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1Gbps, 4K streaming, buffering a thing of the past – but do Brits really even want full fibre?


This is completely stupid !

If customers dont want fibre because 10mbps is enough then switch them to fibre for free and limit the bandwidth to 10mbps, what is so difficult with that !

Ah, they want the customer to pay for something they dont need or want at the moment - I bet they do, well that isn't going to happen and saying they will end copper at a specific date will depending how they do it will potentially mean some people will opt out of internet services due to the added expense of a service they don't want or require. Just reduce fibre packages to ADSL prices with a free bonus speed upgrade from 10mbps to 20mbps or 30mbps.

It will not go down well if you say look buddy your £10 a month unlimited ADSL at 10mbps is being discontinued so upgrade to fibre at 50mbps at £50 or lose internet services ! I know I would be pissed even if i was out of contract !

Its much better to use a carrot than a stick so do packages that make it enticing enough to make the jump to fibre or upgrade them as I said for free but limit their bandwidth to 10mbps or better still upgrade them for free to 30mbps and dont tell them what you have done !

Former UK PM Tony Blair urges governments to sort out online ID



Hahahahah brilliant !


Former PM idiot Blair should be told to STFU

What does it matter what an ex-Priminister who should be tried for war crimes has to say about anything that matters in the UK. He is an out right liar and fraud and should be locked up for his crimes rather than anyone listen to what he thinks of anything at all !

Italian data protector makes Facebook an offer it might want to refuse: A €1m fine for Cambridge Analytica data leak


Re: Just pocket change

I totally agree hit them hard where it hurt's maybe next time they will make sure it won't happen and make it X 10 the fine if does !

No backdoor, no backdoor... you're a backdoor! Huawei won't spy for China or anyone else, exec tells MPs


Re: Close the business

Not Sure if you are being genuine or sarcastic !

Especially considering GCHQ's history !


Re: No laws?

There is no real difference between any Gov of any Country and anyhow can USA complain about Huawei when it uses any security vulnerabilities it can in order to access any hardware it can especially Cisco. Infact they have teams of people looking for Vuln's so they can exploit them (rather than make them known so they can be plugged the the manufacturer) and I imagine China and all other Gov's secret service do the same especially USA because Eddy Snowden let that one slip !

There is one final twist worth thinking about, maybe Huawei is more secure or doesn't have one particular security hole that other manufacturer's do and that is why the USA doesn't like Huawei !

UK's planned Espionage Act will crack down on Snowden-style Brit whistleblowers, suspected backdoored gear (cough, Huawei)


1984 !

Jokes aside people, this is so scary and it make me angry cos if the politicians won't deliver BREXIT as was mandated by the referendum by 51% of the vote then we are going down a very bad direction because the politicians really don't believe that they work for us and that if they create new laws then we will not be able to fight them when we eventually get back our backbone because our crimes will not be trying to make the country a free thinking state again but called Treason !

Six Flags fingerprinted my son without consent, says mom. Y'know, this biometric case has teeth, say state supremes...


Companies will always push the privacy barriers because money is to be made from it.

Sadly companies can make money on personal data and probably can make more than the cost of a season ticket over time including after the season ticket expires so they want this data because it is guaranteed money whether a person uses the season ticket or not !

Biometric data is the future and governments know this and so do businesses, sadly there is only a few percentage of people who want to protect their biometric data and so the ignorant sheep will lead the rest of us up shit creek whether we wan to go there or not unless we can educate them. What annoys me most is there still seems to me only a small percentage of IT people that understand this which is amazing since you would have thought that their logical thinking and understanding of computer data would help them see the downside in the future !

I personally dont trust any entity with my Biometric data and I dont use facial or fingerprint to unlock my phone, yes the UK Gov has my Photo for my passport because I had no choice if i want to travel and sadly this is how they catch us all, slowly, slowly cookie froggie and eventually they will get us all. Drivers license and Passports and they will try and catch young people in some way like this instance of Theme park season tickets but eventually it will be at birth blood for DNA and fingerprint and footprints, i am not sure when iris scans would be taken. But it does look a bleak future for everyone in western society when your identity is up for grabs by anyone !

