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Malvertising: How the ad model makes crime pay


Re: Who's more unsavory...

"Ad blockers, pop-up blockers, ad blocker blocker detector obfuscating script, ghostery, the whole nine yards because I give as much fucks about you losing ad revenue from me as you give when I get infected from your malvertising."

Agreed, however, you might also consider adding CryptoPrevent to that mix on a WinX system. It has mitigated quite alot of unwanted programs that have gotten through my defences as you have a similar security approach.

Malvertising maniac messes MSN, serves corrupted creative


AdSpirit.de appears to be on the trusted list with AdBlock Plus

Check the view link for Allow some non-intrusive advertising in ABP, and do a ctrl+f for "Adspirit.de", now remove the check mark from Allow some non-intrusive advertising if this convinces you they are whitelisted there. I have done since this is the second major posting I have seen related to Adspirit.de slinging malvertising this month. Also it might be good to run MBAM to clean off the Angler PuP as I had to do for my wife's system. Her start page is MSN=( BTW I don't read code I'm just assuming they are a whitelisted advertiser as I found 4 lines pertaining to them on "The List".



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