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Windows 11 still not winning the OS popularity contest

Frank Nicklin

May be putting stupid criteria on hardware requirements means people just cannot afford windows 11. Can’t upgrade without buying new hardware.

UK.gov threatens to make adults give credit card details for access to Facebook or TikTok

Frank Nicklin

Thinks its fair to say I will not be giving such information to a social media site.

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)

Frank Nicklin

What we need as IT professionals is not all the guff that Microsoft constantly force up on us. We need a lite, functional OS that works, is quick to update and with all the guff removed. Why does a Pro install of windows install by default, Xbox, MovieCreator, Solitaire, Office Apps, feedback hub, Films & TV, Groove Music, Microsoft Store, Money etc etc etc. At least give the the option of ticking a box as to whether or not I want all the crapware stuff during the install rather than me having to remove it afterwards.

Apple gives Boot Camp the boot, banishes native Windows support from Arm-compatible Macs

Frank Nicklin

Re: Windows becoming less relevant (to me)

But as a multi-platform developer, a Mac was my machine of choice. I write for Windows with Visual Studio via Parallels and OSX, iOS and Android using OSX. Now, to do the same, I have to carry 2 devices. To me this feels like Apple have forgotten or don’t care about some of the core requirements and uses of their machines. Sad day for developers.

Frank Nicklin

Some developers need Windows and OSX

As a multi-platform developer I carry one Mac running Parallels with Windows 10. I can go to a customers with one device and have all my development needs covered. The last thing I need to have to carry Is two lots of hardware to achieve the same thing. Sadly Apple have done no favours for multi-platform developers.

Why Apple will continue to kick the PC manufacturers arse

Frank Nicklin

Anonymous Coward.

Not sure why you have never been impressed by Apple's build standards, they are a feat of engineering excellence, agreed at a price, but when was the last time anything fell off an Apple device. They are solid well built machines. They will out last most Microsoft driven devices and generally have a good resale value.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Frank Nicklin

Vladimir, I said don't forget to log out, not take the log out.