Yes, Americans, you can break anti-piracy DRM if you want to repair some of your kit – US govt


I get it, but isn't it better to vote with your wallet !

For me would never buy Apple, never have never will mainly cos they will screw you over and you only pay for the name and not the hardware, yes they use clever software to get the most out of their propriety kit just like Games consoles do. But being a techie since well 1981 i suppose, i just always preferred to know what I am buying and can upgrade to stretch the life out of my kit - This was obviously when PC's came about, so I just never like Apple products. Finally if i dont like a product I dont buy it or dont buy it a second time. I dont use MS Windows anymore due to spying and MS's attitude to customers so I use Linux. I would never buy Apple due to their bad attitude to customer repairs. But there are so many lemming's out there buy Apple ! It really makes me laugh when people complain and then go and buy the next product from Apple again !!!!

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel


Re: "the system has a more modern and 'flatter' look"

Cinnamon is what made it comfortable for me to migrate away from Windows and its the first install I do to Ubuntu after updating !

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


Re: Installing Windows 7 on Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

I dont have any issue's, butthen again i use a proper stable OS called Linux Ubuntu 18.10 ! Maybe its outside your comfort zone even consider another OS - but thats your loss not mine !


Thank you Microsoft.

Than you Microsoft for forcing me to leave your ECO system of Windows in Feb 2016, it has been such a pleasant time using my Laptops since then, with no hassle of wanting to reboot after simple security updates. I dont get BSOD's and my laptop seems like it has had a performance upgrade that was somehow for free !

I have no worries with viruses - life is such a happy place on Linux with Cinnamon desktop GUI.

What really surprises me is the amount of software that is totally free and even games are working in steam :)

I am sorry to hear some of your current users are not having a nice time at the moment and I am sure your shenanigans of late will also help them to reevaluate what OS they should be using going forward !

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'

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Re: CASH...CASH is the answer....

Not sure how much a sim costs from Three these days but surely using a VPN on you Android Mobile device would be more economical and less hassle especially if you change the VPN server to a different Country on weekly basis also NOT using Google pay might be be a good idea.

IoT coverage for 95% of UK by 2019? We can't even do 4G, Sigfox


Hackers delight

Well, any sensible (intelligent) IT person wouldn't use IoT unless they want to hack other peoples IoT devices !

What chance has security got if manufacturers can't even lock down Internet routers !

And my final words are that once installed, will these IoT devices phone home for security updates, will the owners be aware that their device is an IoT and will do security updates manually if it cannot do them automatically ?

Basically the future is going to be a f**king nightmare, especially with the likes of smart meters and IoT devices !

Germany, France lobby hard for terror-busting encryption backdoors – Europe seems to agree

Big Brother

You always know when a politician is telling you a lie, his/her lips move !

It is that simple folks !

Just get a politician to make 1+1=3, they will find a way !

VMS will be ready to run on x86 in 2019!


Running OpenVMS in a VM in Linux would be cool !

Although I'm not sure how useful I would personally find it, but quite nostalgic at the very least !

Senator! calls! for! SEC! probe! to! be! inserted! into! Yahoo!


Whats all the fuss about !

Now wouldn't it be funny if it was the NSA that hacked Yahoo !

Anyway people these days don't seem to worry about privacy issues as they always shout well what have you got to hide !

Well it seems some people might have something to hide after all, but I doubt they will be prosecuted !

I wonder if MS is starting to get worried these with all the personal data it holds, including emails and Win 10 telemetry !

Ah, I forgot, its already accepted practice for MS to give complete access to NSA etc to their data - Oops I thought it was general knowledge - What do you mean its not ?

You mean its not general knowledge or its not accepted practice - NO COMMENT !

Microsoft paid me $650 to scrub Windows 10 from my grandpa's PC, says man


WTF - Win 10 forced me !

Yup, it did !

It force me to quit the MS ECO system after more years than I care to recall, like I've been using it since Win 3.1 !

I've used most of their OS's except the crap one's like Millennium, Vista, 8.0,8.1 although I did give 10 a 3 month trial but with all the shenanigans that it was playing I finally gave up on it !

