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Lukewarm reception for Microsoft's Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles


What does everyone think of AI being baked into Windows 12 ? Personally I wouldn't want an OS to have the ability to use AI on me as a user, at the moment without PC's having an AI NPU its not an issue, but with the new Intel and AMD CPU's coming out with NPU's built in, this will mean MS can do even more profiling to gain even more personal data point about its users that would make me very uncomfortable because it will get so pervasive - I will stick to Linux because that an OS that just tries to be what an OS should be - Just a stable platform for Apps that I want to run.

Mid-contract telco price hikes must end, Ofcom told


BT fibre Broadband

Well from my point of view when I signed up for BT Fibre I looked at the 1Gb and decided because they are gonna increase the price in April 2024 that I would not get 1Gbit but the cheaper 500Mbit, I am not saying I am the norm but that potentially means BT are hurting their on business by doing what they are doing. Its funny how tech gets cheaper/or faster every year for the same price but internet access just goes on increasing ! Phones are also increasing in price when they are just a phone and anyone that uses them thinking they are secure are just crazy. No credit card/Bank card etc details go anywhere near my PAYG phone, no i don't use an app to pay - I use 1pmobile website with fixed £10 every 120 days just so that I have the ability to make a phone call/send a text. I never use my phone for data except on my own wifi and never use any web browser because I don't trust internet access via my phone. I use 100% Linux on all my PC's and use Firefox & Librewolf as my browsers of choice using Adblockers etc of course to reduce my internet footprint. I know I am not perfect but using Linux means MS gets nothing from me, using Android means Apple gets nothing from me, Not using internet or any browser on my Phone means Google gets very little from me, Using Firefox and Librewolf on Linux means Google gets very little from me. I have a domain name so have unlimited email addresses, using a different email address for anywhere that requires a email address like BT etc so that I can see where any website has been compromised and can then just bin all emails from that website.

Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off


Its all a load of crap, I keep getting the stupid letters from my leccy supplier about getting a smart meter yet when then send me a email to send them a meter reading (on the last day of the month) and I send them a meter reading on the 2st and then pay the bill including the VAT, 10 days later they say I owe around £10 which is the estimate they have made from the 1st when I paid until they got their finger out of their ass to send me a bill which i didn't need cos I already paid 10 minutes after sending them the meter reading ! I contacted them to to see if I can sort this out and they said can't I just wait until the 4th to send them the meter reading and then pay ! I said no, I send them a meter reading when they requested me to and I pay the bill straight away and if they wanna take me to court then lets go ! I continue to get bills around the £10 value and on the 10th of the month and they go straight into the recycle bin !

Contract for England's controversial health data platform delayed


I have already removed my consent for any use of my personal medical data, because it will never be used for my wellness just some companies profiteering of it and will probably get hacked anyway !

China declares a new era of digitization has begun


Re: @Paul Crawford - Exactly!

China wants 100% total control, if you don't toe the line 100% then no job, no money, no travel, no purchasing food or anything they can turn of any or all Gov services and yes everything is CCP Gov Services as far as it is concerned.

Now the free democratic countries are following suit - sheeez What a sad world is coming where you won't be able to criticise anyone or any Gov in any way whatsoever, So you don't like xyz, ok your ID Card is no invalid for payments or purchases oh, sorry it was done in error sir, it was just a simple mistake and we are so sorry that its taken 5 years to resolve.


Re: @Paul Crawford - Actually

Canada has been in the pocket of the CCP for years - Sadly :(

European watchdog: All data collected about users via ad-consent popup system must be deleted


Lets hope EU will do better than they did with the case against Intel and the $1Bn fine !!

The inevitability of the Windows 11 UI: New Notepad enters the beta channel


Re: Last decent version of Windows was

I switched after testing Win 10 for 3 months when it first came out, for some reason I could foresee the future of MS Windows, they want your data, they want total control over the Windows ECO now rather than back in Win 95 days mind you there was SFA else to go to if they had done it then so they would have had everyone by the short and curly's !! Win 7 Pro was the best but now its POP-OS with Cinnamon UI for the Win 7 look and feel, and oh wow Windows games work in Steam :) at least the one's I play EVEonline :)

UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


Digital money !!

