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Rejoice! Thousands more kids flock to computing A-level


Pity all the graduate jobs are going off shore

Companies seem to prefer to send work off shore than train graduates. I steered my kids away from IT for this reason.

NASA nixes Trump's moonshot plan


What's the problem

Couldn't they just copy the technology used in the apollo missions and land on the moon rather than just circle it...It's already been tested a couple of times?

Comcast staffers join walkout over Trump's immigration crackdown


It really shows their conviction when they can down tools, knowing they're still going to get paid! I wonder if they're replaced before Trump's visa changes kick-in.

IBM staff petition for right not to work on Trump's pet projects


I'm sure a 'best shore' friend would do the work instead!

Brit ISP TalkTalk scraps line rental charges


The only reason I stayed with talk talk was because I hate contacts

I didn't move elsewhere because I didn't want to be tie-in to another contract .. Now I'm effectively being forced into an 18 month contract, I might as well jump ship... Good riddens talk talk! Oh and theyre going to contact me? I get 2 calls a day from some offshore call centre professing to be from talk talk, saying my router is playing up (yea right) , how will I know it's actually them! I suppose their incompetent boss thinks this will help retain customers... Ha

Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world


Bye then

'Brexit or not, I’m going back to a country with its own debates around EU membership and nationalistic tendencies. At least, there, I won’t be shut up as a foreigner without a right to vote.' going back to a place with the same issues, isn't really making a stance. It just show's that the British arnt the only ones who are fedup with the EU.

Bank fined £1m after outsourcing faults led to improper transfers


Who was the service provider?

I'm sure we'd all love to know who the service provider was!

Bet the people who were replaced by our 'best shore' friends will be smiling!

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


Am I the only one who didn't miss the windows start button?

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive


Aren't you supposed to be climbing the spout!


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