I finally though WTF, it's my PC and if the OS won't comply then I will fu*king change it and I did !

I went back to Win 7.0 WTF !!!

Spent so long doing damn updates, well waiting for the buggers to download and install !

Finally I gave up again !

So I downloaded one of those free OS's onto an old 2GB usb stick.

It installed in a few minutes WTF !

I thought it was borked !

But no, it worked ??

Nah, this was too quick, too simple WTF !

It really worked, I can't believe it ?

I haven't looked back since and it hasn't got any of that spyware or any other sh*t that Win 10 had :)

What else can I say except WTF - Win 10 forced me to install Linux !

BBC to demand logins for iPlayer in early 2017

Big Brother

BBC ??

Does anybody with any real intelligence actually watch the BBC anymore ?

Scrapped NHS care.data ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m


Just make it an Opt-in rather than Opt-out !!!!

It is so f**king simple, if its made Opt-in then only the people with any interest in letting their private medical information be open for every man and dog to peruse at their leisure would join said stupid scheme !

Just like at the bottom of some forms they have a tick box for you to be opted-in to advertising BS, obviously most people don't tick the box, because most people are not that stupid or are they ?

And! it! begins! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts!


Privacy !!!!!!

I just don't get it, people are screaming about this but Google, Microsoft and Apple can walk all over one's privacy and not a peep or squawk from man nor beast !

Forgive me, father, for I have used an ad-blocker on news websites...


Re: The problem with using an AD Blocker

Lucky bloke, I love Masinloc but sadly living in UK :( Heart in one country head in another :(


Re: Some are downright annoying!

I doubt they would be able to hear you unless they were using ABP - lol

Shopkeeper installs forecourt khazi to counter mystery Dublin dung dumper



Really great article - even if it has nothing to do with techie news !

I bet you crapped yourself laughing when you wrote this !

Windows 10 backlash: Which? demands compo for forced upgrades


Re: Damage is done

"I bet MS will be struggling to get sales, whilst others have benefited from the larger market share as MS complete their swan dive into the dirt of irrelevance.."

Sadly I wish what you prophesied would actually happen, but sadly there is too much money behind the MS PR BS wheel !

They will just keep on rolling forwards/backwards whatever !

I certainly hope Linux will take some serious market share away from MS and if some serious AAA Vulkan games in Linux could be released then who knows !

Because if gamers started to migrate it would suck along all the non-Techie users of Windows in the home aswell because most of them don't care what OS they use as long as they can access FB, Skype, Email and general internet usage (Which is OS agnostic anyway) including banking.

Infact it would only take a major bank or two to recommend Linux as a secure platform to do banking on and that would go a long way, but they won't as MS probably gives them a discount to use MS software and they wouldn't want to bite the hand that potentially saves them a £1 or two even though for every £1 they save it prob costs them £500 !

I am just waiting for the day that the Telemetry encrypted data gets hacked happens and it is revealed to everyone just how intrusive MS has really been, but then again so many people use cloud services so what would that matter anyway !

A final note, yes as far as I am concerned I have lost total faith in MS and lots of people I know feel the same way. Many are looking at alternatives like Macs and Linux but the force is strong with MS Windows and it takes usually a spare PC or Laptop to be able to venture into an unknown like Linux.

For Joe Bloggs at home without any real computer knowledge, it must be frightening situation especially if they are poor and the laptop/desktop is their only device for internet access/homework/porn etc !


Re: Microsoft's attitude is arrogant at the very least !

"The truth is, of course, that not only do we all have stuff to hide, we're contractually bound to hide it."

Especially if you are as fat and ugly as I am as it would be called indecent exposure and everything shrinks when I am cold aswell !


Re: Computer Misuse Act

"MS forced updates borking machines come under "Recklessness".

Bit of a long shot but it would be amusing to see MS up before the beak for this."

Sadly MS have the get out of jail FREE card for this one as they say by installing a MS OS they can do what the FECK they like with your PC with total IMPUNITY !


Microsoft's attitude is arrogant at the very least !