Well I must be in the minority, I would never put any app on my Samsung devices that requires the use of my bank or credit cards, I just don't think they are secure enough except for Google to collect what data it tries to. I use my cards in Firefox on my Linux system and would never use any other damn browser as most are Google Chromium based and as already stated I don't trust Google. So using a digital currency that the UK Gov can track is not what I would like which is the only reason I can see that they want it otherwise why not just use the current services available already. China uses it so it can monitor its own people and is trying its damn best to get people to adopt it, basically it wants to know what everyone spends their money on and if it decides it doesn't want you to purchase whatever you want it can block the transaction, especially if you have lots of dosh so no leaving the country purchasing a plane ticket or transferring your money from HSBC to some foreign bank account as it will all be in the China's Digital wallet and it will hold the purse strings ! I don't often use actual cash but i do sometimes and I dont want to lose that choice although seeing the way our utopian society is going maybe that choice will be taken away from me and I don't have cards with NFC either !

Intel claims first Alder Lake chip is the fastest desktop gaming silicon in the world


Alderlake certainly is a capable range of CPU's and what makes the 12900K very interesting is although it is supposed to be 125w (What a joke) it seems it will be at least 225w and up to 330w if overclocked so using a 50% more power to get how much % faster than a 5950X ? Intel has always been good at throwing high power at their CPU's to get more performance, not sure if this can be air-cooled or not whereas the 5950X can be ! No I am not an AMD fanboy but I do remember Intel demo'ing a certain CPU and not declaring that were using an industrial chiller to cool the CPU just to win the performance crown and I do remember Intel paying rebates to Dell so they wouldn't sell AMD 64 based systems - I just don't trust Intel at the moment because of their history that I haven't forgotten. I doubt the AMD VCache CPU's will beat a 12900K unless they are both using air cooling, but I am sure some people Intel fanboys would say that's an unfair comparison to force air-cooling on both CPU's - personally I hate water cooling as at some point it will leak and then you are up a creek without a paddle so to speak !

Research finds consumer-grade IoT devices showing up... on corporate networks


IoT are like tribbles but dont require food !

Unvaccinated and working at Apple? Prepare for COVID-19 testing 'every time' you step in the office


I do get why they want people vaccinated but its BS to force people. They don't do it for FLU any other viruses and although I have been vaccinated twice and also had COVID after my 2nd jab and would recommend anyone above 30 to get vaccinated, I still would never want to force anyone. But saying that I think everyone should wear a mask iif n close proximity to other people in doors. This risk is higher to non-vaccinated people so its their crazy choice to not have the vaccine but its still their free choice.

China to allow overseas investment in VPNs but Beijing keeps control of the generally discouraged tech


Western money need to stay out of China, its that simple. If you invest then you are complicit to what goes on there, Forced Organ transplants etc. The only way to stop the CCP/PLA machine is to with western money.

Opt-out is the right approach for sharing your medical records with researchers


Brilliantly put, but sadly people not being tech savvy or internet savvy of all of big techs data collection is actually quite common (98%+) and is quite difficult even for some of us that are truly tech savvy ! Only possible to avoid if you use Linux PC and not and Android or IOS device ! Now how many of us are willing to give up out Smart phones ? Unless you want to 8use PinePhone 64 and I personally don't think its quite there yet ! Maybe the never version will be !


Re: NHS Data Slurp As A Threat

You hit the nail on the head, trust needs to be earned and not given away easily. Prove to me that the Gov never loses date ! Now let me think - lol, they have a lot of proving to do. Sadly if its a private company they could be sued, but you cannot sue the UK Gov for letting the cat out of the preverble bag. Remember all the Child benefit records (24M) were were compromised.


Re: Shirley there must be an acceptable third option

Then its up to the powers that be to tell them to sling the flippin hook, but you would never get an honest politician to to that ! There aren't any honest one's, they believe that we minions work for them when in reality they are supposed to work for us ! Look at all the dodgy claims they would put in for properties and travel !


Re: NHS Data Slurp As A Threat

These type of Organizations will already have a list of everyone's date of birth and postcode, yes you could miss identify some people, but sometimes it would be possible to lock a person down with just the first part of the postcode and their date of birth (to year and quarter only) and if you have all of UK's population DOB and Postcode over a long period of time no one would be anonymous.

Clearview CEO doubles down, claims biz has now scraped over ten billion social media selfies for surveillance


Re: Protection agains sloppy AI

In Hollywood you would be correct, but this is real life and these @ssh0les will always find an escape route. Now if we can get his profile pic into a drone !


