) for a bit then slammed down the phone.

Man I love fucking with their heads. It's like they WANT to be abused!

Don't want to upgrade to Windows 10? You'll download it WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT

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Re: FSF recommended distros

The URL you've given results in a 404 error. Please try again. Thanks.

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Re: "Personal" computer no more

A trillion UpVotes for that! I'd buy you an entire KEG if I were close enough to shoulder-surf you to the pub & drown you in Pints.

Epicly Well Put!

Anti-peeping-tom drone law nixed in California

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That "Thunderstorm" you just heard...

...was every GangBanger in greater Los Angeles opening fire on any/every "drone" they see.

I don't blame that dad for shooting down the drone he feared was peeping on his daughters, and something tells me a lot more armed parents are going to start doing likewise. "You fly a drone over my property & I'll consider it Tresspassing. Don't want me shooting your ass down? Don't fly over my home."

And whom can blame the shooter? If you caught a Peeping Tom looking in your daughter's 2nd story window at 3AM, your first thought is to yell for someone else to call the cops while YOU grab the bastard & beat the shit out of the pervert. Since you can't reach the drone by hand, blowing it away is a perfectly reasonable reaction instead. As is shooting the Criminal Tresspasser on your property.

I realize most Europeans don't own a gun & will disagree with this, that's fine & I welcome the discussion, but if you catch someone violating your privacy in such a blatant & flagrant manner, do you not wish to inflict grievous bodily harm on the scum?

The remote control from HELL: Driverless cars slam on brakes for LASER POINTER

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Re: Anti-spoofing

Couple a Random Number Generator to the LIDAR generator & modulate the pulses as per the RNG.

The LIDAR sensor ignores everything not on that exact modulation as obviously not having originated from itself.

Every RNG seconds the RNG+LIDAR sequence is reset, recalculated with a new RNG, and thus the filtered signals are never the same from cycle to cycle.

In order to spoof such a system one would only be able to do so for the duration of a single cycle, at which point the targeted LIDAR unit picks a new RNG, filters out everything not modulated TO that RNG, and thus renders the spoofing device moot.

The spoofer can scan the target again & try to spoof the results, but it can only do it for however long the target is still using the detected RNG sequence.

The moment the target switches RNG patterns, the spoofer has to start all over again.

Granted if enough vehicles on the road are using the same RNG+LIDAR sequencer system, the spoofer is bound to find a number of targets using the RNG that will then react to the spoof, but that only lasts as long as the targets are still using that same RNG sequence.

TL;DR: Connect a random number generator to the LIDAR pulse generator, have the LIDAR sensor ignore everything not modulated to that exact RNG sequence, and change RNG sequences every random seconds.

Cuffed Texan woman holsters loaded gun IN VAGINA

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How's that old addage go again...

A bird in the hand is worth a .22 in the bush?

Et voilà: Violated Versailles vagina might stay violated

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It's truely fucked?

That makes me want to erect a flock of those "Bobbing Bird" style sculptures around the giant vagina, only instead of birds they'd be LawnGnomes with giant rainbow penises. Imagine a hundred midgets making lewd hip-thrusty motions at a giant vagina, and all of them set to play the Disney song "Whistle While You Work". Cement/SuperGlue them in place so they can't be removed, dress each one up like various members of Parliment, and if anyone decides to remove a gnome by tearing it out of it's shoes, that'll leave an empty spot for some visitor to stand in it's place & mimick the munchkins!

I'll get my coat, it's the one with a hundred squirt guns in the pockets all filled with rainbow bubble soap.

Ship-swallowing GREEN BIO-STORM spotted FROM SPAAACE

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Re: Nice.

Will it beam back all those high rez shots of Uranus?