Being a very long time user of MS OS's and having been through the OS upgrade process on many previous versions of Windows I have tried to use best practice for making sure my data is always separate from the OS, as well as backed up onto an external HD.

On all previous versions of Windows I have always done a clean install so as to give the new OS the best chance of having fewer issues and this has been the best way in the past of upgrading/migrating to the latest Microsoft OS.

Now I personally do accept that a new Microsoft OS will have issues and usually in a reasonable time they will be resolved if enough people have the same issue as to be honest it is a numbers game and the more people that have the same issue the more important it is to resolve !

The latest release of Windows aka Win 10 is a very different beast than all previous Microsoft OS's, there are many issues outside of the issues of being able to install it successfully and to be honest the one's unable to install it are the lucky one's !

I have this attitude because although of this new digital age of ours has many benefits from a Techie point of view, I have a major stumbling block with being data slurped via Microsoft's Telemetry and because this has been baked in at the OS level then although its supposed to be turned off for Corporate clients I would be extremely worried if I was in charge of the IT dept of any Corporate company that was going to rollout Win 10 in any form within the business !

Also as a home user the idea of being data slurped and this includes keylogging (recording the key strokes of the keyboard) so no password would be secure as MS would have access to this.

Now I know a lot of people will have the attitude what have you got to hide ? Well for one this is a very dangerous situation, because not only does MS have access to any of you passwords (When using Win 10) but also the ability to install/uninstall any software that it feels it wants to. But wait it doesn't end there, they also have to ability to do anything to your PC that they want without your direct intervention. Nay I hear you say, but if they can install Win 10 without direct user confirmation then they can do whatever they want, because of the way that Windows Updates are done.

Remember they wrote the OS and therefor they know exactly how to bypass any confirmations that would normally be required so that they can install whatever supposedly security updates that they feel is necessary for them to remain in control !

I will say that they are different than any other OS supplier (Except true open source) and I put Apple Mac's and iPhones, Googles Android Devices and Microsoft's Win 10 all in the same boat together.

There are all trying to lock users into their ECO system, Apple has been very successful at this and so has Google and now it is Microsoft's turn to try. The thing is Microsoft based PC's were not used like Mac's and are really a completely different beast altogether but MS is try to lump everyone into the same group, for example just because one owns an X86 PC with a MS installed OS it doesn't mean that they automatically have an Xbox, but Win 10 users have this and cannot remove it easily !

Many gamers use different sources for software of games, some use Steam but Microsoft's future is aiming at being the one stop source for any/all software via the MS Store (Which they will charge a commission for of course ) under the pretense that they will validate that no viruses or malware will be in this software when the OS is basically the worst malware you could install in the first place !

As many users have found out with the latest Anniversary Update they cannot now switch off completely Cortana which will use Edge and Bing of course.

Anyway that is enough of a rant, it seems that we have at least 350m stupid people or businesses out there and I am sure many more will be sucked in along with MS BS PR as being the most successful, enjoyable, happy OS they have ever released with no unhappy users whatsoever !

Well for one I said enough was enough and decided to use a more secure and trustworthy OS at least for the time being - Ubuntu.

I would rather go against the flow than just be a lemming and if I am wrong then I am wrong but at least I am not a lemming - And so far it has been a wonderful experience, far better than Win 10 was and from all what Windows users were telling me it was going to be !

Lenovo denies claims it plotted with Microsoft to block Linux installs


Re: I just got...

@ Voland's right hand - I have a 17" PC Specialist Laptop (i7 4720 and Nvidia 980m and 32GB DDR3, 500gb SSD and 1TB HD) and its great with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the Cinnamon desktop obviously !

Its a lot nippier than when it had Win 10 on it !

Its great playing War Thunder (WW2 Tanks & Aircraft sim/arcade battles) - actually quite impressive !

Insurance companies must start buying security companies


Insurance companies move very, very slowly indeed !

I used to work for one arm of an Insurance company in London and to say they move very slowly is the understatement of the century !

I was using Win 7 64 as they were migrating from Win NT 4.0 to XP !

I was pushing them to get remote access years before they finally gave it to me ?