Re: "We never want this to be abused in any way"

agreed, sadly Pandora's box has already been opened !


Re: "We never want this to be abused in any way"

Well you know that will never happen, just remember its techies like us that work on projects like that !

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps


Re: One convenience wanted....

Crying with laughter, thats their bread and butter aswell as forcing Edge and the Bing as search engine !


Re: No Hope ?

If this is such good security option why hasn't Linux requested it to improve your security. Maybe it would be better to improve the OS without trying to force Secure Boot and TPM 2.0 and a Minimum Intel and AMD CPU to run it or better still just run Linux - Maybe REDHAT or Fedora as these are both IBM. But most Linux Distro's can be hardened you just need to find out what you need to do.

Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?


Re: Shame on you Microsoft. Windows 11=1 billion PC's of landfill crud, for absolutely no reason.

Agree 100%, sadly its the non-techie people out there that will dictate to everyone else what will be used because those are the people that dont touch anything in setting and just use as is, use the default browser, user the default search engine, think back to Internet Explorer it was CR@P but it was the most dominant browser ! Same will happen with Win 11. But just maybe Steam Deck can change this even if only just a little !


Re: Ummm no

Check protondb.com is all your games are there ! Then jump !


Re: Linux for gaming?

Grab a spare SSD of say 128gb, Download POP-OS from System76 choosing NVidia GPU or non-NVidia GPU, put the iso onto a USB, replace said SSD with whats in your current system, boot USB in the usual way either EFI or BIOS and install, Complete the user and password setup, set your time/location ignore most other stuff. When installing get it to do updates while installing. Now you have a working Linux system, goto the pop-shop and and install Steam - enter your current details - Steam doesnt care what you use, all games are allowed to be played on all platforms with your account. Before installing any games goto setting and enable Steamplay for all supported titles. Goto protondb.com to check if its ok in Proton which is Steam play and what version is best for a particular game you own. If you have a large game library then you can install onto a second disk or use a decent sizes one (1TB) in the first place.


Re: Surely, this year ...

Could be the year of the SteamDeck which could have some interesting Linux fallout due to it !


Re: This will be the fourth...

I switched in 2016 due to Win 10 like many did, now more will switch due to Win 11 but many more will switch after SteamDeck raises peoples awareness of Linux and Game playing. What many don't realise is that MS wants to force everyone into the MS store (all home users require a MS account) and then at some later date MS will use its bitdefender etc to say ah, this program has not been verified by MS so you cannot run it, if you choose to ignore this warning, no more updates etc !


Re: Want to run it?

Thats one thing that is not talked about much, yes you can put your Linux drive into any other X86 (64 bit) PC/Laptop and it will boot up, without screaming about needing activation BS. Assuming it is using the same GPU Vendor (AMD or NVidia). Just curious if your new Win 11 M/B dies how will you be able to access you data assuming you are Joe Public with next to no knowledge of Windows ?


Re: Want to run it?

So many distro's but for very good NVidia support I would recommend POP-OS (Ubuntu based) from System76, I have it on 3 Gaming laptops. Once installed if you want a more Win 7 GUI you can install the cinnamon desktop GUI by typing in the following in the terminal "sudo apt-get install cinnamon" press enter and enter your password then reboot, bottom right is a settings option to choose your GUI - select Cinnamon - away you go.

1Gbps, 4K streaming, buffering a thing of the past – but do Brits really even want full fibre?


This is completely stupid !

If customers dont want fibre because 10mbps is enough then switch them to fibre for free and limit the bandwidth to 10mbps, what is so difficult with that !

Ah, they want the customer to pay for something they dont need or want at the moment - I bet they do, well that isn't going to happen and saying they will end copper at a specific date will depending how they do it will potentially mean some people will opt out of internet services due to the added expense of a service they don't want or require. Just reduce fibre packages to ADSL prices with a free bonus speed upgrade from 10mbps to 20mbps or 30mbps.

It will not go down well if you say look buddy your £10 a month unlimited ADSL at 10mbps is being discontinued so upgrade to fibre at 50mbps at £50 or lose internet services ! I know I would be pissed even if i was out of contract !

Its much better to use a carrot than a stick so do packages that make it enticing enough to make the jump to fibre or upgrade them as I said for free but limit their bandwidth to 10mbps or better still upgrade them for free to 30mbps and dont tell them what you have done !

