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Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

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Re: No AI, But People Expect Autonomous Cars?

The other aspect people fail to consider is that these cars currently operate in only good weather. They aren't subject to (un)intentional sensor attacks. The systems are typically tied into the infotainment system (seems like that would be a clearly obvious no-no for a plethora of security reasons). There isn't a public prediction tree for which decision a vehicle will make if it comes across a bad situation, if the choices amount to running into an oncoming car, ditch or tree when it detects an 'accident' situation. What bad choice will the vehicle make and why? Will a semi hit a bus head-on as opposed to striking a bridge column? Will it strike a pedestrian or hit a concrete power column? Will it drive through a wild fire because it doesn't know any better? Will it stop and turn off if exhaust gets into the car's cabin? How will it know to drive at a slower rate of speed if there's a risk of black ice? What is an acceptable rate of failure, because auto manufacturer's aren't going to be held to 99.999% as it relates to faults?

Date engraved onto net neutrality tombstone: June 11, 2018

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Re: Senate Vote

"the will of the people" was actually over three million more votes for HRC than Trump. Hardly a mandate. Leave it to the U.S. to have a system designed to protect slavery place an unqualified idiot into a job that the more qualified candidate should have gotten. Doesn't mean that HRC was the best, but she damn sure wouldn't have been Putin's little bee-yotch and she understood how government works, domestically and on the international stage.

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I'm ineligible, but so what.

I think it would be better for everyone if I just got rid of a few error logs.