Their IT equipment was so far behind the times that I asked when were they going to open a museum to put it all into !

I had a simple laptop which was so much faster than their desktop systems that it was like a formula 1 driver becoming a milk float driver as a change of career !

A simple thing like using Win 7 64 with 8GB+ of ram was so much more efficient to work with that a XP PC with 2GB, but they just couldn't grasp that !

Agreed I am a PC enthusiast so I was always at the bleeding edge of tech, but when you IT manager and several other techy guys were asking me what PC's they should purchase, it really got me worried !

So yeah I know that in the Insurance business when they say move at full speed they actually mean at about half the speed of a snail but with a lot more red tape than you can ever imagine !

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report


Oh no - Please doooon't !

Next we would have Google cars going around an F1 circuit !!

Apple please don't buy in F1, please, please don't.

sheeesh !

Autonomous vehicles inquiry set up in the UK



I have been involved with IT since 1981, so have some experience under my belt so to speak. I don't think I would ever trust an Autonomous Vehicle, I personally would never use one as a Taxi etc.

I can see Councils being very keen on them as ways to reduce staff for vehicles like Road Gritters, Rubbish collection, Road sweeping, Pavement sweeping/cleaning, Bus driving etc.

Which would reduce one's Council Tax Bill maybe but in the process putting a lot of people in the unemployment queue, so it will be very interesting how the UK Gov handles this. Also since a lot of this is done by private contractors then just by using a new contractor that only uses Autonomous Vehicles obviously at a vastly reduced cost would mean it would be outside UK GOV control and could certainly put a strain on unemployment services and costs in a very short time.

Sadly this is going to effect a workforce which is already on the lower end of the pay scale.

The one thing I would be interested in is how an Autonomous Vehicle would handle driving up a hill with a large vehicle coming down the hill with failed brakes beeping and flashing his lights, would it just sit there waiting for an obvious collision or would it slam it into reverse or would it drive through a hedge to avoid the collision or maybe it would eject the passengers like the Aston Martin in the James bond movie ? Now I know that many drivers would just freeze in that situation, but I would expect an Autonomous Vehicle not to do this and to be able to take avoiding action, even if it means driving through a hedge to get out of the way !

Go Canada: Now ILLEGAL to auto-update software without 'consent'


Win 10

So how did the Win 10 auto update happen in Canada, has MS been fined or did no one get autoupdated to Win 10 or maybe they just use Win XP still ?

Encryption backdoors? It's an ongoing dialogue, say anti-terror bods


1+1=3 !!!

How are NSA/Gov going to force the terrorists to use said backdoored encryption !

Some of these terrorists are actually quite intelligent and might even write their own encryption then what will said NSA/GOV do ?

Personally as soon as any said encryption is broken I would use another encryption, so I am sure they would do the same !

Unless you can force Google and Apple to block any NSA/GOV unauthorized encryption App's which would force them to use Linux as they already know that Win 10 is NSA spyware from day one although I am sure there were some who were stupid enough to use it !




It seems when it comes to security the UK population has gone to hell, look how many have a smart phone and/or Windows 10 !!

So I fully expect biometrics of every possible kind to be in full swing in the near future - especially the sphincter one !!

How anyone with an ounce of intelligence would allow their credit or bank card info anywhere near a smart phone is beyond belief and don't even go down that road concerning Win 10 !

Yes I use Firefox for browsing and internet purchasing on Ubuntu, I know its not perfect but its a damn sight better than using a Android or Apple or Microsoft based devices !

But back to the topic at hand or finger or iris, if the user does not feel the appendage is of irreplaceable value then cut it off or dig it out with a spoon for all to gaze upon and sell to the highest bidder - this will usually be China as they make great soup !

Microsoft's Service Fabric for Linux hits public preview


Cloud !

Sorry I don't use cloud services - especially if a the supplying company is any of the following ;

1.) Untrustyworthy.

2.) Insecure.

3.) Data slurper.

I use Ubuntu and I won't allow any of these updates into my installation otherwise I will use another distro !