Former UK PM Tony Blair urges governments to sort out online ID



Hahahahah brilliant !


Former PM idiot Blair should be told to STFU

What does it matter what an ex-Priminister who should be tried for war crimes has to say about anything that matters in the UK. He is an out right liar and fraud and should be locked up for his crimes rather than anyone listen to what he thinks of anything at all !

Italian data protector makes Facebook an offer it might want to refuse: A €1m fine for Cambridge Analytica data leak


Re: Just pocket change

I totally agree hit them hard where it hurt's maybe next time they will make sure it won't happen and make it X 10 the fine if does !

No backdoor, no backdoor... you're a backdoor! Huawei won't spy for China or anyone else, exec tells MPs


Re: Close the business

Not Sure if you are being genuine or sarcastic !

Especially considering GCHQ's history !


Re: No laws?

There is no real difference between any Gov of any Country and anyhow can USA complain about Huawei when it uses any security vulnerabilities it can in order to access any hardware it can especially Cisco. Infact they have teams of people looking for Vuln's so they can exploit them (rather than make them known so they can be plugged the the manufacturer) and I imagine China and all other Gov's secret service do the same especially USA because Eddy Snowden let that one slip !

There is one final twist worth thinking about, maybe Huawei is more secure or doesn't have one particular security hole that other manufacturer's do and that is why the USA doesn't like Huawei !

UK's planned Espionage Act will crack down on Snowden-style Brit whistleblowers, suspected backdoored gear (cough, Huawei)


1984 !

Jokes aside people, this is so scary and it make me angry cos if the politicians won't deliver BREXIT as was mandated by the referendum by 51% of the vote then we are going down a very bad direction because the politicians really don't believe that they work for us and that if they create new laws then we will not be able to fight them when we eventually get back our backbone because our crimes will not be trying to make the country a free thinking state again but called Treason !

Six Flags fingerprinted my son without consent, says mom. Y'know, this biometric case has teeth, say state supremes...


Companies will always push the privacy barriers because money is to be made from it.

Sadly companies can make money on personal data and probably can make more than the cost of a season ticket over time including after the season ticket expires so they want this data because it is guaranteed money whether a person uses the season ticket or not !

Biometric data is the future and governments know this and so do businesses, sadly there is only a few percentage of people who want to protect their biometric data and so the ignorant sheep will lead the rest of us up shit creek whether we wan to go there or not unless we can educate them. What annoys me most is there still seems to me only a small percentage of IT people that understand this which is amazing since you would have thought that their logical thinking and understanding of computer data would help them see the downside in the future !

I personally dont trust any entity with my Biometric data and I dont use facial or fingerprint to unlock my phone, yes the UK Gov has my Photo for my passport because I had no choice if i want to travel and sadly this is how they catch us all, slowly, slowly cookie froggie and eventually they will get us all. Drivers license and Passports and they will try and catch young people in some way like this instance of Theme park season tickets but eventually it will be at birth blood for DNA and fingerprint and footprints, i am not sure when iris scans would be taken. But it does look a bleak future for everyone in western society when your identity is up for grabs by anyone !

Yes, Americans, you can break anti-piracy DRM if you want to repair some of your kit – US govt


I get it, but isn't it better to vote with your wallet !

For me would never buy Apple, never have never will mainly cos they will screw you over and you only pay for the name and not the hardware, yes they use clever software to get the most out of their propriety kit just like Games consoles do. But being a techie since well 1981 i suppose, i just always preferred to know what I am buying and can upgrade to stretch the life out of my kit - This was obviously when PC's came about, so I just never like Apple products. Finally if i dont like a product I dont buy it or dont buy it a second time. I dont use MS Windows anymore due to spying and MS's attitude to customers so I use Linux. I would never buy Apple due to their bad attitude to customer repairs. But there are so many lemming's out there buy Apple ! It really makes me laugh when people complain and then go and buy the next product from Apple again !!!!

Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel


Re: "the system has a more modern and 'flatter' look"

Cinnamon is what made it comfortable for me to migrate away from Windows and its the first install I do to Ubuntu after updating !

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


Re: Installing Windows 7 on Sky/Kaby Lake CPUs

I dont have any issue's, butthen again i use a proper stable OS called Linux Ubuntu 18.10 ! Maybe its outside your comfort zone even consider another OS - but thats your loss not mine !


Thank you Microsoft.

