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AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse


Re: After all the snide remarks

What in house servers? Oh those old things, they were removed right before the IT staff was redundanted. Saved a ton of money that did, they only had to keep one freshly graduated person on staff to go around showing the rest how to use the new cloud based applications. Still looking for a way to get rid of him too.

That's what "moving to the cloud" is really about, saving money by firing as many IT staff people as possible.

The container-cloud myth: We're not in Legoland anymore


Ahh "the cloud" which is just an euphemism for "outsourcing" and downsizing your IT department. There is nothing magical about "the cloud", no mysterious savings from some mystic on the mountain. All the same problems that plagued traditional IT will apply to IT run remotely by faceless unnamed systems engineers / administrators on unseen servers and kit.

Someone once tried to tell me they had a "private cloud" running at their house. I looked at him and replied "so you have a home application server" to which he vehemently denied as though I had told him he wasn't cool.

NVIDIA reveals GPUs for blade servers, Linux desktop support


Yeah they aren't going near open source for something like a video driver. Too much IP would be revealed and it would enable their competitors to reverse engineer some of their tech by studying the code.


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