You should install smart meters even if they're dumb, says flack


Well, its nice to see we have intelligent people here :)

Finally something most of us are in agreement with - smart meters are for dumb people, dumb meters are for smart people :)

It just reminds me of two previous things the UK Gov has done in the past !

1.) Encourage people to migrate from Leaded petrol to unleaded by making unleaded petrol taxation cheaper and then when enough had migrated they stopped selling leaded petrol.

2.) Diesel taxation was cheaper that petrol taxation so making diesel cheaper for the consumer until demand increased so they then increased to diesel taxation to reduce diesel consumption.

1.) I think the encouragement to migrate from leaded petrol was a good one as we don't want children's brains damaged with the excessive lead content in the air.

2.) playing with the taxation for Diesel to encourage car manufacturers to develop cleaner/higher performance diesel engines without being aware of the harmful effects of sulphur dioxide was ill thought out, the same can be said for the smart meters - ill thought out and will cost the consumer more than than any benefits or savings can be made.


Re: Why Wireless?

"What we will see is more crap deals for customers, like BG offering "Free" Sat or Sun Electricity usage. So now they can start billing us by the hour, day, or whatever. It also opens up new options in the future. Is there high demand in your area - 20% surcharge from 5-7pm.."

This is exactly what I envisage, atm they are trying to get people to have a smart meter installed and offering free leccy (using the carrot method) between certain times over the weekend - I wonder how long this will continue and how will they recoup the freely given away leccy ?

When they have reached a certain amount of installed smart meters then they will change tact, maybe by increasing standard charges or rates to persons not having a a smart meter !

But like the person mention above (first paragraph) they will recoup their money - either by increasing tariffs to smart meter users at certain peak usage times (They can't do this to dumb meters as they only record usage and not at what time) so that will encourage them to do the washing at 2am etc or pay the higher peak time tariff (The stick method)!

So said smart meters will only penalize people with smart meters as I believe leccy companies can only increase at the rate or thereabouts relative to inflation I believe !

So basically the smart thing to do is stick with a dumb meter as far as I can see or use a smart meter with a faraday cage :)


Re: Just thinking aloud...

"I am going to stick with my non-smart meter. If they ever make it compulsory, I can damn well guarantee I will be playing around with small faraday cages" - reading through all these comments and this is the one comment I have been waiting for :)

I would like to know if they will make it illegal to install a faraday cage around the smart meter, its just a question !

Also if everyone started to do this then will they have to re-employ staff to come around and read said meters, will they they charge the owner for blocking the oh so encrypted wifi signal ?

What happens if they wifi is somehow blocked by some other wifi signal or radio interference like an electric drill, microwave oven etc would you then be charge for blocking signal and a human have to spend time to come around to read the smart meter manually ?

Some of these questions I would really like to know the answers to but some were sarcastic, I'll let you guess which were which :)

Whatever all I know is that I too would install a faraday cage around said stupid meter !

US Marine Corps to fly F-35s from HMS Queen Lizzie as UK won't have enough jets


Sad state of affairs

Yeah !

What can I say, obviously the MoD has to think years ahead when allocating money to make sure that they have the necessary hardware and personal for the Military services to be able to do the job that the political system at the time wants them to do - that must be quite a difficult job to balance with the Topsy turvy political world we live in.

But to be honest I somewhat believe that somebody got their sums wrong and dates wrong because from what I understand we haven't had a floating airport aswell as after dumping the sea harriers no aircraft to put on a floating airport either !

UK will be 'cut off' from 'full intelligence picture' after Brexit – Europol strategy man


@nematoad - Sorry m8, I don't mean to pick you out but your comments are what really annoys me, we had a vote for Brexit, it happend, thats the end of it, now get over it, people like you keep on painting doom and gloom as if you want the UK to go down the plug-hole just to prove a point that you were right and we were wrong ! What will happen if suddenly UK becomes super wealthy would you then say, "sh*t I was wrong so sorry guys !", nahh you will say, "Just you wait, next year the UK will go down the plug-hole just you wait and see, this is just a temporary blip ! - sheesh !