Than you Microsoft for forcing me to leave your ECO system of Windows in Feb 2016, it has been such a pleasant time using my Laptops since then, with no hassle of wanting to reboot after simple security updates. I dont get BSOD's and my laptop seems like it has had a performance upgrade that was somehow for free !

I have no worries with viruses - life is such a happy place on Linux with Cinnamon desktop GUI.

What really surprises me is the amount of software that is totally free and even games are working in steam :)

I am sorry to hear some of your current users are not having a nice time at the moment and I am sure your shenanigans of late will also help them to reevaluate what OS they should be using going forward !

Google risks mega-fine in EU over location 'stalking'

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Re: CASH...CASH is the answer....

Not sure how much a sim costs from Three these days but surely using a VPN on you Android Mobile device would be more economical and less hassle especially if you change the VPN server to a different Country on weekly basis also NOT using Google pay might be be a good idea.

IoT coverage for 95% of UK by 2019? We can't even do 4G, Sigfox


Hackers delight

Well, any sensible (intelligent) IT person wouldn't use IoT unless they want to hack other peoples IoT devices !

What chance has security got if manufacturers can't even lock down Internet routers !

And my final words are that once installed, will these IoT devices phone home for security updates, will the owners be aware that their device is an IoT and will do security updates manually if it cannot do them automatically ?

Basically the future is going to be a f**king nightmare, especially with the likes of smart meters and IoT devices !

Germany, France lobby hard for terror-busting encryption backdoors – Europe seems to agree

Big Brother

You always know when a politician is telling you a lie, his/her lips move !

It is that simple folks !

Just get a politician to make 1+1=3, they will find a way !

VMS will be ready to run on x86 in 2019!


Running OpenVMS in a VM in Linux would be cool !

Although I'm not sure how useful I would personally find it, but quite nostalgic at the very least !

Senator! calls! for! SEC! probe! to! be! inserted! into! Yahoo!


Whats all the fuss about !

Now wouldn't it be funny if it was the NSA that hacked Yahoo !

Anyway people these days don't seem to worry about privacy issues as they always shout well what have you got to hide !

Well it seems some people might have something to hide after all, but I doubt they will be prosecuted !

I wonder if MS is starting to get worried these with all the personal data it holds, including emails and Win 10 telemetry !

Ah, I forgot, its already accepted practice for MS to give complete access to NSA etc to their data - Oops I thought it was general knowledge - What do you mean its not ?

You mean its not general knowledge or its not accepted practice - NO COMMENT !

Microsoft paid me $650 to scrub Windows 10 from my grandpa's PC, says man


WTF - Win 10 forced me !

Yup, it did !

It force me to quit the MS ECO system after more years than I care to recall, like I've been using it since Win 3.1 !

I've used most of their OS's except the crap one's like Millennium, Vista, 8.0,8.1 although I did give 10 a 3 month trial but with all the shenanigans that it was playing I finally gave up on it !

I finally though WTF, it's my PC and if the OS won't comply then I will fu*king change it and I did !

I went back to Win 7.0 WTF !!!

Spent so long doing damn updates, well waiting for the buggers to download and install !

Finally I gave up again !

So I downloaded one of those free OS's onto an old 2GB usb stick.

It installed in a few minutes WTF !

I thought it was borked !

But no, it worked ??

Nah, this was too quick, too simple WTF !

It really worked, I can't believe it ?

I haven't looked back since and it hasn't got any of that spyware or any other sh*t that Win 10 had :)

What else can I say except WTF - Win 10 forced me to install Linux !

BBC to demand logins for iPlayer in early 2017

Big Brother

BBC ??

Does anybody with any real intelligence actually watch the BBC anymore ?

Scrapped NHS care.data ballsup cost taxpayer almost £8m


Just make it an Opt-in rather than Opt-out !!!!

It is so f**king simple, if its made Opt-in then only the people with any interest in letting their private medical information be open for every man and dog to peruse at their leisure would join said stupid scheme !

Just like at the bottom of some forms they have a tick box for you to be opted-in to advertising BS, obviously most people don't tick the box, because most people are not that stupid or are they ?

And! it! begins! Yahoo! sued! over! ultra-hack! of! 500m! accounts!


Privacy !!!!!!

I just don't get it, people are screaming about this but Google, Microsoft and Apple can walk all over one's privacy and not a peep or squawk from man nor beast !