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US spooks want 'stand off' biometrics-harvesting iPhones

Russell Rimmer

Better be good at removing motion blur

Wait - "quickly and easily capture high quality images"?!

Have these guys actually used the camera in the iPhone?

Free Software Foundation plans protests at 'corrupt' BBC

Russell Rimmer


Congratulations! As I write this, the petition has 14473 signatures!

Which puts it one above: Make Jeremy Clarkson Prime Minister


Scientists uncover lefty gene

Russell Rimmer

I know it's not IT, but can we at least be accurate?

"...left side of the brain controls language and speech, while the right deals with emotion. In left-handers this is reversed."

Complete horseshit.

Language processing is done by the left hemisphere in ~90% of right-handed people, and about ~65% of left-handed people; i.e. left-handed people have a greater chance of the traditional dominance being switched (for this area). It's completely incorrect to say that all left-handers have the hemispheres reversed.

To Milo - actually, the latin spelling of "sinister"(left) is, erm, "sinister"(sinister, sinistra, sinistrum, etc.)

I write left handed but find myself doing a bunch of things right handed - peeling, cutting, tin-opening etc...I wonder if we're just a bit less specialised?


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