I just wonder if you do the same thing after whatever particular party you voted for doesn't get into Parliament - Do you still moan and groan how stupid the country is for voting X or Y into power or maybe you don't vote at all just so that you can moan about something rather than just getting on with it like 99% of UK citizens ?

I know what it is, I finally worked it out, you are a masochistic person and want the UK to go down the plug-hole - So sorry I just didn't realize what you were !

Try being a person that looks at life like it is a half full glass of beer, rather than its half empty or in your case that you didn't actually get to goto the pub because you are too busy moaning about the Brexit and that more than 50% of the voting people get it wrong - in your opinion !

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers


I am still trying to get my head around how many people have actually upgraded - It really doesn't play well for the future but then again they have been conditioned to allow themselves to be data slurped since they have been using smartphones from all source be it Google or Apple !

To be honest even ISP's (Mi5 in the UK,NSA in USA etc) probably know a hell of a lot about you from your browsing habit, not even sure if VPN's make you truly mean you are anonymous these days with the powers that be to number crunch your every data transmission on broadband and if they can't do it on the fly the ISP has to keep it all under the retention law for 1 year or possibly longer - life is so Orwellian the world over these days - but its all done in the best possible taste as Kenny Everett but at least he was a happy person !!!!!


Re: Another reason to avoid WIN 10 like the plague!

I think a lot of Win 7 users have the same opinion about Win 10 as yourself and some they have pushed too far like myself that have jumped ship completely to another OS !

Sadly for yourself you will have to make a decision at sometime in the future whether you can abide the data slurping/spying OS called Win 10 which could be in a far worse state than it is now by only allowing you to download software etc from the MS Store only allowing certain browser that conform to MS demands so that they can data slurp it and separate the data from the adults from the kids so that they know what adverts they can pump at the user at any specific time and many other benefits as far as MS is concerned but not the end user - ROFL !

If you do need to upgrade your PC, take heed that the latest CPU's from intel and AMD will not be supported unless you are using Win 10 - Alternatively you will be able to install any non-MS OS and it will work fine and as an added benefit it will be more secure/stable/efficient and be truly 64 bit :)


"But will they allow images of the Fallen Madonna With the Big Boobies to be shown to children?" - Best response I heard in ages using Allo Allo TV series from an age ago !

I wish I could give you 100 upvotes for that - really great comment even better than the MS is like the Donald Trump of politics but worse - ROFL !!!

BT boils over, blows off Steam, accuses Valve of patent infringement


And next week they will sue MS, Apple and Google !!!!

Putin's Russia outlaws ECHR judgments after mass surveillance case


And the UK only one step behind them, or maybe two steps infront of them !!

£11bn later: Smart meters project delayed again for Crapita tests


Re: Industrial Users Only

They will probably expect you to make a cuppa when is low demand and then put it into a thermos flask and drink it when its high demand - rofl !!!

What happens when you want a 2nd cuppa !!!


Re: I'm glad they're optional.

Quite easy to completely screw the system, just put a Faraday cage around the stupid smart meter !

Its not as if the meter is outside and even if it was, they cannot make it illegal to put a Faraday on your own property wherever the meter is !

But its also easier not to accept the stupid thing in the first place.

I you are not intelligent enough to know what uses power and what doesn't maybe you are not smart enough to use a smart meter anyway so whats the point except to data slurp on people too stupid to realize whats happening - its just the same as Win 10 !

Some Windows 10 Anniversary Update: SSD freeze


Re: Where are all the MS apologists?

What you say is correct and I appreciate that to create an OS is extremely difficult these days, but MS should have concentrated on that rather than what they have (the bloatware and spyware) !

But on as a side note Linux with its reliable stable secure OS can now concentrate on the user experience and they have come on in leaps and bounds in the last 12 months.

Microsoft to rip up P2P Skype, killing native Mac, Linux apps


Viber !

I just was about to install viber on my Android phone when I looked at what it needs to have access to !!!! Wow more likely what it doesn't need access to would be be a shorter list !

I will list the 3 main suspect ones it wants access to !

Device & app history ?

Wifi connection information ?

Bluetooth connection information ?

When I initially saw the list I looked at it carefully as I was worried if it wanted to know my penis size etc !



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